Drake Says Meek Mill's Responsible For "One Of The Best Rap Moments" Of Generation

Drake says Meek Mill's intro to "Dreams and Nightmares" is one of the best Rap moments of this generation.

Drake voiced his appreciation for Meek Mill's Dreams and Nightmares introductory cut in a Twitter post made yesterday (April 30).

In the Twitter update, Drake says Meek Mill's intro to "Dreams and Nightmares" is an important one. 

"Dreams and Nightmares Intro really one of the best rap moments of our generation," Drake says in the Twitter update. 

HipHopDX addressed the intro, which is titled "Dreams and Nightmares" in its review of the album, which earned a 3 out of 5 rating

"The title-track to Meek Mill’s album has all the makings of a classic opening," HipHopDX says in its review. "Cinematic piano strokes, beautifully-guided strings and motivating words formulate a comforting message of resiliency. Without warning, the record immediately transitions into a menacing illustration of spiteful arrogance and threats, instigated by Meek’s vociferous delivery. It’s an undeniable performance that likewise piques the listener’s expectations. And yet, what transpires on the rest of Dreams & Nightmares is an inconsistency of lyrical ingenuity and thematic execution that will haunt the Philadelphian rapper on his debut." 

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  • Illogic93

    Too much shouting for my taste. Like Joe Budden said "Run up on Meek with the silencer, ngga quiet down."

  • Grinds Master of Needle Eye Pum Pum

    I just listened to it and it was inspirational!

  • Chaucer

    Pardon the interruption, but please listen, share, like, comment... this is Philly... http://youtu.be/NC5M_4u0ws8 http://youtu.be/WiSdTlSRBMo http://youtu.be/iLFhM6kqge0

  • Anonymous

    The fuck I look like tryna listen to an intro? What else was great on that album? The skits??

  • Anonymous

    Any nigga who yells instead of rapping on everyone of his tracks shouldn't be considered "responsible for one of the best rap moments of this generation"

  • yung niggy

    When I think about the realest rappers, Nas, BIG, and 50 come to mind. But you gotta put Drake up there. People always make the case that he's a "simp" or "soft"... But he tells the truth. He talks about what he knows, which is mostly love. But when he starts sending shots everybody calls him fake. If somebody was coming at you, would you just stand there? Drake never claimed to be something he's not and continues to be on top of the game. Realest rapper out.

  • Shade45

    Drake making this statement is one of the worst rap moments in this generation.

  • Food4Thought

    That being said it is a statement made by drake so anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • ReallyDoeeeeeee

    Too bad only the intro was tight...


    the intro n maybe one more track is all I can take from Meek shouty ass nigga sound like he stuck down a well

  • Anonymous

    "Who didn't listen to the dreams and nightmares intro?" The millions of people who didn't buy the album.

  • Anonymous

    Just tryna help get his nigga Meek hot in the circuit again with the new Off the Corner song and the first verse of the new DJ Khaled possible smash hit. Then Meek'll pay Drake back by featuring him on his next single to keep his momentum going into his new album!

  • Anonymous

    get off the nigg dick...these f*gg*t ass rappers, how about addressing kendrick. this nigg just soft, even KP knows it

  • Anonymous

    Only one problem. Nobody listens to the intro.

  • A Cool Guy

    he's selling big numbers each album while u haters jus talk shit on the internet

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    $97/hr pavivdv by Google, I am making a good salary from home $5500-$7000/week , which is amazing, under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it's my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone, Here is I started,,, ============================ WWW.YELLWORK.COM ============================

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill, AKA the nicca whose clinging to a career off a hot album intro!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah because I'm a Boss, AMEN, Levels and House Party etc were all on the intro too Must've been a long ass 1st song

  • Anonymous

    a fucking inro are you fucking retarded drake, dumbest shit i have heard today

  • Anonymous

    this faggot drake is the biggest dick rider of the wack era, it must be like a new gay sport or something.......

  • Anonymous

    He talks about murder a lot. thought drake was a promoter of love,then quickly he jumps to the murder music.

    • Anonymous

      drake is your typical suburban kid who is attracted to music that is completely the opposite of his real life.

  • Anonymous

    if the softest guy in hip-hop thinks your intro was one of the best rap moments you're doing something wrong.

  • Anonymous

    the "hold up wait a minute yall thought I was finished" line is probably one the most memorable lines out of any recent song to date. nothing else sticks out. An example of this would be the.."allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Hov" line

  • 614grind

    What exactly does Drake mean by "our generation", 5 years?

  • drake runs rap

    drake knows good music thats why he is the most consistent rapper alive and the face of rap. He doesn't praise overrated garbage like kendrick he only praises real rap. The only opinion that matters is drake's. Drake created and mastered rap with out drake hiphop and rap would be dead

    • Anonymous

      Drake can for real out rap anybody about real life situations if he wanted. his rap style is just like Jay-z mixed with girl friendly LL Cool J

    • drake runs rap

      not only that, drake knows exactly what to say to a man, how to cuddle, and he knows exactly how I like to be penetrated without me telling him. that's why drake runs rap.

    • Anonymous

      "He doesn't praise overrated garbage like kendrick" But he did praise Kendrick and took him on tour with him.

  • Anonymous

    Screams and Nightmares.

  • Anonymous

    Ross paid Drake to say this, Meek has an album coming...

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    How? He's absolute garbage. Nothing good can possibly come out of any of that.

  • Anonymous

    u know ya intro is trash when aubrey grahams flower sniffing diasy ass thinks its hot

  • Anonymous

    Meek doesn't shout. That's eminem screaming his ass off in every song. Lloyd banks has no rap moments.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem doesn't scream his ass off in every song, Meek Mill does. Lloyd Banks is always rapping, so he does have rap moments.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but Eminem does scream every song and scream sings his hooks

  • Spesh

    mic righteous - intro destroys meek mills, in lyrics, meaning and everything. unless you from what meek mill talks about, but not that many people are

  • Anon1

    The beat was good and the intensity was high but he was basically bragging about all his purchases. There's a tactful way to portray rags to riches and that wasn't the best approach. And he didn't just say it was one of the best intros of our generation but he went as far as saying one of the best rap MOMENTS. That I disagree with. As far as intros are concerned however I think "White America" was a pretty controversial intro. "We Don't Care" was a great, knowledge filled intro. "Intro" of Hov's Dynasty is incredible. The "Be" intro got you in a good mood before the rest of the album and painted a great picture of Chicago. On the same Chicago theme all of Lupe's intros give me goosebumps with the spoken word, especially the intro on "The Cool." "Thug Motivation 101" had a sick beat and got you hyped. DMX's debut had such a great intro and it's part of why we fell in love with him. "Stillmatic" dropped mad knowledge. Both of Cham's major label albums had great intros. "Morning News" was pretty introspective at the time. If we wanna go about bragging intros like Meek's I think "Holy Ghost" off Rich Forever did a better job. Gotti's "Back To The Basics" intro was even a good bragging/repping intro. "What Up Gangsta" is definitely a classic where he said fuck the haters basically like Meek did. "Tha Mobb" was dope but I consider "Fly In" the true intro to "Tha Carter II" because of the outro. "Fly In" was dope when it came out. Shit even "Tuscan Leather" was a better intro in my opinion. Just my opinion and giving some of these newer fans some dope intros to check out. Obviously people aren't gonna agree with all my choices and that's the great thing about opinions. But if you haven't heard some of em and just got into hip-hop which seems to be the case for a lot of the people on this site go check out these and see if you like em.

  • Anonymous

    drake not even on that track you dumb ass editors

  • Duhh

    Drake is not on "They Don't Love You No More." So how did they collaborate?

  • Anonymous

    Best Rap moments of your generation? I ain't feeling these skinny jean wearing frauds.

  • Anonymous

    Can't even lie, that intro was FIRE and had a nigga hype, then I heard the rest of his album...... then you go back to the intro and it's not really all that.

  • Anonymous

    This is how you know this generation is doomed.

  • Anonymous

    Meeks got a album coming out his just doing MMG a favor and trying to get people hyped.

  • Anonymous

    that intro track is fire

  • Tone

    ANDRES TARDIO Get A Proof Reader !!!!!!!

  • Deframon

    best intro to me is common's on be, "the chosen one from the land of the frozen sun where drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones

  • Anonymous

    I see Drake been mixing lean in his maple syrup again.

  • dazeone

    Yall gotta stop hating it might be the best intro since Be and easily one of the best albums last year....lyrically who messing with Meek although he need to get his weight up on the songs nobody else messing with him but Kendrick J COLE and Drake lyrically..and check for Jon Conor...Philly Stand up

  • Big Tone

    Man, Drizzy has some killer Bhole, I was digging in him last night, he sings like a champ when you rock his B-spot, real talk, he likes them young fem boys but whne a real nigga digging him out he loses his mind.

  • Anonymous

    That intro is pure corniness to me... "Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished?", Then the nigga screams about how they thought his cars were rented which they most likely were.

  • POPE

    best intro since 50's what up gangsta. no matter when or where they are in their careers they can start a show and that shit will set the tone. put either one on in a club and watch the crowd go crazy.

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