Krayzie Bone Announces "Chasing The Devil" Release Date

Krayzie Bone says the "Chasing The Devil" album trilogy will be his last solo release.

Krayzie Bone has announced July 22 as the release date for the first of his three-part Chasing The Devil album series. 

“I know our fan family has been anxiously anticipating the release of my final solo album,” the Bone thugs-n-harmony rapper says in a press release. "There is no need to feel disappointed. I am very confident that once it is finally released on the new street date, it will definitely be worth the wait. I can honestly say that I haven't felt this complete about a solo album of mine since Thug Mentality.” 

The first album of the Chasing The Devil series will be Chasing The Devil: Temptation. The Cleveland rapper had an April 20 release date for the installment, but decided to push the project back once he signed a deal for the collection with RBC Records, which has worked with Tech N9ne, Layzie Bone and DJ Quik, among others.

"We’ve been chasing this project for a long time and it was not easy to get," RBC co-owner Brian Shafton says in a press release. “We want to win with it on many different levels, and making sure it’s properly distributed to the world is a crucial step.”

Krayzie Bone has been discussing his Chasing The Devil since at least 2009. “It’s like when you out here chasing the fame, and the money, the glamour, the women and all that, basically what you chasing is the devil,” he said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in March 2009. "So it get real deep on the album."

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  • Chris

    This will be Krayzie's defining Legacy. This album should help him get 'noticed' for the talent he truly has... and yeah he is underated, but the key publishing studios will never reach out to an artist that affiliates so closely with 'gangster' / street mentality. It's simply not a viable option, so they put a lid on it. If Krayzie and the group distanced themselves from the 'kill, ni**a, block mentality' and dropped the 'thugs' from their group name they would have been more widely accepted and marketed. I am not saying be something they arent, just hold back in some areas, you can still have a gritty track and be street. Either way, cant wait for these albums. Chasing the devil will be epic!

  • Bziz

    Chasin the devil is what most people do, good title!! . Krayzie bone made history in the rap game. It's sad that its his last solo album. But he's gonna deliver quality on his album like he always did.

  • yeahyeah

    Gonna look out for this. This nigga was always the rawest in BONE. True, this dude got a grammy with BONE and with Chamillionaire. Underrated for sure

  • Anonymous

    This fan been waiting when he 1st said it was coming out in 2009 shit!!!! But Bone for life!! I know Krayzie will blow every rapper out the game with this shit!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can't say nothin' negative about this nigga. This dude is straight Hip-Hop. RESPECT!

  • Anonymous

    Surely the most underated MC ever. 2 grammy's and still no props.

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