ScHoolboy Q Says He Was Denied Entry To 50 Cent's SXSW Concert

50 Cent wonders why ScHoolboy Q wasn't allowed in his concert.

ScHoolboy Q says he was not allowed to enter 50 Cent's SXSW concert. The rapper posted a series of Twitter updates regarding this yesterday (March 11). 

"Dey wouldn't let me in 50 cent sHow jus now smH I still ain't on number 1 and sum moe sHit lmao," ScHoolboy Q said in a Twitter post. "Sxsw 2 Hollywood now I migHt go Home for deez days off." 

Following ScHoolboy's posts, 50 Cent addressed the matter. ScHoolboy Q quoted 50 Cent's comment in his response. 

: How the ain't gonna let in the nigga #1”>>>> tHey sHut me down cuHz smH I tHougHt u was my big Homie cuHz lol," the Tweet read.

In February, approximately one week after 50 Cent said he'd be featured on ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron, Q said that 50 Cent was not scheduled to appear on the album.

“Yeah, man. Damn, man. I’m embarrassed for the nigga,” ScHoolboy Q said at the time. “Like he’s not on my album…We cut a record, but I mean and plus he support me. Maybe he just wanted to support. You know what I mean?

“It’s a song. Like two. It didn’t make the album,” he added. “See, I don’t wanna make this whole thing—Cause 50 may have a camera set up at my mama’s house like ‘Nigga, yo mama fat.’ You know what I’m saying? You know 50 be going in, so I can’t go like—it’s nothing like that. It just didn’t make it. I honestly, I swear to you, I wish 50 Cent was on my album. That was one artist, him and E-40. It’s two people that I wish I put on my album…It’s just so many records that I have. I have to pick and choose and I felt that it didn’t fit as good as the other records I had.”

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  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Probably due to this dude's illiteracy, cuHz.

  • Black Nugga

    Thats what Q punk ass get. i predicted some shit like this would happen, i F'n knew it . wanna know how i know. while watching the breakfast club interview, they asked Q about 50 cent being on the album. and instead of being like " i wanted to get him on the album but my label took em off" you know what he did. he said some shit like " I didnt want him on the album". while saying it in a cocky not giving an f type way. then started smirking. Now im aware of the situation between 50 and interscope but Q you dont just shoot yourself in the foot like that. why would you try to play someone like 50. its like me tryna play Jay Z or Diddy, or Em. yeah they aint in they prime no more but still i know better then to try to front on them. you just dont do that. its called respect. If you gonna take someone off your album, THEN AT LEAST TELL THEM. dont just laugh it off like you all that. In 10 years i guarantee NO one will remember Q.

  • damn

    50 safe in NY coz he the mafia boss of da city, but he might wana watch out wen he in LA lol schoolboy mite just have 10000 crips runnin up on a niqqa... damn

  • Anonymous

    Quincy does look like a fat homleess man or a drug addict guy I can see how they might have not believe him when he said he was a famous rapper who knew 50 when he tried to get inside. LOL.

  • Trill

    50 is a pop rapper, Q is a rapper. Plus lyrically Q>50

    • Anonymous

      Q really said 50 Cent is the reason he started rapping.

    • skiler714

      By your lame handle trill, I know your prolly like 13 wearing your first gold fronts that you copied from Kanye wife. Dude Q is inspired by FIf. It's fun to call artist crap once the fame goes away. Cant wait to see how your dumb ass feels at 16 when no one remembers who the fuck Q is or was. I am not a 50 fan, but i do drop down 2 cents when uneducated kids like you drop dumb as lines. This is coming from a q fan whos been fucking with him a lot more years than you..

    • Anonymous

      you just hating. 50 is the reason Q raps.

  • slik

    I'm a huge huge Q fan, but the album was half trash. You could have left out so many tracks to squeeze 50 in. The jay rock joint could have been left out for sure

    • u mad

      they needed the j rock song, it was the banger of the album. dum ass nothin ass wite boi @silk

    • Anonymous

      Same thing I thought. Interscope didn't want 50 on his release. Easy. Half of the tracks were bullshit to the core. They put 2 Chainz on his album but didn't allow 50 to hop on.

    • Not Impressed

      It was whole trash, and 50 wouldn't have made it better. I'm not impressed

  • lucky lefty

    shoulda had 50 on that album, cuz that album is trash!

  • imho

    50 on more bitch shit? not a surprise.. this is why noone likes 50 and people dont work with him..he probjust lost a ton more collabs with this move..why people still give him shine is beyond me.

    • Anonymous

      You don't know 50 had anything to do with that. Q probably walked up to the doors lookin like his usual bum self with no ticket and tried to get in while 50 was either on stage performing or in the back. It's not like Q said "50 told them not to let me in the club cause I took him off my album"... Notice how he retweeted 50.

  • AyeDee

    Ha everybody knows 50 on his petty shit & had Q barred. 50 says you take me off your record bc of Interscope pressure, well you're not getting into my show now "Interscope Boy"

    • Anonymous

      thats so foolish. he was most likely performing when q tried to get inside late no doubt and probably didn't know he wanted to get in or he would have put him on the list, hence the tweet "How the ain't let SchoolboyQ in the nigga #1"

  • Anonymous

    Schoolboy Queer is garbage and maybe that why?... or just 50s power hungry approach to everything.... either is pretty probable...

  • Anonymous

    50 told security not to let him in because he was mad that he wasn't on Qs record.

  • Tremon

    Damn shame how Black people are still not allowed in 50 Cent concerts but I would feel uncomfortable around all those white people anyway because I know they wouldnt want to see my Mexi Cali ass.

  • Dot

    50 could never do with biggie did, he had to be ripped to blow up...biggie road his talent to the top

    • Black KiiNG

      Biggie Smalls was nothing but a clone of Chubb Rock, with a fake gangsta drug lord persona, who married a whore and then made another whore into a millionaire. Big's mama talking about she felt sorry for little Kim, because of the way her son treated Kim. Lol Kim made millions off of her son. That fat sloppy rapper was garbage and a product Puffy fooling people on the east coast, into thinking that if you dissing Biggie then you was dissing them. It's too many real niggaz in NYC to let a fraud represent them. Why you think DMX, Jay Z and 50 Cent sold the most on the coast? They certified real brothaz!

    • Anonymous

      wow you really hating on a nigga for not being a fat disgusting sloppy piece of shit who would have died before the age of 40 had he not eaten them slugs?

  • Anonymous

    schoolboy never said he is embarrassed for 50. he said he was embarrassed for the miscommunication and 50's tweet.

  • Anonymous

    of course you took him off your album pussy nigga. niggas today ain't gat morals thee days

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The show was likely sold out and at capacity and this nigga thought he could just walk in cause he's "Schoolboy Q".

  • Thomas

    SO SchoolboyQ has room for 2Chainz on his album but not E-40 and 50 Cent?? hmmmmm, i'm a fan of 2Chainz too, but really??? "come'on son" lol

  • Anonymous

    Schoolboy confused the security since he was the only nigga there.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair dude looks like a dirty tramp the security probably didn't know who he was and was like oh you a rapper lol ok GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • Jim Smiley

    Damn, first a sales dip now Q can't get into SXSW anyway check out my new Hip-Hop video here, its got white bitches and all of that

    • Ewww

      Wow man that was realllllly bad. Beat weak, rhymes lame, white chick meh.. And I'm honestly usually not a hater. Just hope people around you are being honest. Good luck.

    • Will $teel

      jus like white dudes fuck thick black girls damn love dem red bones

    • White women are the right women

      Way to keep it real Jim! Hip-hop videos need more fit regular White women. Real niggas fuck fit White women.

    • Anonymous

      LOL that was horrible, If i wanted to see white bitches i will go to a porn tube site

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent premiered a new song yesterday at the show and after it said ""I was in the club and I seent you nigga's jumping up and down to a cop. "

  • Anonymous

    Thats what you get for dressing like a bum with yo dirty ass bucket hats.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They thought he was a homeless nigga from the streets trying to get inside claiming he knew 50 Cent.

  • netx

    "did u hear schoolboy q was making noise on twitter about being denied access to your concert?" 50 cent - Yeah, man. Damn, man. Im embarrassed for the nigga,

  • DG

    Read the damn title of this article and tell me if it makes sense. He didn't deny he was denied. Jesus i feel like a fucking english teacher

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