Big Boi Talks Social Media, Says He Doesn't Engage In "Thug Thumb Activity"

Big Boi encourages music industry hopefuls to go to college, dubs himself "the king of the foot selfie."

In honor of the Shorty Awards, an annual awards show that celebrates the best of social media, Atlanta rapper Big Boi was asked to share his thoughts on various social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

The Southern wordsmith dubbed himself “the king of the foot selfie” and revealed that he doesn’t engage in Twitter beef or what he refers to as “thug thumb activity.”

“[I use] Instagram the most to post pictures of socks and flowers,” he said. “But I would like to call myself the king of the foot selfie. Left Foot by Big Boi coming soon…Vine is really just to look at pornographic twerk videos. And I just don’t engage in that. But I will consume some if YouPorn is down… No Twitter beef. We don’t really engage in thug thumb activity. We call these the thug thumbs. ‘I will beat yo mothafuckin ass when I see you on the spot.’ Mad face.”

In addition to sharing his thoughts on sites like Twitter and Instagram, the OutKast emcee also named the apps he currently uses to discover new music. Among the apps Big Boi says he uses are Shizam and Soundhound.

“I use my Shizam app a lot. That, Soundhound. Particularly when I’m in restaurants, whatever, I’ve discovered a lot of music,” Big Boi said.

Lastly, Big Boi was asked to offer his advice for people hoping to get their start in the music industry. He went on to encourage music industry hopefuls to go to college unless they’re really passionate about their art.

“I think they should be outchea trying to go to college,” he said. “There’s so many rappers outchea, but I think it needs to be more people that’s outchea focused on something other than that. But if that’s your passion then do it. But if you suck balls then just know that you outchea fucking up.”

Along with fellow OutKast rapper Andre 3000, Big Boi will soon embark on the OutKast festival tour reunion. The duo will take part in their first performance this Friday (April 11) at Coachella, a music and arts festival held in Indio, California.

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  • Anonymous

    Big Boi is just mad that Andre won't reunite for one more album. The only person qualified to give advice is Drake. He runs this industry and knows the pitfalls facing young up and comers.

  • Anonymous

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  • Proud Bronx Ninja

    If u from the south u shouldn't be breathin we created this culture and y'all country niccas should be lucky we allowed u to live

    • Anonymous

      Proud Bronx is the epitome of a thumb thug.

    • mapos

      Shut your unimportant, internet thug ass up. If it wasn't for other regions rapping as well, hip-hop would be dead right now. You're probably a white kid in Upstate New York, aren't you? Yeah, that's it.

  • Anonymous

    all i know is i saw big boi killer mike and el p last spring in asheville with the wife and they killedit for 3 hours. been down since 94 and got nothing but love for the whole DF (even though the last goodie mob album was a letdown..sorry, but ya'll know it's true. I mean from makin beautiful skin, to my very first white girl..ugh...anyways....big boi, 3k, killer mike, goodie, cool breeze, sleepy brown...keep grinding.

  • Dick B

    haha. Big Boi real af.

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  • Anonymous

    Where's that EP at Big? Or are you gonna suprise us with some new OutKast? (still blind-fully hopeful)

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