Lil Boosie Says He Wrote 1,118 Songs & "Boosie The Movie" While In Prison

Lil Boosie attends Boosie Speaks press conference, says the rap game is "wide open for me to take over."

Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie and Trill Entertainment held a Boosie Speaks press conference today (March 10) to update fans and the media on the status of the newly-released wordsmith. The conference was attended by Bun B, Jeezy, and Webbie, who all spoke briefly on Boosie before the rapper appeared on stage.

Following dialogue from the trio of artists present at the press conference and Boosie’s mother, Boosie’s team of lawyers offered an update on his legal standing. According to his lawyers, the rapper has served all his required time and could possibly be on probation for up to four years. They revealed that Boosie also has a routine hearing in court scheduled for this Thursday, March 13.

Upon making his entrance, Boosie informed those watching that he wrote 1,118 songs while in prison and even has a record for pop star Justin Bieber. The rapper appeared confident about his return to music, stating that the rap game is wide open and ready to be taken over.

“As for the rap game, I feel like the music I got, the rap game wide open for me to take over,” Boosie said. “I feel like what I been hearing these last three, four days on the radio and stuff is different from my music. Like I said, it’s different from my music. And different brings greatness. So, I just feel I stand alone in the music industry to tell you the truth.”

In addition to the over 1,000 songs he penned while incarcerated, Boosie says he also wrote his own movie titled Boosie The Movie.

“Well, I wrote my own movie, Boosie The Movie. I might shop it, but I’m probably gonna get my own money and do it myself and I’m gonna try to put it in theaters cause it ain’t no movie like this movie. This the real life story,” he said.

After serving over four years in prison, Boosie revealed that he isn’t familiar with rap’s newer artists since he didn’t listen to much music during his time spent at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

“I ain’t really listened to music when I was in [there]. You know, I just focused on my music,” Boosie said. “And I didn’t even know really the new rappers or nothing unless I read about them in Hip Hop Weekly. So, I wasn’t too much on people’s music. I was just focused on me…I was seeing they success as far as magazines.”

Lil Boosie was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary on March 5. He was sentenced to prison in 2009 following a drug possession charge and was later sentenced to eight additional years in prison after being found guilty of attempting to smuggle drugs into prison.

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  • Jay Dubb

    1118 songs & I can't name ONE song this fool has done! You woulda thought this guy was a Military General that just won the World War for America or cured Cancer all this hoopla, for an arrogant unintelligent guy who had young black men murdered & glamorized a drug dealing bling to hurt young men everywhere! Role model being celebrated?! F*ck that, he deserved LIFE in prison & still inspires youth with the WRONG MESSAGE, you can get be involved in murder & you can be celebrated like you won the Super Bowl or accomplished anything.............. SAD, VERY SAD!

    • Anonymous

      "1118 songs & I can't name ONE song this fool has done" can you read though? he just wrote them no one can name any of them yet.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ this guy writing songs for Justin Bieber in prison! No one on here saying shit bout that. Justin is desperate for some black acceptance so he might even use it!


    Ok so. I see a lot ppl on IG posting stuff about Lil Boosie gettin out of prison, talmbout Welcome Home Boosie Back and all kinds of other c**n shit. Listen man, no disrespect to Boosie or anyone else for that matter who has ever been incarcerated, but the problem I have with the IG posts regarding him gettin out is its being displayed like its some kind of thing to celebrate. Im sorry man, but why cant we celebrate young black men who have stayed OUT of prison? Im not judging Boosie or any other individual who may have faced similar circumstances. It would sure be cool though if we posted more pics of our young brothas receiving high school diplomas, college degrees, and cool shit like that instead of a playa gettin out of prison mane. Im about celebrating milestones in young black mens lives that we can REALLY be proud of! Like for real Cmon son!! Sorry for the rant, but I just had to say it.#KanyeShrug

  • Sam Snead

    The thing is, is that the game is shifting a little bit and his style is starting to finally fall out a little bit. After 10 years of south ruling rap and hip hop, it's not as popular as it once was.

  • Anonymous

    1118 wack songs about how real he is? Very boring. Another wack rapper from the south. Its better if he would go back to jail

  • Anonymous

    "Boosie must have missed the headline that a nerdy white hipster rapper from Seattle won the best album Grammy. I wouldn't say the game is "wide open" for him to "take over". Boosie aint taking shit over unless he bleaches his skin, wears a dress, rides a skateboard, salutes homosexuals, have GQ magazine call him a nerd and put Brittney Spears on his album.

  • One

    Well we don't have to worry about lack of material comin' from him

  • yep

    So by my calculations he's got about 4,000 minutes worth of dog shit.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Boosie kept it real to his family, the fans and the streets. Cowards only can spread lies and opinions behind keyboards.

    • Anonymous

      If he doesent sell albums to white people then why should us white people care? BEP sold 3 million you butthole.

    • Anonymous

      who cares he wont sell 100k after all that keepin it real and internet hype for coming home

  • Anonymous

    That ain't shit. I seen Dres from Black Sheep tryin to sell tapes at a college homecoming in NC. Shit tripped me out, I bought a tape even tho it was garbage.

  • detroit slim

    LOL this squirrely ass nigga wont do shit after a year. Webbie BEEN carrying his lame ass. Wasn't for him, his weak ass be workin at walmart. 130lb ass nigga...

  • fucking mayate

    This guy is a Pedo.

  • My2CentsPlyr

    9 comments......reflection of his future. #Prophet

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ Better than hating on a hater, fucking chump haha

    • Anonymous

      The story was just recently posted nitwit....what does your future entail Oh Great Phophet? magic eightball says in 5 years you'll still be hating via keyboard....

  • JayJnohyphen

    Jesus said.... "Give me a Boosie fade"

  • WhiteCollarbrotha

    Only takes 1 hit to make a million overnight on iTunes, imagine if you had over 1000 and a fan base in the multi millions black and white and there favorite rapper has been gone for 5 long years right? Let that marinate before you even attempt to hate on him lol

    • Anonymous

      gold single and gold album my ass. have you heard his voice? LOL he wasnt hot before he went in and he damn sure ain't ever gonna be hot now,

    • Anonymous

      @Black People Coast to Coast,real talk pimp...real fuckin talk..

    • Black People Coast to Coast

      Them haters just mad that Boosie about to at least have a couple of gold singles and a gold album. He already won when he beat the murder trial, so everything else (even if he don't go gold) is just extra.

    • bswag

      OMG you are right! makes sense...1000hits x 1 million ...Boosie bout to be the first rap billionaire fo sho.

  • Anonymous

    I'd be willing to bet that all 1,118 "songs" are all about the same shit

  • Gregg

    I wanna fuck him so fast right now, with all that jewelry drapped in my facial.

  • nerdy white hipster from Seattle

    Boosie must have missed the headline that a nerdy white hipster rapper from Seattle won the best album Grammy. I wouldn't say the game is "wide open" for him to "take over".

  • BoosieBoo

    lil boosie bout to take over the rap game! i like underground artists like black milk, mr mfn exquire, etc. but i will always love boosie. his album bad azz is a true classic

    • Anonymous

      "Boosie knows how to craft a hit" so why doesn't he have more hits? LOL stop lying to yourself

    • Anonymous

      the hood don't buy albums or singles so he will flop

    • BoosieBoo

      Boosie knows how to craft a hit, and his prison release is obviously getting a ton of attention. Wipe Me Down was my anthem back in the day. This will be good for both him and Webbie. I know he can make more hits than the singleless Rick Ross

    • Anonymous

      Just cause he named the haircut that he has doesn't mean anyone is getting it or that people like him. . .

    • WhiteCollarBrotha

      Dumbest comment I read, every hood/suburb across America has lil boosie fans the man has his own haircut called the boosie fade, you sound fucking ridiculous right now let me tell you... his music gets played at every hip hop club past 5 years he was locked up = relevant #Fact

    • Anonymous

      take over the rap game? LOL nigga plz. no one even gonna support him like that.

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