Nas, Chuck D & Killer Mike Among "The Best Hip-Hop Artists To Get Schooled By"

Talib Kweli, DJ Premier and RZA also make Green Label's list of "The Best Hip-Hop Artists To Get Schooled By."

Nas, Chuck D and Killer Mike are among “The Best Hip-Hop Artists To Get Schooled By,” according to a list compiled by Green Label.  

"In hip-hop, where lyricism and 'the hustle' are valued so highly, there are countless artists that could — and often do — fit the role of being a teacher,” the articles says.

The article labels Public Enemy’s Chuck D as "the ultimate politically and socially conscious emcee.”

Talib Kweli, the article says, is known for his introspective rhymes. “It’s his astute observation of the human condition on tracks like ‘Respiration' and 'Get By' that truly sets him apart from other artists,” the article says.

To read the full list of “The Best Hip-Hop Artists To Get Schooled By,” visit Green Label.


  • Anonymous

    yes Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Every One " you must learn"

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    If you care to get schooled on the facts of life, or rapping in general, then you should turn to the great and all knowing Rick Ross. He can teach you things such as learning to run a business, marketing and promotion, running a successful record label, and much more.

  • Anonymous

    Nas really? most of the times his facts are wrong. I studied history and nas makes many mistakes

    • richard

      Fuck u pussy ass hater Nas is the Greatest. U just need to put yo gay ass in yo mouth and shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    New 50 Cent music!! Check out the link!

  • Will

    No Krs-One? The teacha?

  • Absetiley92

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  • Anonymous

    Also Brand Nubian, Kam, X Clan and Paris, if you're looking for that knowledge of self

  • truthman

    What about the teacher KRS One. He is greater than nas, chuck ,and killer mike put together. Krs one would murk all of them in a debate or battle except for maybe chuck d.

    • son of a sax

      LMAO!!! See whut I mean.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ LMAO nikka u just went in no homo, I watched a KRS interview a week ago, the shit was like a hour and a half long and the muthaphuka only answered like 5 questions smh

    • son of a sax

      Im sure KRS was considered. But then they thought...KRS LOVES to here himself talk. LMAO!!! They would ask him a simple question and he would go off on this tangent about how him and Scott La Rock...this and that...and back in the days. And after 15 minutes of him talking. The question STILL never gets answered. LOL!!! Hey, I love Kris too, 1ne of the greats!!! But sum times The Teacha needs the Dave Chapelle, Grammy WRAP IT UP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      KRS has been wack since the mid 90s

  • Anonymous

    DJ Premier ain't an artist

    • Anonymous

      ^^bro ur trippin, u sayin mpc60 isn't an instrument? s950 isn't an instrument? turntable isn't an instrument? foh bruh, preem and dre play real instruments the fact that they can direct ppl playin their own instruments is the fuckin point of this article...he produces and he teaches other ppl how to produce...dumbass nigga

    • Anonymous

      ^^ He ain't a producer (he's like Dr. Dre, telling niggaz how to make a beat and then taking all the credit) and a DJ could NEVER be considered an artist, say that to someone who could actually play an instrument and they would sure pop you in the mouth

    • Mumbles

      He's a DJ and producer. That makes him an artist.

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