Lil' Cease Says Biggie Would Support Mister Cee's Sexual Preference

The Mafia Dons (formerly Junior M.A.F.I.A) express their support for Mister Cee following last year's arrest.

With New York City deejay Mister Cee serving as one of a handful of artists who helped in establishing the career of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Cease says that if the late rapper were alive today he would be accepting of Mister Cee regardless of his sexual preference.

After a handful of arrests involving Mister Cee and male prostitutes over the past few years, the Hot 97 personality was thrust into the spotlight last year following his most recent arrest and even resigned from his position at Hot 97 due to the controversy surrounding his latest run-in with authorities.

Although Mister Cee has never admitted to being a gay man, those in The Mafia Dons (formerly Junior M.A.F.I.A) revealed that Biggie would have supported Cee during his recent ordeal.

“Definitely. Your friends is your friends,” Lil’ Cease said while speaking with Vlad TV. “You know what I’m saying? You got somebody you’re cool with they gonna tell you what they think the right thing to do is. I think just on the strength of their friendship Big would have supported whatever he was doing. Cause Big knows he was a major part in helping him get to where he was going in his career.”

Lil' Cease later stated that he too is accepting of Mister Cee despite his past situations or what his sexual preference may be.

“Mister Cee my homie, man. You know, that’s the home team, man,” Cease said. “Whatever his preference is is his. I’m glad he came out. Got it off his shoulders. That’s the best way to do it, man. Put it out there. Be one-hundred with it. People will accept you as you are. You know what I’m saying? At the end of the day, I ain’t got no problem with [it]…That’s that man’s decision. That’s what he do. I salute him, man. He’s still my peoples.”

During an interview with GQ, which was released at the top of this year, Mister Cee was asked if Biggie would have been supportive if the incidents from last year took place 20 years ago.

“I know Big stands next to me,” he said. “I have no question in my mind…You know who’s phony, you know who’s hypocritical, you know who’s real. So not only do I feel like Big has my back. I feel like every person that I have ridden for in their afterlife—I think they got my back as well.”


  • Anonymous

    'and you dont know how to read apparently, or diont understand simple concepts' This coming from a guy who got his degree online lol Why would Biggie have accepted Cee? You think Pac would have accepted The Outlawz if they were gay? Cease is speculating just so he can make some headlines talking about his former fat meal ticket.

  • john

    to bad all hes interviews hes to gravitate toward biggie i swear when will he let biggie rest

    • Anonymous

      It ain't no different from Bleek always talking about Hov, or Banks and Yayo always talking about 50.

  • Anonymus

    Biggie was raised by a Jamaican I doubt it. As "homophobic" as Jamaicans are generally, his suspect lines just come of as trolling or poorly chosen punchlines.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao for real, Biggie and DMX had the most suspect rhymes ever, both niggaz kept rapping about raping dudes on everyone of their tracks

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  • insanemacbeth

    really? :-/ s.m.h.


    For all of you that don't know; Biggie's "I'll suck on your daddy's dick" line actually came from Richard Pryor.

  • Anonymous

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  • Not Impressed

    wow Lil Cease is an undercover fag This crusty lip ape's career aint goin nowhere fast like a treadmill Lil Cease sit the f*ck down and stfu YOU'RE DONE -Im Not Impressed

    • Anonymous

      You're NEVER impressed by anything. Go shove a whole bottle of Zoloft down your throat and shut the fuck up. Maybe foaming at the mouth and overdosing will impress your sorry ass.

    • Not Impressed

      lol I didn't post this. Personally, I have no opinion on Lil Cease. And I'm not sure why the dude above keeps calling me white, that's kind of weird. I'm not impressed

    • Sad Little Weirdo

      He's just a white internet troll posting from his moms basement pay him no mind the virtual world is he real word ..poor little weirdo

    • Anonymous

      name some, or at least one of your accomplishments in life

  • Biggie and Cee Cee sitting in a tree.

    Of course Big would support him, he's gay too.... "You look so good, i'd suck on your daddys dick" "niggas press there luck and they get a butt fuckin'/ straight up the ass raw dog with the rash/ and i don't fuck with the condoms" "fuck um in they ass, throw um over the bridge"

  • internet hate mongers

    Anyone posting negative shit about homosexuals on this website aren't real street dudes, and mostly likely are middle class or Caucasian(and probably closeted gay). If you from the hood, if you got a big family, if youve ever been to county or prison you know-got love for lots of homosexuals. People need to wake the fuck up, its strange that homosexuality in the hood is widely accepted but still foreign in the hip hop community. Live your own life, if you like pussy, eat it my nigga. Why the fuck you care what another man do...

  • Anonymous

    Biggie fucked bitches. Cee fucked males. They clearly had nothing in common, so Lil Cease is a moron.

  • Biggie Was The Most Flagrino Nigga Ever

    He's so right, Biggie would even "suck on her daddy's dick", buttfuck niggaz "straight up the ass, raw dog with the rash", "not with the condoms" and "fuck RuPaul before them ugly ass Xscape bitches"

    • Anonymous

      ^^ cosign

    • Anonymous

      if he was, then looks like one of the best of all time was gay...who cares? he made beautiful music that most cannot match or come close to, sexual preference is irrelevent to the music they make

  • Mister Cee

    Lord Jamar loves my asshole.

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Biggie was a fraud, so of course he would support a fraud.

  • Since88

    Lol no Biggie wouldn't.

  • Anonymous

    Wheres Lord Jamar to comment on this shit ???????.............................exactly

  • bigpac

    with comments from biggie like: "my nigga fucking kids in the ass" and "ill suck yo daddy's dick" wouldn't be surprised

  • Hmmm

    Who cares? Shouldn't Mister Cee be more concerned with his family's views?

  • Let's talk about sex

    No doubt, everybody in Brooklyn knows that Big and Cee used to go tranny hunting together.

  • F. Rap

    C's bi sexual so.....

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