Okwerdz On DNA: "I Just Think He's Wack"

The former battler describes a possible return to the ring and who he'd like to battle.

In an exclusive interview with Battle Rap, Okwerdz gave fans an explanation of why he left the industry and the type of emcees he’d be willing to return to battle.

“They still offer me a battle every fucking event,” Okwerdz said. “I think about it still but it’s not gonna be DNA. I just think he’s wack. They keep offering me DNA every time. Every time. I think he’s trash. He’s had a couple good performances. His shit against Rone was fire and I’ve told him that to his face, ‘Your shit against Rone was amazing.’ But you gotta think too, that’s three one-minute rounds. So then when you go to a SMACK battle that’s one of his rounds.”

Despite his thoughts on DNA, Okwerdz did say he’d consider a match up against veteran battlers like Sirius Jones and Reed Dollaz.

“I’d fuck Sirius Jones up,” he said. “I’d kill him. I always thought it’d be fun to battle Reed Dollaz. I don’t think he’s even battling anymore either. I always thought it’d be fun to yell at that guy a little bit. Just out of respect. I’m a fan of Reed Dollaz, don’t get me wrong. Me and Sirius Jones go back and forth. I don’t really fuck with him. But Reed Dollaz, I’m a fan. That would be fun.”

Read the whole story and watch the interview at Battle Rap.


  • Anonymous

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  • DNA

    Bekay dissed the shit out of him, not via song, just via words and had a lot of people on facebook clowning him on his fan page and he wouldn't even battle Bekay. Instead he deleted all the tons of comments dissing the shit out of him and pulled some computer nerd shit. Cause well, let's face it, he is a computer nerd and make's horrible music. DNA WOULD SMASH HIM

  • Anonymous

    lol white people and their love for battle rap

  • Tupac's Nephew

    This guy is delusional if he thinks Serius Jones would consider battling his wack ass. Shit, even Reed Dollaz wouldn't battle him. Okwerdz is by far one of the most overhyped battlers, in the KOTD scene OR the URL scene. He got mad crowd reaction from the same crowds that hyped Solomon's wack ass (I'm talking about the "shitty" Solomon, not the "ill, Jumpoff" Solomon). Get him in front of a crowd that doesn't tolerate mediocre bars just because they're being yelled, and he'd get boo'd the fuck outta there.

  • Anonymous

    okwerdz trippin smh

  • Anonymous

    This faggot is a HATER. Why don't you wanna battle DNA? Because he's "corny"?? Thats more reason to battle the dude, son sounds jealous... And the Gods haven't forgot about your disrespect for Lord Jamar. #WatchYourMouth

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