T.I. Says Game, G. Count Of L.E.P. Bogus Boys Addressed Beef

Last week, G. Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys released "Chiraq (Game Diss)."

T.I. tweeted today (May 14) that the beef between Game and G. Count Of L.E.P. Bogus Boys is over.

"Just got off da line w/ @the_g_count #LEPBogusBoys & @thegame #BloodMoney Dey spoke & got clarity now,good as gold.... Errrbody all Love,” T.I. says.

Last week, G. Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys released “Chiraq (Game Diss).” Like L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Lil Durk is from Chicago.

The cut from the South Side Chicago rapper was among the string of songs and social media posts that followed the release of Lil Durk’s “ChiRaq,” which featured him taking a shot at Tyga.

Lil Durk’s “ChiRaq” was soon followed by Tyga's “ChiRaq To LA,” which was also released last week. On the song, Game raps, “First off, let me go on 40 Glocc again / Talk about my kids on Instagram / Nigga must wanna get his ass socked again / Tell a lie like I pulled out a glock on him / Don't make me resurrect 'Pac again."

Game then takes aim at Lil Durk: "Lil Durk under a lil dirt / And nobody knows you / This ain't what they want / Nobody knows you / Bitch I thought that was Future's song / I'm bout to show you / You done caught yourself a lil L, dog / Man, nobody knows you / You heard of Lil Durk? Nigga, hell nah."

G. Count starts his cut with confrontational rhymes. “Why you wanna dis Durk, Blood / You must wanna get murked, Blood,” he raps. 

G. Count’s version of the song appeared to get a response from Game. "Niggas & these subpar diss records is hilarious. Make me mad enough, I'll end ur career & you'll b baggin groceries by June !!! #BLOODMONEY,” Game wrote on Twitter last week.

T.I.’s tweet from today is as follows:

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  • Pbz

    4 the recrd a out of town nigga did come out there and do some thing and he from chicago no the beef is squash bitch we aint scared where ever we go if u scared ta die get the fuck off the streets NIGGA cvln 1st game that started all this erthing else is alfter us shot out ta little durk nigga bdn nigga

  • Pbz

    Fuck u l.a niggas nigga blackstones was 1st the history u can google that vicelords b4 everything u talk like ah l.a nigga gon come ta the chi and want get his ass pilt its easy when u out yo element tired of u pussy niggas speaking our name when we dnt guve a fuck about u u dnt see chiraq dissing nobody city we dnt eeen see u has been mafuckers its all about us and it seems its all about us 2 u maguckers 2 thanks 4 sucking out dick ALMIGHTY

  • 510

    Game pretty much ruined his own career. Nobody destroyed him but HIM!!! First all the apologizing to 50, then the constant name dropping. But the really sad thing is he scared to do a album w/o features. What makes him think his fans like them same ol features? Weezy, Ross, tyga an 2 Chains??? Lol, keep your album WestCoast stoopid!!!

  • Anonymous

    "These so called informants help police to get rid of people who want to rape your mom and sister" Nobody wants to rape your mom or sister.

  • G5

    Best that Game got someone to let this slide for him because he would never win in the streets messing with LEP. They are not rappers and I'm sure them boys in the jungles in L.A. let him know that as well.


      First of all speak what u know. Obviously your not from LA The Stone's in the Jungles don't bang the Nation its "Jungle Stone Bloods" idiot. LA nigga gon ride wit LA no matter what get ya facts straight. Niggas don't give a fuck about Chicago nigga, we live here killin thy neighbor everyday, you think we really give a fuck about smoking a Chicago nigga, please. #ONESHOTKILL fuck the Game anyway he not even a real member, but aint no outta town niggas coming out here doing shit. 101x

  • Serious question

    "Pleb" U irish,irish?

  • Anonymous

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  • hups

    Why is T.I. playing peacemaker to something Game inserted himself in? Game can't dead his own beefs he starts?

    • Anonymous

      i know its wack as hell. Game puts himself into tyga and durks beef so when someone disses game for that, clifford has to get his united nations on

  • Anonymous

    game is a fucking pussy ass stripper, the only career is his own, faggot ass fake ass blood you was ritch ween you payed your way inn the gang, ou never gangbang fony ass bitch

    • U jelly?

      And u sound real hard saying that shit behind the safety of your keyboard, pussy. Game would break u in half, fuckin worm smh.

  • Staxx

    The ignorance on here is upsetting. I keep telling yall, G.Count does know Game. If yall don't think Game knows OGs just like G.Count does, yall some idiots. Everybody in the rap game is here to make money. People keep saying Game wouldn't be able to come to Chicago. Do you think about, G.Count won't be able to come to LA. I'm glad to see the OG's squash this before somebody really gets hurt.

    • Anonymous

      no one was going to get hurt over a lil diss record. Game is a bitch for getting involved in something that didn't involve him and so is T.I. for always deading other niggas beefs but not his own.

  • HMM

    Some real ignorant type shit on here. If Tip didn't play peace maker who would? ? Al Sharpton? Magic Johnson? Y'all lives must be fuckin boring if you looking out for beefs between rappers y'all won't give a fuck about tomorrow. T.I. lived the gangster life and he been through plenty of beefs, that's why he'll step between niggas to talk to them. It's called being a grown ass man, something y'all don't comprehend cause, lol you wanna see a nigga get clapped up. And for what... stupid ass mfs

    • Anonymous

      meanwhile we just saw a video of TI and Killer Mike confronting a nigga over some tweets... its kind of ass backwards...

  • BP

    Anyone who still likes to pretend T.I. snitched after years of proof he didn't has an IQ under 75.

    • Anonymous

      What proof exactly? His word? lol

    • BP

      Even if all that shit was true, congrats dawg you can recite his past history. That doesn't mean a fuckin thing. He done grew up by now& taking care of his fams. Gucci mane doesn't have half the money Tip has you fuckin pleb, which means T.I. can afford pro bono lawyers to get him a sick deal. this whole snitching thingis fuckin retarded I can't believe we're still talking about that shit

    • Anonymous

      Gucci Mane going away until 2016 and he didnt have half the guns TIP did.

    • Anonymous

      He's just not a menace to society and he lied about being arrested multiple times for dope and pistol charges. He was getting arrested for tickets before he got famous. People took his word on that Beef DVD about what his past arrest were really for. It ain't hard to tell.

  • 666 witch woods

    u seen ashanti. [[hey boy who u[[ hey facker wers the bitchan. ashanti she 4 she playng in woods.]]hey devil no she could be lil older crazt crazy..[ hey u mother son of dawn of demon nite at ya...its crazy at ya

  • Anonymous

    t.i. the hip hop police informant


    yo fuck the south

  • Anonymous

    TI is a snitch smh thats the only way you get off like that. Unless he had muthafuckin Johnny Cochran

  • Anonymous

    G Count did what he was supposed when a grown person jumps in a kid's fight. Let the kids fight it out with adult supervision.

  • Anonymous

    always tuna squash beef, man we wont forget a snitch is what u t

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

    These faggots don't know what beef is.

  • Anonymous

    T.I. is a snitch. Curtis Jackson is a snitch. Why does the hip hop community tolerate these informants?

  • The truth


  • Anonymous

    who cares... let these rappers shoot each other. that's entertaining

  • Anonymous

    TIP is a hypocrite we just saw him confronting a rapper with Killer Mike and them over calling him a snitch on twitter, LOL.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Yall "Anonymous" Niggas Sound Stupid. T.I. Trying To Avoid Bloodshed. Props To That Brother For Keeping The Peace.

    • Anonymous

      so why he always rapping that tough gun talk in his rhymes? are you saying hes a fraud??? didnt he just run up on some vh1 brother for calling him a snitch on twitter???

  • Anonymous

    Why he out here squashing other niggas beefs? Thats some CrimeStopper snitch type shit.

  • guigamasta


  • Dennis

    His best diss to Lil Durk wasn't that crappy line yall quoted. It was when he said Dirk dissed me? Dirk who? Dirk Nowitzki? Shit cracked me up.

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    Im so sick of these fake ass rappers, who portray one thing and its really another. I thought this would happen. Game had someone intercede for him. SMH Now T.I. acting like the peacemaker in HipHop. This shits getting more comical everyday. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to see blackmen go at it and thats the truth but a part of me wants to see fake ass gangsters like GAME & T.I. get the hand of GOD put on them, so they could cut the bullshit out. PERIOD You may say reading this post why is he going at T.I. and I would reply that the other day he approached Apollo, whose another clown off the Housewives of Atlanta but he did so with people with him. He did so b/c of comments made by Apollo on Twitter about his short stint in the bing. Now my thing is if you so upset people are claiming your an informant and thats how you got such a short bid, why not approach every rapper thats said the same dam thing. This is one big reality show and it's all for T.V. Its Fake!!!!!!!!!

  • doEB

    damn t.i u just fucked everything up...i really wanted to see sumbody clapped up in a couple weks..smh

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Thas wassup!. There're enough obstacles in the rap game already. Fuck beef...

    • Anonymous

      Beef between lyricists does. These cats aren't though so better off just ending it and making more pop tracks

    • Anonymous

      Beef makes the rap game entertaining. I'm not asking for gun shots, just entertaining diss tracks. Shit gets me hyped

  • Anonymous

    This wasn't even a beef, it was two rappers responding to one another on songs. Beef is when it escalates out of music into personal lives. These two don't know each other so basically Tip got them to stop making songs towards one another. Now when Tip can get 50 & Game to squash their beef I will be impressed

  • jasonnn


  • jasonnn


  • imho

    fuck this guy..the fuck u settling that shit for..this was deadass the 1st entertaining beef in hiphop since Eminem/50 and ja rule.. tell his ass go become a preacher and stop the gangsta rap if that's the case. why the fuck tip always gotta play cop for

  • Pete

    The Game was scared for his life and called T.I to save him!

  • Anonymous

    I swear everytime I see a vid on tip hes playing peacemaker. then make music bout killin niggas and sellin dope lol shit annoyin af we get it u got busted with 1000 guns snitched and got off now your scared to j-walk stop getting involved in other ppl shit

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