DMX's Ex-Wife Says He's "A Success Story That Turned Into A Horror Story"

Tashera Simmons recalls keeping DMX's drug problem from the Ruff Ryders, says the rapper is not broke.

During an appearance on Forbez DVD Live, Tashera Simmons, the ex-wife of DMX, discussed her tell-all book “You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea” and her turbulent relationship with the Yonkers rapper she met decades ago.

After speaking on her book, Simmons was asked if DMX is a success story or a horror story. She responded by stating that DMX started off as a success, but his life eventually turned into a horror story.

DMX’s ex-wife then clarified rumors on the rapper’s financial standing. She says that although DMX does in fact owe millions, he still receives around $60,000 per month for various shows.

“In my opinion, he is a success story that turned into a horror story,” Simmons said. “Seriously…You know, with that drug comes a whole lot of manipulation. He hasn’t been doing what he’s supposed to do with his children in years. And he heard about the book coming out. And he called me. And he said ‘Oh, I heard you’re coming out with a book. Congratulations. I hope you’re not putting nothing out there.’ And I just listened to be honest with you. Because I knew that he was only calling me cause he was concerned about what I was gonna say…He is not broke and I need to put that out there because some people say ‘Well, he’s not making any money.’ DMX gets $20,000 every show still to this day. He does it twice, three times a month.”

Prior to referring to DMX’s music career as a success story that turned into a horror story, Simmons gave credit to the Ruff Ryders for attempting to help DMX with his drug problem. She also revealed that she initially tried to keep DMX’s drug problem a secret from the Ruff Ryders, but was eventually forced to fill them in on the rapper’s situation.

“The Ruff Ryders, they came in and they really helped,” she said. “They didn’t have a clue because X you can’t really tell. I mean, you can’t tell. Like even now I don’t think people can actually—maybe more now. But you could never really tell…In the beginning, they couldn’t find him. They had important things that they set up for him and they couldn’t understand why they couldn’t find him. So, I had to finally—Cause I used to go in buildings, go in crack houses. I mean, I totally was out of my zone to get him out so that way they wouldn’t find out his secret. Because they weren’t from Yonkers. And it got to a point where I had to tell ‘em because they thought he wasn’t serious. And when they came on board they did everything they could to help him.”

In the time since the release of “You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea” last year, Simmons has addressed her relationship with DMX on numerous occasions. During an interview with Forbez DVD Live published in January, Simmons recalled being in tears after seeing her son Xavier Simmons’ interaction with DMX on the OWN television show “Iyanla Fix My Life.”

“I didn’t see it actually until it aired and it made me cry…It was meant for me not to be there because it would have went—because I’ve never lost my character on TV,” she said. “I’m a real humble person, but to see my child cry his heart out…And he was trying to justify his wrong to his child.”

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