Macklemore Denies Perpetuating Jewish Stereotypes With Concert Costume

Macklemore has responded to criticism that he wore a costume that perpetuates stereotypes of Jewish people.

After performing a concert wearing a fake nose, wig and beard, Macklemore was criticized by some for perpetuating stereotypes of Jewish people. 

The rapper has responded to the criticism with a Twitter post. 

"A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody," Macklemore says in the Twitter post. 

Several people commented on Macklemore's performance, including comedian Seth Rogen.

".@macklemore, first you trick people into thinking you're a rapper, now you trick them into thinking you're Jewish?" Rogen said.

Rogen's Twitter post is below, followed by Macklemore's response to the criticism.  

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  • Anonymous

    i swear to god i thought it was ra the rugged man

  • mac DIESEL


  • NinjaB

    ummm, that doesn't look like any Jew I know.. it's almost more racist to say he's mocking Jews cuz that would be making the asinine stereotype that they all look like that.

    • Anonymous

      Read a book you stupid ass!! It's called the holocaust and hitler used the same caricature!! Kids today are so ignorant!!!!!!

  • d-nice


  • Anonymous

    Was he trying to portray a Jewish character? I don't know. Even though he should've just avoided this in general - given the crap Star Wars got for its' "Jewish" aliens, someone should've just pointed this out and said "don't do this".


    I'm the King of NYC ! Ya'll don't want it !

  • Knowlege

    Question: Who invented copper wire? Answer: Two jews fighting over a penny.

  • Anonymous

    Do all jews look like witches then? Better call the anti-defamation league faggots. Even if he was portraying a jew which he wasn't, who the fuck cares.

    • Will $teel

      "which he wasnt" hahahaha Macklemore fan bois r da worst. Did u look at da pic? its obvious he was. Just bcuz he said "witches nose" doesnt mean he was dressed like a witch u idiot. It was a big fake nose n he def wasnt dressed as a witch.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck off already macklemore gtfo out the "best rap album and artist" categories

  • RC

    I'm not a Jew or nothing but I honestly can't see how any performer anywhere today could take a look at this costume & be like 'yea this is cool, can't see any problems happening here'. I don't know if he wore it wit any malicious intent or not but I definitively think it was ill advised not well thought out & in bad taste on his part.

  • Anonymous

    lol He's obviously mocking jews.

  • Anonymous

    Lol why cant he just own up to the fact that's who he was trying to portray? It's obvious. Don't do something if you can't live with the consequences

  • Anon

    Even if he did mean to play a Jew, so what? Jews are the only group that can't take a joke against them without saying it's "anti-Semetic".

    • Anonymous

      that's real as fuck they can't, but still if you know this about them than don't make jokes..leave God's people alone before they black list you from the Music industry..they own that!

    • Anonymous

      Are you really defending this faggot? Fuck out of here, this dude is garbage.

    • colestar

      Don't be dumb. I'm black and even I can admit that if he had pulled this kind of thing impersonating a black person, people would be demanding his blood right now.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign 100%

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