Nipsey Hussle Details "Crenshaw" Influencing Wu-Tang Clan's "The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" Release Plans

Nipsey Hussle says he might do a joint project with Dom Kennedy.

When Nipsey Hussle is told that he may have directly or indirectly influenced RZA's release plans for Wu-Tang Clan's The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin project, he responds with compliments about the producer-rapper. 

"RZA's a legend," Hussle says in an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106's Rikki Martinez while backstage at Powerhouse. "Wu-Tang is a legendary brand. When I seen that, I was like 'Wow.' They brand is global. They know their value...It's a new age we living in. People gotta make creative moves like that."

In a Forbes articles about Wu-Tang Clan's The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, Nipsey Hussle's Crenshaw was referenced. 

"After watching Jay Z debut his album in partnership with Samsung last summer—and buy 100 copies of Nipsey Hussle’s $100 mixtape [Crenshaw]—Cilvaringz and his Wu-Tang compatriots had something resembling proof of concept for Once Upon A Time In Shaolin," Forbes said.

In 2013, it was reported that Nipsey Hussle made $100,000 off his Crenshaw mixtape by selling a limited amount of copies for $100 each. Jay Z reportedly purchased 100 copies of the effort. 

Beyond addressing an influence on the Wu-Tang project, Nipsey also discussed rumors of a potential joint project with Dom Kennedy.

"We got a lot of records that aren't released," Hussle says. "We definitely talking about it...A project together would kick [a] tour off swell." 

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    Nipsey stay on your grind. Im all the way from Detroit and I feel ya hustle.

  • Anonymous

    I like nipsey , listen to Pleeze - Dom Kennedy feat Nipsey hussle , wish this guy had more music really.

  • unknown

    Never liked his music but Nipsey seems like a alright dude

  • Anonymous

    ja rule sold a one of a kind album for a rumoured 27mil.

  • Lil Icy Boi!

    Nipsey copied Lil Wayne's marketing scheme. bitch ass nigga. swag

  • Casso

    Shit was nothing but a bundle with a t-shit,signed copy of Crenshaw and tickets for a show for 100$. Tell Nipsey to slow down!!!

  • DZ

    Yeah right...The Abbot had this shit planned way back befo Nispey even got put on the set.

  • Anonymous

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  • JRich

    That Crenshaw shit was lame. Like 4 good tracks out of 20+ songs. I feel bad for whoever threw down 100 bucks for that

    • Anonymous

      ^^ That was probably publicity stunt, I doubt Jigga even knows who the hell Nipsey Hussle is

    • Anonymous

      i feel bad for Jay-z who threw down $10k for that, even though he used the money he found under his couch cusions

  • dentaldamboy

    This is why no one has any respect for Wu Tang. They classify themselves as legends, but they piggyback off of today's top artists. The group go it's name from a Drake song; Raekwon for his nickname, the Chief, from Chief Keef; and now they are getting marketing ideas from Nipsey. These old ass dudes are really trying to squeeze out 15 seconds of fame by riding Drake, Keef's and Nipsey's coattails. YMCMB has the rap game by the clit.

  • Anonymous

    No one even remembers or listens to his lil $100 mixtape, I had forgot all about it until yesterday. It had some good songs.

    • Fry

      ...that you Nipsey?

    • Anonymous

      Shut up nicca. Seriously. I hate you. How the fuck you figure people ain't talking about it anymore? "No one even remembers or listens to his lil $100 mixtape, I had forgot all about it until yesterday. It had some good songs." for real? What kind of 2 way backtracking shit is that? How the fuck you gonna act like that? Did your mother ever teach you about being real with your shit? Did you have a mother at all? Are you Puerto Rican???

    • Anonymous

      i said it had a few good songs but no one even talks about the "$100 mixtape" anymore, it's like it never happened, he needs a new gimmick.

    • ^

      "No one even remembers or listens to his lil $100 mixtape, I had forgot all about it until yesterday. It had some good songs." WTF YOU MAKE NO SENSE HOW YOU HATE AND SHOW LOVE AT THE SAME DAMN TIME??

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