Boosie Badazz "Touch Down 2 Cause Hell" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #5: Lil Boosie releases the stream of "Touchdown 2 Cause Hell."

Lil Boosie has announced the release date for one of his two planned albums for 2014.

Boosie says his first album of the year, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, is set to be released July 15.

Earlier this week, Boosie spoke on the album.

"It's a classic," he said. "I ain't wanna come home and play with the mixtape game, I wanted to come home and hit 'em hard, get that machine behind it, be successful and show the world."

In March, Boosie addressed some of his recent collaborations.

“I’ve been in the studio every night, all night,” Boosie said at the time. “Except first night I came home. So, man, I’m ‘bout 35 percent finished with my album already. And we working, man. Every night, every day. From five in the evening to five in the morning. That’s where I’m at…I sent T.I. a record last night. T.I. got on it. I sent 2 Chainz a record last night. 2 Chainz got on it…We gon’ put Justin Bieber on the album.” 

Boosie's second album of the year is slated to be released in December. 

Boosie announced Touchdown 2 Cause Hell's release date via BET's 106 & Park. 

(April 25, 2014)

UPDATE: Boosie has changed the release date for Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. The album, which had a previous release date of July 15, is now set to drop September 23. 

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  • Lee dope nigga

    Welldone muh nigga boosie 100k likes for you....u da best

  • free boosie

    All this boy was good for was getting "Free Boosie" shoutouts when he was in prison.....7K first week

  • Screechy azz lil nigga

    This nigga sound like Donald Duck on meth

  • real niggas mayne

    this is real nigga music. All you fake niggas and crackas will never relate to real niggas. Real niggas like Gucci and Boosie deserve respect fuck all your favourite rappers because they all frauds compared to these real niggas.

    • lol

      guess what you 'real naggers; can keep them bums lol..'real naggers' area dying breed.. thank god, y'all swear y ou are gods gift and the hardest walking

  • Anonymous

    Where's that Justin Beiber track at, Boosie? The streets were hungry for that one.

  • OVO

    LOLOL, Chrissy the female beating black had to crawl to boosie for a hit.

    • Trolling doesn't put money in your pockets

      Bullshit. Boosie got promotion and nobody cared.

    • How was I racist

      Boosie couldn't get promotion though. He since got atlantic to help him out. Chrissy the black sucks.

    • I'm not racist, you are

      Boosie still released music when he was in jail. Nobody cares about him, he's gonna flop hard. Chris didn't fall off as Ayo didn't flopped (it made the Top 40 and is still there).

    • You racist nigga

      Boosie was locked up, preventing him from continuing his music career at the time but now he's back. Chrissy's falling off. That ayo single flopped.

    • Negro, Please

      Wipe me Down was not a top 40 hit and that song was 8 years ago. Boosie has no hits and he has no buzz. Chris is not struggling to get solo hits since he already has them.


      Wipe Me down was a top 40 hit. And Boosie has a remarkable increase in buzz since he left prison. Meanwhile, Chrissy is struggling to get any solo hits for himself.

    • HA!!

      LOL is that a joke? Boosie doesn't even have any hits. How is Chris Brown going to crawl to someone who doesn't have any hits? It's Boosie doing the crawling.

  • RickyDot

    I don't even understand this hate LOL. Boosie is the shit plain and simple. Bad Azz was just hit after hit and Superbad was awesome too. It's easy to talk shit and be a little bitch though.

  • zachariah

    No-one cares Boozie Bad AZZ or whatever the fuck it is nowadays. Check his Twitter page, he has no fucking clue how the game works nowadays.

  • J dirty

    Boosie can rap his fuckin ass off...Dude be shittin on most of the overhyped wack ass rappers gettin radio play these days.If he dont blow up its cause everyone gettin to used to that sensitive touchy feely Drake rap.Or they on that Bullshit Over simplified trap shit Keef and his squad are droppin.Half ass beats,with half ass raps.

  • Anonymous

    wack ass down south rappers ..idiots will only buy him cause he been to jail before not even paying attention that he has no talent

    • Chi-Ill

      I agree with ya but I think even the down south people will not buy it. Since he has been out, I have not heard one good song from this fuckboi! Anyway, another "Classic Flop"

  • Anonymous

    one of the worst rappers ever..i cant believe people are actually gonna buy this dudes album...

    • Yo fukn ddy

      Say pussy Respect Boosie Mind & Got kill yo mfn self punk bytch boosie is dat nigha fuk yo hatin azz tough textin pussy boi. Go listen 2 lady gaga hoe nigha...

  • Anonymous

    got damn all you bitches do is complain lol need tampons anyone?

  • Anonymous

    niccas stole all his shine he shoulda dropped this 2 months ago

  • Guwop

    these boosie fans talk shit about gucci's music when gucci is even realer

  • Trillest

    This album appears to have what it takes to become a classic, a classic piece of shit.

  • Anonymous


  • move that dope og bobby johnson

    Cover is dope he just need a street banger single to take off on worldstar

  • Anonymous

    I wish him the best and a lot of success, he can pimp the "Real Ni88er" gimmick since he went to prison and plenty ignorant negros and suburban youth will gobble up his music solely based on his criminal record and prison sentences but the lil nigga sound like Trina to me so Im cool on his music.

  • Big Larry

    I see the hate on here is real!!! Before anyone starts to talk shit about Boosie, you should probably listen to the stuff he's saying instead of who's featured on his album. It doesn't matter how much you hate, just think about it this way: Boosie went to jail, dropping an album, accumulated more dumb ass haters, and he can still buy your whole life. Now who's weak as fuck? If you feel a certain type of way about any entertainer, then you get your hating ass up and do better. Even a poor man could hate. Do something anybody can't do. Y'all kill me with all the hate y'all push. Y'all hate on people who spend your annual salary in one night. Do better and stop hating. Just in case y'all are wondering, yes I am from the 225. I am from a town outside of Baton Rouge call Plaquemine. I'm not hard to find. It's only one Big Larry or DINK from Over the Bayou in Plaquemine. Please don't talk me to death, you already know what it is.

    • Anonymous

      GTFOH with that gangsta talk. You telling people where they can find you. STFU with that talk dumb ass

    • Anonymous

      @ Big Larry, Clown. Are you on dude's payroll? We're all entitled to an opinion. Just because we may not support a certain artist, it does not mean that we are hating. We just don't like his music. I'm not a rapper, so no I will not get off my ass and do better. Good for Boosie for trying to get his life in order, but his music does suck

    • Anonymous

      I am from the 504 and his music is for dumb ass nigg# who drop out of school.Fock all that trash talk from that lil hoe boosie.

    • Anonymous

      Listen you sensitive ass groupie stop acting tough on this troll infested site you aint gon do shit interet gangsta. FUCK YO FEELINGS. Take this L bitching bout "hating" this "haters" that & talking bout Boosie's money like you seeing that shit. Why do you stans care bout the dudes money. Dude's thrash, IF THIS ALBUM IS BETTER THAN his other shit PPL's OPINIONS WILL CHANGE. NOW PLEASE DONT E-BEAT ME UP FEMALE ASS NIGGA

  • mikeyt

    your fucking crazy at least rappers from the south are real not these lil bitches rappin about poppin guns and sellin dope when they never even been around it gtfo and u saying boosie is weak let me remind u he just got out on murder charges motherfucker think next time u say someone is weak he does what he says he gonna do

  • Yuti

    You mfs nver listened to Boosie before. Im a Hip HOp head, grew up on Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac, Roots etc. Boosie's music is REAL! He talks about family problems, baby mama problems, relatives passing away, etc. Boosie got a little bit of Tupac in him. MF's jumpin on his dick just bc the label is pushing him now, they werent doin that before he went to jail. You heard what he said " dont try to live rappers lifestyle and jail is not cool, STAY IN SCHOOL, follow your dreams"

  • Ricky Rozay

    shit pushed back cause it aint buzzin

  • fuck dirty south rap

    Lil Woosie is another example why rap music sucks nowadays. Its better for hiphop if he goes back to jail

    • Anonymous

      Rap music does not suck because of the artists. It sucks because of the people promoting and playing the artist's music and because of the fans that don't know better. People are afraid to know the truth these days. All they want to do is party and bullsh*t.

    • Chi-Ill

      I don't agree with you on the going to jail part but I do agree on why music sucks these days.

    • wolf

      fuck you talking about tell your moms to go back to jail better yet she shoulda drop your dum ass in the toilet bitch

  • CAL Boss

    I don't give a fuck if this nigga real or not, if he went to prison or whatever, or even if his shit is good or not. I'm just smh at this nigga having Bieber on his shit. Damn, nigga really want white bitches to buy his album so much he gonna cross-market with fuckin Bieber? That shit is disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    Classic? HA! With Justin Beiber and 2 Chainz on it your album wont even be worth calling it mediocre!

  • Anonymous

    budden murked that nigga hjollow, #realtalk

  • Anonymous

    Bieber is going to body Animal Planet.

  • Gabe@gbe

    im frum chi-raq..i make 5.50 a hour pumping da dick nigga

  • smith

    animal amition will be out sep-4-14...sorry fo dlays...

  • add

    this gonna out sell 50 album 110k frst wrk for boosie.

  • Anonymous

    lol classic album with 2chainz and justin bieber? Nigga is the same bullshit rapper as all rappers from the south

  • Anonymous

    It's a classic Lil Bossie says? Lol nigga you are weak as fuck

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber? Really? Justin Bieber? Can't believe he said that.

  • Anonymous

    no one cared about dude before he went to prison lol

  • Anonymous

    that's the name of one of my favorite boosie songs....he gotta go hard on this joint mane.

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