Robinson Cano Reveals Why He Signed With Jay Z & Roc Nation Sports

Robinson Cano was the perfect player to add to Roc Nation Sports, says the company's president, Juan Perez.

Robinson Cano, the former New York Yankees second baseman who signed with Roc Nation sports last year and then the Seattle Mariners for $240 million, said there was a specific reason he signed with Jay Z’s sports agency.

“So many agents open with: ‘Oh, I represent Miguel Cabrera,’ or ‘I represent that guy,’ ” Cano says during an interview with GQ. “I just wanted someone who would be there after the deal, who’d treat me less like a job and more like family.”

Cano was the boutique’s first signing. 

“The starting place for us had to be an elite player, cream of the crop,” Juan Perez, president of Roc Nation Sports, says in the GQ article. “Robbie was perfect. Already huge, a massive inspiration to the Latin community.”

Other Roc Nation sports athletes include Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz and Geno Smith.

A photo of Cano in GQ is as follows:

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