Crooked I Says Hollow Da Don Battle "Could Really Tarnish" Joe Budden's Reputation

"He stands to lose more," Crooked I Says. "A lot of people think he's gonna lose anyway."

After Joe Budden appeared on the Angryfans Radio Show last week, Crooked I called into the podcast this week to talk about his view of his Slaughterhouse emcee’s scheduled match against Hollow Da Don.

“Well, you know, this industry is about perception a lot of times,” he said. “It’s sad to say the fans feed off perception. For him to go in there and if he take an L, depending on how bad it is, it could really tarnish his reputation and the things that he’s built up as a ‘mainstream’ artist trying to go back...He’s on TV, man. He got more access to be ridiculed. He got a major deal over here with Shady. It could make a stain or something if he went up there—which I doubt would happen—and just totally choked. Now they looking around at Shady like, ‘Okay.’ It’s a lot.

“I salute Joe for going into that arena because he doesn’t have to do that,” Crooked I added. “He stands to lose more. A lot of people think he’s gonna lose anyway.”

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  • mikesteezx

    Respect Buddens for battling whoever and not being a pussy like Jay. His dude Crooked sound like he about to take a L tho lol Peep this list of the Top 10 Mixtapes underground and mainstream:

  • Anonymous

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  • R.Pgh

    I don't understand why Budden would do this. He has nothing to gain from it.

    • Anonymous

      Why did you comment? You had nothing to gain from it other than a couple responses? Maybe Budden is doing it just cause he can/wants to

    • Anonymous

      Maybe that's the idea. Doing it just because he can regardless of the outcome.

  • Joe

    Hey, Thanks for the support! You've always had my back!

  • 614grind

    I'm sure Joe appreciates the vote of confidence from his own goup mate.

    • 614grind

      LOL So, somebody from Columbus beat the smoke outcho ass I see. It's alright, my G. You ain't the first. I'm from Braod and James but for the record, 22nd will put you on yo back...but of course you already know this.

    • 614grind sucks

      lol you're from Columbus, OH where people in Reynoldsburg and Pickerington think they're bloods and crips lol stfu you know nothing. bet you run around screaming "22nd and Livingston" lol fag

  • Anonymous

    his shitty flow and bars along with suckin dick ruined his rep

  • Anonymous

    Joe Budden is the 2nd best rap artist of all time after Kanye West...just because you people are too stupid to understand his albums doesn't make them makes you too stupid to use them

    • Anonymous

      Bro you need to learn to differentiate your opinion from facts. Talk about stupid...

    • LOC

      Lol I don't think Kanye number 1 but...Kanye is garbage?? Dude you insane. This dude have multiple classic albums, people seem to forget that since he released those last couple of albums.

    • EvenOdd

      Saying Kanye is #1 rapper dismisses anything you say going forward. I agree Budden is great and a lot of people don't get him, and I easily put him over Kanye in terms of rapping. Kanye as a rapper? Grabage. Kanye as a Producer and Entertainer? Excellent.

  • Lol

    Reputation? What reputation?

  • Anonymous

    Which career? Budden never had a career. He is just a dope mc with disappoiting albums

  • Anonymous

    lol you have so much trust in your crew mate?

  • Anonymous

    joe wants to lose and then prove that hes so powerful that his rep wont be tarnished anyway

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    i don't expect joe to win, and i think it's unlikely that he will, i hope joey could at least hold his own in the battle in all of the rounds without choking.

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • realtalkny

    I don't get it these niggas act like they deranged lyrical assassins on wax but scared as fuck when it's a face to face battle??? a battle is a battle I don't see how it could tarnish budden career.

    • Realtalkworldwide

      Joe buddens Happens to be a good mc? A lil early to be drinking already this morning. Joe buddens is garbage 1 hit wonder hes the weakest link in slaughterhouse kick him out n replace him wit termanology then theyd actually be dope and worth spending money on

    • Anonymous

      battle rhymes/braggadocio raps and actual battling are 2 different things that require 2 different skill-sets. on wax, you're just talking about how good you are at rapping. in a battle, you have to face a specific person and it requires you to beat them with your rhymes and even use rebuttals to their rhymes right on the spot. crooked knows hollow da don is a professional battler and is obviously far more experienced in the battle scene. joe budden is not a pro battle rapper, hes just a regular recording artist who happens to be a good mc who can rhyme his ass off. he won't be taken as seriously as a lyricist/rhymer if he gets his ass served to him in a real battle face to face. niggas will think "guess budden is not that good like i thought" and ppl will always use that against budden, mocking him for taking a l in a battle. thats the consequences of battling don and losing to him as the outcome. look at what happened to canibus when he battled a professional battler. that could be joe budden. i dont see how you don't get that

  • Anonymous

    'Did Joe consult them before deciding to battle? No?' He shouldn't have to. Budden's a grown man who made the decision to battle. Win or lose he's doing something most would never dream of doing at this stage in their professional career.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I really hope Don murks Joe Budden

  • Anonymous

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  • Ninety Nine Swords

    Officer Ricky has been outed as a fraud many times over in many ways and that fat nigga's career is doing great. And now just because this guy might lose a battle it'll end not only his, but his entire Slaughterhouse colleagues' careers? Get the fuck out, I don't get this shit no more. Bring the bars, bring the dope tracks, bring good music, I don't care if someone loses a rap battle. And I certainly ain't gonna take his loss out on his ENTIRE group on some sins of the father shit. Get outta here

  • Lo

    Fuck crooked I for not backing Joe on this better...And Joe is gonna eat that fag.

    • sharprazerblade514

      i like slaughterhouse, and as much as i would like to see joe budden rip don in this battle, crooked has a point. joe budden has a laundry list of things that you can mock him and effectively destroy him with. from getting snuffed by both raekwon and consequence to this public relationships with a bunch of women to the hip hop love reality show he was on to his less than stellar solo career to the slaughterhouse dropping that really weak shady debut album (along with it being a commercial flop) etc etc. What dirt could joe digg up on don? what can he say that will truly hurt don though? thats something, unlike crook, you didn't really think about when you made your comment.

    • yugang

      ^^exactly. crooked ain't stupid. we've all seen what happened to canibus when he lost the battle. it could be that bad for joe.

    • Anonymous

      crooked did say he salutes joe, but hes keeping it real and knows its best to be realistic about the situation. he would be full of shit if he said "hes gonna murder don straight up, it's no competition"

    • Anonymous

      you didnt explain shit. do you understand what elite means? its not, lets pick the easiest route, keep making the same underwhelming music with, following what eminem tells them. its about competing with the best and proving yourself, taking risks, being innovative, always trying to get to the next level.

    • Anonymous

      If Joe loses it makes Slaughterhouse look a little less elite .. which is the reputation they're trying to build, as well as Shady records. Did Joe consult them before deciding to battle? No? Guess they don't have to chose to support his decision then, even though I think Crooked is being somewhat supportive by saying he salutes Joe for doing it. Do I have to explain everything to you?

    • Anonymous

      right? that's what I thought when I was reading it

  • jaceshadoe

    Joey does have more to lose and there's a lot more info out there that can be used against him in battle B/C battle rappers/emcees ain't on that public and mainstream level where a lot of your personal business is leaked or u r just caught in the moment. BUT, Joey has enough skills to battle ....You won't never see guys like Ross, Lil'Wayne, or Jay-Z(right now) battle. Joe Budden already has it made though, regardless of what happens he's still going to put out another album, be apart of SH's next album, go on tours and shit. If Hollow wins, then what???Ok, he beat one of the best mix tape rappers out what??? Challenge Joell or even target Eminem???

  • nuc

    has a date been set for this? Joey gon have bars, but Hollow gon have the ammo. anticipate this one.

  • Shady305

    Ya'll crazy, if you think Budden is gonna go into that battle and take an easy L. Dude has bars for days. He might not win, but it wont be easy for Hollow.

  • Sidid1984

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  • Pharaoh

    It could tarnish Slaughterhouse not just Joey. A bad L here is a bad look for SH since a lot of people will just naturally assume that all members including Em by extension will be throwing Barrs Joeys way for him to use.

    • @anonymous

      ^^speak for yourself. gtfo talking about each mc is wack. royce and crooked are wack? must not have listened to any of their works to say that stupid shit

    • Anonymous

      Nigga please, it ain't like Slaughterhouse are respected anyway lol, every member of that group is the walking embodiment of wackness

    • Huh!?

      A badder look than "Welcome...*"?? * Forgot the rest of that title... it was so shit

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