Drake's Instagram Likes Catalogued By Tumblr Account, Curator Calls Them "Soft & Sweet"

Photographs Drake has liked on Instagram have been posted on Eric Emm's Tumblr account, photodrakeliked.tumblr.com. Emm calls Drake's likes "soft and sweet."

Eric Emm created a Tumblr account to catalog every photograph Drake liked on Instagram

The account, Photos Drake Liked, features many of the images Drake's account has liked on the popular social network platform, according to Emm. 

Emm says he began following Drake's likes when he saw Drake's account liked an image of a "really sweet, very innocent photo of a girl and her dad at a rollerskating rink," according to BuzzFeed.  

Emm also says the photographs Drake likes are “very much in line with his persona: pretty soft and sweet, peppered with occasionally thugdom.”

Among the images, Drake has liked photographs of Johnny Manziel, Game, Jhene Aiko and Rihanna, as well as images posted by fans.


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  • jasonnn


  • rabbit mask devils

    chased u out to the mother fucker diddy. where are u diddy.wats my name? its the sickin. hey funky its the monkeyy...[hey heyy mann]] heyy]]] u in woods fuckin its the devil devilsss witch woods at the crazy shatttt.

  • guerilla jones

    damn ALL on this nigga dick!!

  • youngsta

    y'all can laugh at his music as much as you want, but drake is far from soft. drake has been body-building as of late and he would probably fuck up every internet gangster on here and then fuck their girls after, if they have any that is. but drake chooses to be a lover and not a fighter. "we might look light but we heavy though, you think drake would pull some shit like that? you never know" -drake

  • Anonymous

    Soft is obsessing about a dude whose got more money and pussy than you. Get over it

  • youngsta

    damn, leave drake the fuck alone! this eric emm guy is a freakin' stalker. if niggas really hated drake so much, then they wouldn't be following him or checking out what he likes on instagram. fuck outta here with that bullshit! stop worrying about the next man and worry about your goddamn selves. y'all mad cause drake is the most popular artist right now and all that thug rap and gangsta rap is long gone.

  • dentaldamboy

    I would call all YMCMB haters intellectually dishonest, but I can't use the word intellectual in the same sentence as anyone who hate's on us. Drake talks about women and money...the two best things in the world. Yet all of you have some shit to say about that. Meanwhile, Jay-Z talks about art and fashion designers and you fawn all over him.

  • Tapeworm

    who really cares?!! im not a drake fan by any means but now they are pinching for straws.

  • yung niggy

    When I think about the realest rappers, Nas, BIG, and 50 come to mind. But you gotta put Drake up there. People always make the case that he's a "simp" or "soft"... But he tells the truth. He talks about what he knows, which is mostly love. But when he starts sending shots everybody calls him fake. If somebody was coming at you, would you just stand there? Drake never claimed to be something he's not and continues to be on top of the game. Realest rapper out.

    • Champagne Papi Life

      No, he's the realest. Why should he make music that attempts to change the world? Because that's you think he should do? If he did that, he wouldn't be himself, now would he?

    • Anonymous

      He is far from the realest rapper out, that is complete nonsense. I understand your point but his music is superficial and lacks substance, its definitely not "real." In the position he's in he could change the world but he squanders his opportunity tremendously.

    • DE

      Best comment ive read on this site in a while.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ the pic of Drake they used!!!! hahaah

  • Anonymous

    When will Aubrey NOT be a human punchline?

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