Ma$e Explains Why Eminem Is Not On His Rap Mount Rushmore

Ma$e says Cam'ron, Meek Mill, Drake and Diddy are set to be on his upcoming album, "Now We Even."

Ma$e, who is prepping his upcoming album, Now We Even, says he has five Rap acts on his Mount Rushmore. 

“One, Biggie," he says, according to XXL. "Two, N.W.A. Three, Nas…Nas is one of the illest. Four [is Lil Wayne]…I like No Ceilings Weezy…I like Weezy when he’s high. Five it's a tie between…Nah, it’s not a tie…I’ma go with Hov. I wouldn’t say Em because the way Eminem rap…there were all types of niggas who rapped like that who couldn’t get on the radio….same rapid flow never got put in that light." 

None of the acts listed in Ma$e's Mount Rushmore are confirmed guests on the rapper's upcoming Now We Even collection. However, he has confirmed a handful of emcees. So far, Ma$e says the project is slated to feature Drake, Puff Daddy, Cam'ron and Meek Mill. The album is also set to feature a Ma$e his fans became introduced to in the rapper's 1997 debut album, Harlem World. When asked how he's changed since then, Ma$e says there are actually many similarities.

“Storyline is still the same," he says. "Making it amongst people who thought we couldn’t. It’s definitely not gonna be no Welcome Back album. It’s gonna be some of everything." 

In the interview, Ma$e also cleared up rumors of a feud between him and J. Cole. 

“Me and J.Cole don’t have no history," he says. "We just want to be brilliant…no issues. I’m focused. I might want him on the album." 

Ma$e announced Now We Even in October 2013.

Ma$e released several albums through Bad Boy Entertainment before leaving the imprint, including 1997's Harlem World, 2000's Double Up and 2004's Welcome Back. Between the last two albums, Ma$e left music to focus on becoming a pastor.

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  • no

    Example: Eminem: Hand me an eighth, beam me up and land me in space, Imma sit on top of the world (I'm here) and s**t on Brandy and Mase.

  • no

    Don't take Mase seriously - he's been a target of Eminem diss tracks since day one - Marshal has pretty much eaten his lunch every step of the way. So yeah, take his comments with a grain of salt - sour grapes, more like.

  • David H.

    Lil Wayne? No, weak choice. And Em ain't even been rapping fast until the "Bad Meets Evil" album and "MMLP2"


    1. Master P 2. Chiddy Bang 3. Petey Pablo 4. Hoodie Allen 5. Macklemore


    So thanks for the opinion doctor oz...

  • homez

    wow is that his reason,a bunch of other niggars be using rappid flow that eminem uses but they aint on radio so the only reason em is on radio is cause his white? seriously thats a reason for not putting eminem in his top 5,thats totally racist

  • Sox

    Eminem is the G.O.A.T, niggas love to hate cuz he a white boy, show me those niggas who rapped like Eminem but couldnt get on the radio, stop it.

  • rpiuspi

    His list became irrelevant once he said lil wayne... And EM>Jay-z

  • Anonymous

    EM is NOT the greatest of all time....phuxx outta here. They're trying to put a white mark on a genre that started with the young black urbanites. no history will be repeated here like it was done with elvis, making people in the future think, otherwise about the truth.

  • MileHighKid303

    Homeboy said LIL WAYNE, lol!!!!! Biggie had TWO albums. Love me some Frank White but seriously, the guy dropped two discs, yes he was killed but to put that guy in the GOAT talk is silly to me. You have to have the catalog, the skills etc. TO ME, Talib is the GOAT, then Nas then it is all up in the air, SO many sick MCs with so many different styles and abilities. It really is a matter of taste, BUT when guys like Wayne and the likes are thrown into the talk, it seriously discredits any and all points the individual is trying to make. Just my two cents, holler.

  • Anonymous

    Any list that doesn't include Tupac Shakur is not worth talking about.....

  • mattayo

    Lil Wayne over Eminem? This dude is wacker than i thought lol

  • Anonymous

    who cares what a nobody in the rap game thinks...

  • Finfrosk

    What a douche. There ain't all kinds of anyone who raps like Em.

  • Anonymous

    ya'll are trippin hard...can't Ma$e like who he like. Even if Em ain't on his Rushmore, he's still the next in line or his name wouldn't even have been mentioned. Seems like ya'll just need a reason to say something. Damnit man.

  • Anonymous

    bad bad bad bad boy -_- he made more pop music then em in one album i say DMX 10 times better then this trash rapper

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt say Em because the way Eminem rapthere were all types of niggas who rapped like that who couldnt get on the radio.same rapid flow never got put in that light." this is a lie and plz name one who was like him i can name rappers who was like jay , drake , and Wayne but i like them all he just hating plus he was never top mc so it doesn't matter what he says and the truth is he wouldn't want to put em cuss he wouldn't want to get killed in his own track be nice if he put Kendrick but he wouldnt want to get killed so he trash .

    • anon

      um, Tha Outsidaz? resulting in a beef between pacewon and eminem a lot of detroit/nj hiphop was similar though so mase can't hate eminem getting big. redman similar

    • therealwayno

      Masta Ace. Ace has and had a decent career but the massive amount of success Em has makes you wonder why Ace didn't have that same success. Lil Wayne on this list though is dumb especially knowing Wayne had lots of help with his style and content.

    • money

      Louis Logic has a style like Eminen and so does J-Zone with the humor.. Both I like better than Em... Copyright is another dope mc that has stories and battle raps...

  • Anonymous

    Guys a clown.....

  • larajon

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  • Public Service Announcement

    Comments coming from people that don't have at least 20 years of Hip Hop culture experience, substituted for knowing the origins of Hip Hop culture shouldn't even be allowed to respond period! Fucking tweens always feel like someone owes their asses something. Respect your elders and the culture of Hip Hop before you say blasphemous bullshit in a public forum.

    • 1984

      Wtf. Lord Jamar is that you? Seriously bro. Like you need credentials tp be a fan of music and be able to express an opinion about it? Get the fuck outta here with that stupidity bro. 20 yrs of experience to come out looking ignorant as fuck. Go to you super secret underground corner and listen to some Midnight Marauders and feel cool cause you a "head". You should go play with Ramo and Spit wannabe

  • Gusto

    Apparently Mase doesn't realize that there are 4 faces on Mount Rushmore. He named off 5 and one was a crew of 5 niqqas. Apparently, when Ghost broke his jaw Mase retarded ass got brain damage too

  • Anonymous

    God, I hate white people. All these bullshit comments just because he doesn't like Eminem? Seriously? Get over yourselves, you go crazy whenever people don't worship you.

  • wanna KNOW why MASE is a PREACHER?

    yall know mase been salty since ghostface and them ran his raggedy ass outta ny. then he became a preacher. biggie was gone so he had no protection, puff was fuckin his shit up so he had no money. when the welcome back cd didnt work (that cd was had some dope songs) dude's shady self needed some back so went with fif. bottomline mase been a scumbag, throwin shade at em is just proof dude is bitter. all that being said mase still got some classics, show some respect, just some.

  • Anonymous

    Lol right, he didn't acknowledge your white idol so automatically he's a racist, lmao I love you stans

  • Anonymous

    It's kinda cool that Mase is back. That said, this will flop hard.

  • IROC

    I enjoy music all types of music as far as rap theres alot of good rappers out here just enjoy it all, who's on your unofficial list who cares

  • ice

    Mase is upset that Eminem said "you can't see me like Mase's eyebrows"

    • mic

      That's why baby mothers love us but they hate each other. They prolly wanna take each other n date each other cuz sumim sumim...I don't know. (Em fans will know)

  • odunze

    Eminem is not the greatest white rapper ever, period, he is the greatest rapper ever black, white , dead or alive. stan, lose yourself, MMLP1, Em SHow,SSLP, most best "rap album" grammys, MMLP fastest selling album in Guinness book of records, artist of the decade, highest selling rap artist EVER, not richest. HE HAS AN OSCAR too, list goes on, killed all these other rappers on tracks just gonna stop here.


    1 Nas fans (refuse to realize he fell off after Stillmatic) 2 Eminem fans (similar to Nas fans, plus they tend to be racist) 3 Lil Wayne fans (they worship a nigga who sounds like a roach) 4 Kanye West fans (this nigga aint no music genius) 5 50 Cent fans (if he never got shot, he would never have fans) 6 Jayz fans (they only care about his money) 7 Ross fans (they support a fraud) 8 Biggie fans (only had 2 albums)

    • Anonymous

      kanye isnt a music genius? you must be fucking stupid.21 grammys you better check his stats

    • DUFF

      Damn, nice to see hate is alive and nigga, you just criticized someone by saying he sound like a roach...and yeah, I'm a Weezy fan

  • Alex Dionisio

    Eminem is the man. Don't believe the hype.

  • DaEmph

    Sorry, but Em is not the dopest, I know blacks folks like to praise the white boy and follow his lead (black folks just have that slave type of mentality I guess). There are others that talk much better material than Em, Em is just good for shock value and somewhat comical shit and yall feeble minded niggaz think he is the John Wayne of rap....fuck that! Shit...Everlast, RA The Rugged Man is even better on so many levels than Em.. And fuck you all in advance that think otherwise(I know all the field niggaz is gonna come to Em's defense saying he is the greatest white hype)!

    • nasirjones

      compare ems and ras discography and ems is far more superior. ra doesn't even have a classic album to his name..cant be considered one of the greatest if you don't even have a classic album

    • Anonymous

      Em can't fuck with RA. Say what you want.

    • nasirjones

      everlast and ra the rugged man? lol you're funny..everlast is the weakest in la coka nostra, and yet u don't have the sense to say slaine or ill bill are better than eminem.. die rugged man die was a disappointment and a forgotten album while legends never die was aiight.. so yeah you're a moron.

  • ompo

    er Em Biggie Big L Inspectah Deck =Big Pun/Nas

  • Anonymous

    Top 5 1. Eminem 2. Slim Shady

  • Anonymous

    Journalist :Eminem what do you think about that what Ma$e said about your style Eminem : Who?o.O Journalist: Ma$e that guy.. Eminem : Who?

  • gayman

    top 1 1. klo kardARSCHIAN

  • gayman

    Top 5 1. young thug 2. gucci mane 3. lil b 4. rick ross 5. tyga 6. celine dion fuck tony yayo ey was geht ab du ser milchbart

  • Shades

    Wat a fool puttin lil Wayne up there nd not eminem

  • Jesse James

    Who the fuck is Mase again?!?

  • Anonymous

    stop this madness 1. andre 3000 2. busta rhymes 3. mos def 4. nas 5. scarface don't need to argue that list, i know that i'm right!

  • Anonymoujs

    on my mount rushmore kanye west is all the faces

  • Jason

    Top 5 - Pac/Biggie Eminem Nas Rittz Wayne fuck the rest! and mase is whack he needs to know his facts before he opens his mouth.

    • mista1126

      Motherfucker you a faggot, you kiss niggas like Lil' Wayne I'm Kool G in his prime, you niggas rapping like Lil' Zane I don't two-step, nigga I move wet Cocaine, ecstasy and carry two jets

    • Anonymous

      rittz really? he's not even in my top 20

    • TheRealTop5

      1. lil wayne 2. nicki minaj 3. chris brown 4. soulja boy 5. 2pac

  • Lo

    PAC Eminem Nas Jay Big

    • Mic

      Can't really argue with this list. Almost identical to mine. Finally someone making sense. Only took like 20minutes of brain damaging comments to go thru.

  • georgel

    Mase is mentioned in eminems songs at least 3 times. "yall cant see me like mases eybrows" , on a freestlye he says"spray puffy with mase" and on his new album something about mase giving up i recall. and mase clearly made some pop music with him and puffy dancing in flashy pants and all. people arent mad he didnt pick eminem its his opinion but my point is his opinion is changed because of those lyrics em did and because he pick lil fucking wayne as a top 5 lol. his opinion is clearly ass.. i can name hundreds better than lil wayne if u go back to the early 80's till now

    • Mic

      There are even more than then the 3 u listed, but the last one u were thinking of was off Evil Twin. At the beginning he says I'm in a strange place, I feel like mase when he gave up the game for his faith......and so on.

  • Anonymous

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  • georgel

    He lists lil wayne as a top 5, opinion invalid!! also eminem says "spray puffy with mase" in one of his songs or freestyles and he mentions him on new album too so he probably is bitter about it. if lil wayne even belongs on any top 50 list for that matter how come he has so many albums with 1-3 stars out of 5? from so many websites? Mase is an idiot who quit rap to preach then came back, hes the exact reason why so many christians are just hypocrites and those type of people can kiss my ass, he preached cause he made a name for himself and his albums werent selling so he went into gospel for the money

  • 10th Ave

    1.Bigge 2.Hov 3.Nas 4.Pac 5.Eminem

  • RemainCalm&Block

    1. 2 pac 2. Outlawz 3. Biggie 4. Eminem 5. Mase

  • joemoms

    Because we all care what Mr. Cee's little brother thinks...

  • Anonymous

    To all you Mase haters. Fabolous is a dope lyricist right. Now where did fabulous get 90% of his style from

  • mase4president

    Mase is stupid this is the real list. #yoloswagchurch 1. Chingy 2. Nelly 3. Petey Pablo 4. Nick Cannon 5. Soulja Boy

    • MASE

      3. Petey Pablo who can listen to that shitlol wait a minute I can because I only support black artist.

  • Anonymous


  • mal617

    I feel what Ma$e is saying, Em's nice though

  • rrrooo


  • rrrooo


  • Oa

    To hear what Em thinks about Mase, listen to Get You Mad

  • Anonymous

    Stfu, dweeb! The reference to Mase's eyebrows is because he has always worn his hats over them! Just typing to see yourself talk!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just a coincidence Em dissed Mase's eyebrows and now he's covering em up (like in the pic above)? This dude is dumb as hell and he's gonna flop harder than William Roberts.

    • Anonymous

      William didn't flop at all by 2014 standards but it is sad that he could never achieve 1 platinum album in his prime.

  • Some Dude

    I wonder if Ma$e put Eminem on the list, dudes will say "See, even Ma$e recognizes Eminem's absolute greatness and he's a legend in the game." instead of "Ma$e who?"

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is ma$e? where did he came from? what does he rap? he what?

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ stans mad he didn't put Eminem on the list. I thought it was HIS list, not yours.

  • Lil Icy Boi!

    Mase is right. Lil Wayne is the greatest! As a close friend of Lil Wayne I can personally confirm that Lil Wayne is the best rapper officially. He is the best selling artist of the decade, professional skater, skilled guitarist, successful fashion designer, great actor, perfectionist musician, good mentor, perfect role model and lovely father. Lil Wayne is really multi-talented, his views and classic albums will make him live forever. Weezy is the GOAT. 5 LETTERS YMCMB. swag 1. LIL WAYNE 2. BIRDMAND 3. DRAKE 4. RICK ROSS 5. YOUNG THUG

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is retarded lol 1. He said Lil Wayne: no comment. 2. He said N.W.A.: hip hop group, idiot.

  • Anonymous

    lost interest when he said wayne.. also if he thinks em is just about rapid flow then he aint given him a shot..

  • Thunder Up

    You gotta have at lease 10 years in the game to be on My Top 5 list disrespect to kendrick lamar or j cole...its a lot of good independent artist out here

  • Anonymous

    haha, look at all the corny peckerwoods mad at mase cuz he didn't put your idol feminem in his top 5. get mases dick out your mouth and em's out your ass, faggots.

  • Thunder UP

    Top 5 Dead or Alive 2pac Biggie Jadakiss Nas T.I and yall sleeping on Tra the truth I prefer lyrics .....I can put about 10 other people over Wayne and ....alot of new artist are over-rated no bars just good beats

  • superstar

    eminem rakim big daddy kane slaine and joe budden

  • FAME


  • 123op

    LMFAO You niggas mad because he didnt pick Em. Nigga its HIS pick. Fuck You Dick Eating Ass Niggas.

  • JaRules Prison boyfriend

    Sheek Louch from D-Block/L.O.X. should be up there.

  • Anonymous

    Passive aggressive female tactics, anyone who can try to first say Lil Wayne is better than Eminem or Jay-Z then decide to throw in a lame sideways shot at Eminem is cowardly. He's bitter and wants to take swipes at people more successful than him. I wont sit here and praise Eminem like a God, I believe there are others who deserve such a prestigious title far more than him but Mase doesn't have any clue what he is talking about.

  • Anonymous

    the title makes it sound like he is dissing eminem

  • Anonymous

    and mase fukin sucks realtalk

  • Anonymous

    all yall are crazy eminem king of rap 2pac the realist rapper and rapgod nas and biggie good storytellers 50cent real boss gangster think about it wtf wrong with yall fuck drake and wayne fake ass niggas

  • Dick B

    He has 20 motherfuckers on his Mount Rushmore.

  • Anonymous

    My opinions mean more than almost all rappers anyways. And Mase's opinion means less than most. So hey, who gives two and a half shits?

  • stretchdollaz

    "This place is my house, I might as well erase my face with white out cuz y'all can't see me like Mase's eyebrows" -The real reason he left Em off

  • snIPez

    BTW: Stop picking nas. That includes all you retards commenting. He sucks. He has always sucked. 1 or 2 hits, wow. People act like he is some rap God. Well, he is not even fucking close. I fucking hate lil wayne with a passion. But I'd chose him over nas anyday. I'm sorry I even admitted that.

  • snIPez

    mase who? exactly. go fuck some little boys you fake wannabe priest. what a fucking fag. lil wayne over Em? Hahahaha. Go smoke some more PCP you peice of shit.

  • Vendelataylor014

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  • jack johnson

    Eminem's only had that flow in recent years though and those have been his worst songs. Judge him by his best shit

  • The Real Mount Rushmore

    Redman Charles Hamilton Uncle Luke E-40

  • imho

    so Eminem is 6 in mases book ok mase is 100 or less ine veryone elses

  • hiphop head

    fuck mase! wayne over jay and eminem? lol Fuck you mase.


    Shakur m&m big pun black thought andre 3k or redman

  • Anonymous

    wack ass Lil wayne over Eminem, damn this world is coming to an end. No Jada, Styles, Big L, Pac, DMX, 50???

    • jack johnson

      Wonder what he means by 'there were all types of niggas who rapped with that same rapid flow and couldn't get on the radio'. Is he another salty nigga saying Eminem only got on the radio because he's white, doesn't even make sense, Eminem's only used that flow on his last 2 albums, for 6 other albums he never used that flow so why is he criticising that

    • Anonymous


  • wow

    Ma$e just mad that eminem outshined him on his lean back remix song.

  • OnkelMichael


  • TheE

    Tyler, The Creator black EM

  • 3headedmonstah


  • Andres Tardio

    "Typical click bait headline. Could've just said "Ma$e Says He Has Five Rap Acts On His Mount Rushmore"." Shut the fuck up. Come work for us and make a better article if you think it's that easy. SMH you must be Middle Eastern.

  • Wow really

    So we're really going to sit here and pretend Ma$e doesn't have the smoothest flow in rap history? Who cares if he's a pastor or not a pastor, let god deal with it. Let's stop pretending Lil Wayne isn't a great, I'm not a Wayne fan but I used to be and I can admit when he drops something hot. this is my mount 1.Jay-z 2. Ma$e 3. 50 Cent 4. Kanye West

    • Wow really

      uncharismatic? He was literally the coolest person rapping until he left. Skillz supposedly ghostwrote a song but I've heard enough Ma$e to know he's deadly on his own, if you think he says nothing but Eminem does then we should end this argument right now. Em's flow is wack now and all he does is try to make punchlines or stupid ass metaphors. Almost like Lil Wayne now that I think about it

    • Some Dude

      "I'm the one that your man Mase had to go and get Cause he smoked too much lye, couldn't write his own shit" - "Ghostwriter" by Skillz

    • Chris

      Mase had hits? I thought he just jacked talented people's songs that were already established hits and put his somnolent voice over beats that carried his uncharismatic personality through his whole catalog for his entire career...then he became a priest...Dude had no songwriting talent or creativity...he just talked on beats without saying anything..Dude probably had to hire ghostwriters to compose his wack shit anyway...

    • Wow really

      I have my reasons for Ma$e. 1.He's a trend setter 2. flows the best 3. Double Up would have been as hot or hotter than Harlem World if he actually stayed to promote it 4. birthed a style other rappers use 5. he had hits for hits

    • Smh...

      ^^This dude really has Ma$e on his Mt. Rushmore....

  • Anonymous

    He means the rapped like Em BEFORE Em, Stanley!

  • Real nigga

    eminem is white. Whites in rap should never be taken seriously plus eminem was never a serious rapper. His whole carreer was made out of trolling pop culture and now that he got older and tried to become a serious rapper he flopped bad with his last few albums. Eminem is a popstar now and hes only popular because hes white. If he was black he would be as unsucessfull as hopsin. We made hiphop and you whites are our guests remember that

    • Wow really

      Eminem has been done since after Relapse, I wonder when I will hear a good song from him again

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it's official. OP has been dropped on his head as a baby because many names in hip-hop has called Eminem the greatest.

    • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

      I agree with Real Nigga, he makes a great point if you actually think about it. Eminem was a pretty skilled battle rapper but his songs are wack. I definitely agree with the comment about Eminem trolling pop culture and basically becoming popular because he's white and a little help from Dre too. There's no doubt that most of his fans that are buying his music are white. His music is wack tho and definitely not for me.

    • Real Hip-Hopper

      ...oh yeah, can't forget about The Beastie Boy, 3rd Base, El-P [Producto] & anybody else reppin' that "true" Hip-Hop culture. Peace & one love

    • Real Hip-Hopper

      Michael Rapaport's the only white boy wit a ghettopass[soul]. Rick Rubin was just a Jewish business man getting his money wit Russell Simmons. Fredrick might of had a black girlfriend but that's as good as it got. Dumb-ass Eminem dick-riders!!! Besides, Em's a racist who promotes B.S... End of discussion

    • SDK


    • SDK


    • Anonymous

      You must have been dropped on your head as a baby if you think Eminem's last albums flopped.

    • Anonymous


    • Real nigga

      @anon its so obvious your a white boy pretending to be black. Truth hurts tho dont it

    • Anonymous

      recovery was dope nigga. its obvious u dont listen to lyrics. stop being a racist dog. rick rubin is white and he is a huge part of the success hip hop has had from the beggining. your madd ignorant dog you make all of us look bad with that close minded point of view.

  • Anonymous

    Thats true wordsworth came up with that knind flow Em used and never got airplay

  • R.I.P. Betha

    LOL ain't nobody gonna be checking for this fake preacher's album. Fuck outta here.

  • VS

    Irrelevent nigga saying Wayne is in his top 5 and not Eminem? Racist ass nigga. Mad props to Em, Nas, Biggie and NWA though. Fuck Weezy and his crew.

  • @Andres Tardio

    Typical click bait headline. Could've just said "Ma$e Says He Has Five Rap Acts On His Mount Rushmore".

  • Pharaoh

    Eminem wouldn't get close to my Top 25 list...

    • Anonymous

      @3headedmonstah Elzhi is the best....... And your a fuckin' dork

    • Real Hip-Hop

      That's cool, but you forgot Black Thought! And learn how to spell, u dumb-puck... It's Pharoahe Monch & Talib Kweli, who by the way [along wit Thought, Jay Elect & Andre3000], would eat Em all the way the puck up.


      I CANT THINK OF 10 RAPPERS BETTER THAN EM.. WTF that man is a monster on the mic, you would have to go back and i mean way back to even find any comp for him.. Pharoe Monch, Nas, Hov,Elzi, twalib and Slaughter House*which is under him so they dont count* are the only Mcs i can see hanging with EM.. style Lyriks he got it all..

    • Anonymous

      Ja Rule > Feminem

    • Anonymous

      It takes more than just lyrical skill to be the best. Eminem is a technical genius, but not in my top 25 either... That being said, the idea than anyone anywhere would rank Wayne over Em is retarded. But you can't tell Em fans shit. That's exactly why DX posted this shit, to upset Stans. When the term was coined by Em to describe his own obsessed following, you know it's real.

    • Anonymous

      Then you don't know hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Then you're an idiot.


    Eminem, Slug, Brother Ali, MF Doom = My Hip Hop Mt. Rushmore

  • Jim Jones


  • Anonymous

    Welp there goes your white fans out the door, he should have slurped Em so he could get some of those Stans that worship Em to start slurping him too.

  • Anonymous

    Should have remained in the church

  • YoungKorgy420

    LOL @ Jigga over Em because "lots of guys rapped like Em." Because no one raps the same as Jay, right?

  • Zac

    I like this niggas old shit,but the new him is hypocrite

  • latino101

    yeah. because he's white. lol had a black man rapped like eminem and sold 100 million albums and were the biggest rap star in the history of mankind, you think EVEYONE wouldn't put him as the greatest emcee/rapper/whatever-the-fuckever of all time? lol

    • Anonymous

      @Pharoah everything you said is incorrect on every level. You are an idiot STFU!

    • Pharaoh

      Eminem isn't as big a Tupac no fucking chance. Eminem has sold maybe a few mill more NOW after having 16 years in the game Pac sold 85 MILLION based on just a handful of years promoting himself. He influenced millions of people and is still spoke about all over the world and regarded as a Hip Hop God. 90% of Eminems fans are teenagers from the burbs...

    • m

      If a black man rapped like Eminem he would have sold zero records.

  • D From Q.U.

    I agree with Mase, Em was rapping like Redman and got crazy props and for what?

  • Jim Jones

    SMH the fact that he mentioned N.W.A made me skip the whole article. The group itself had more than 4 people in it. Stick to preaching, Mason.

  • Jim Jones

    IS THAT YOU, BETHA?!?!?!

  • Ignacio

    Lil Wayne? Really? is he serious?

  • Anonymous

    thought this nigga was a Pastor now? Now he's gonna make some more ignorant rap music with Cam'ron and Meek Mill? okkkk kayy... I feel sorry for anyone who ever went to his church and gave him money.

  • Take it

    People need to stop propping up parasites like this guy. He's a fucking nobody. No moral fiber. A damn hypocrite who plays preacher in the pulpit and gangster in the booth. What is the point of this actor? What has he got to say? Nothing. Dont buy his album. Dont support this anti-intelligence.

  • maker

    This guy is a fucking joke. Look at him. Where was he a few months back? He was a wannabe pastor sucking money out of the pockets of faithful struggling people in black communities. Now he's playing rapper again. Fuck this piece of trash.

  • JRich

    There are only 4 people on Mount Rushmore Ma$e. Lmao

  • Anonymous

    1. Ma$e 2. Ja Rule 3. Benzino 4. Lord Jamar 5. Justin Beiber

  • Anonymous

    How you got Diddy and Meek Mill on your album after that statement he put out about DJ Khaled's "Feel Like Pac/Feel Like Biggie" record... and i quote, "Niggas sold u out BIG. I hate the way your legacy has been watered down. I don't have to be from Bk. Let him rest. #respect"

    • Anonymous

      Ma$e appears to criticize DJ Khaled and his featured guests Diddy, Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and T.I. after the release of "I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie," a song likely off Khaled's upcoming "Suffering from Success" album. Though it is unclear if his post was aimed at Khaled and company for the release of the song, Ma$e posted an Instagram image of The Notorious B.I.G. on the social network, with the following caption: 'Niggas sold u out BIG. I hate the way your legacy has been watered down. I don't have to be from Bk. Let him rest. #respect'

  • jay

    this dude is a clown. I would have supported him if he would have came back with gospel rap album during his come back, now he is still going to be doing hip hop after being a pastor again. He is a joke. He just goes where he can get a check. Bad move HHDX for giving this fraud a platform..

  • Anonymous

    did this nigga just put Wayne in his top ?

  • Anonymous

    hhhhh who the fuck is Ma$e

  • insanemacbeth

    RAKIM, KOOL G. RAP, KRS-ONE, KOOL KEITH. the godfathers of emcee-ing, as we've known it from the mid-late 1980s.

    • jb

      like your list way better than mase if Mase was Smart he know there's 5 in NWA and only suppose to be 4 on mount rushmore but he lost creedibility with Wayne i can care less if he didn't have Eminem having Wayne was a joke over Rakim KRS-One Kool G Rap if you want me to go south Andre 3000 Scarface and personally Z-Ro and Trae the Truth are underrated and better than Wayne and people enough with the race card i know a lot of white rappers that are fire El-P Beastie Boys 3rd Bass Cage Vinnie Paz Celph Titled R.A. The Rugged Man even though he Albanian Action Bronson and Brother Ali despite him being Albino

    • rofl

      good luck making a top 5 with 2014 'rappers' 1980 > 2014

    • lol

      lol my nigga this is 2014 not 1980. Please dust yourself off and stop living in the past.

    • insanemacbeth

      KOOL KEITH, for offbeat flow, and especially vocab. any extensive vocabulary based spitta, eg. PHAROAHE MONCHE, RAS KASS...go through the KOOL KEITH/ ULTRAMGNETIC MCS route. KANE was nice too, though.

    • havoo

      Great list, though I'd put Big Daddy Kane in place of Kool Keith, just personally...

  • rideonemjixxer

    Mase was dope back in the day, but this dude is a FRAUD. He preaches god, and then gets in the studio as "murda mase", like hes a teenage thug in harlem again. Dude gets rich off of ignorant followers at his church, preaching about marriage stability and longevity, all the while he is in the middle of a divorce and in the studio doing records about hustling and sluts. I cant stand this guy. What a hypocrite.

  • Lo

    Eminem is the greatest of all time.... Fuck this clown...

    • Anonymous

      Stans on deck!^

    • Anonymous

      wrong JA RULE IS THE GOAT

    • Mack

      Came in the place blowed, and sprayed Puffy with Mase. Fuck this clown.

    • Ja

      I think you a overreaching a little my friend, But he is in my top 5. I am black and 40 years old.. Nas, Pac, Em, Jay.. I don't have a 5. Biggie in not on my list. He only had 2 completed studio albums, which Ready to Die is in my top 3 albums of all time...

    • Johnny Blayze

      Eminem is not the greatest of all time, unless you're A) White or B) Suburbanite who tries to be white or C) Don't listen or follow hiphop deeply

  • Mack

    Schizo Mase at it again. Preaching all high and mighty one day, praising high rappers the next.

  • Anonymous

    I just realized the Hokage statues from Naruto are ripped off Mount Rushmore

  • POPE

    You all realize it is his opinion. It's not a definitive list.

  • PuffPuffPass


  • Slackin

    Ma$e who... Bitch you were played out in '99

  • yeaaaahh

    Rap is more than just being technically good. You have to have the charisma and personality to atrract people. Em's brash, sarcastic, and humorous personality made you either love him or hate him. That particular aspect along with being a dope rapper is what made him so popular.

    • Anonymous

      ^ You're a liar. He's white, you're white that's why you jump to defend his whiteness. That's why you will always be a guest in the culture.

    • YoungKorgy420

      ^this dude... Why the fuck you gotta be racial about it? Em is in my top 5, and his skin color has nothing to do with it. If he was black, or Asian, or Arab, and had the same flow, same everything else, I'd enjoy his music just as much.

    • Anonymous

      Plus he's white.

  • Ra Mz

    NO Ghostface ???? :/

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne over EMINEM

  • Anonymous

    Rap Rushmore- Rakim, Nas, KRS One, Biggie, Pac

  • Anonymous

    NWA is 4 rappers and a DJ which would make it 9 people.

  • XvC

    This place is my house I might as well erase my face with white out Cause y'all can't see me like Mase's eyebrows -Eminem

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