Lord Jamar Says He Respects Eminem For "Worshipping Black Emcees"

Lord Jamar criticizes Macklemore and Yelawolf, says he doesn't know of any real Hip Hop fans who own Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' album.

Brand Nubian emcee Lord Jamar may have criticized fellow rapper Eminem months ago after the Detroit artist took home a win in the Hip Hop category during the MTV EMAs last year, but in a recent interview with Vlad TV, Jamar expressed his respect for Em.

The topic of Eminem was discussed during Lord Jamar’s conversation with Vlad as the rapper criticized the likes of Macklemore and Yelawolf for what he feels is there lack of knowledge when it concerns the origins of Hip Hop culture. He then credited Eminem for coming up as an artist who worshipped black emcees and put in an effort to do his research.

“Eminem is a different kind of story, you know? He came up—He came up worshipping black emcees,” Lord Jamar said. “So, now he was the first one that white people were able to look up to and worship. But you gotta look where he—the altar that he originally worshipped at was of the altar of the black emcee. He did the study…Putting in that time to do the knowledge to the history that you’re coming to. See Eminem is one of those dudes. That’s why I can respect him in a way. When you got dudes talking about ‘Who are you?’ when they talking about me. Like they don’t know who I am, that’s your fault for not knowing that. And it’s also our fault for not enforcing that you know who I am…So, how the fuck are you gonna claim to be a citizen of Hip Hop and you don’t know the history?”

Prior to speaking on Eminem, Jamar addressed Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ recent win at the Grammys, which included taking home a Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. According to Jamar, the Seattle duo wasn’t worthy of winning all four awards.

“I’m gonna have to say no and here’s why,” Jamar said when asked if Macklemore deserved to win four Grammys. “Because how the fuck are you gonna circumvent the creators of the genre—like I don’t know any black people that have Macklemore’s album. Not a one. Nobody that you would call a real Hip Hop—what I know as to be a true Hip Hop fan or Hip Hop enthusiast [of] where Hip Hop truly comes from, nobody has a Macklemore album.”

After stating that there aren’t any true Hip Hop fans who own any of Macklemore’s albums, Vlad then informed Lord Jamar that both ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul own music Macklemore has released.

“I was just gonna say whoever it is has a connection to either them or some other white rappers that would make them fuck with that,” Lord Jamar said. “But anybody normally who just organically fuck with Hip Hop don’t have the Macklemore album. So, I’m saying we’re in a climate now where we have people like the Macklemores and the fuckin Pussy Wolf and fuckin—all these other mothafuckas who black people have never heard of. Never heard one song…It’s no longer saying we have to come through the channels of real Hip Hop to be accepted. They’re like ‘Fuck y’all mothafuckas. I got all these white ass fans. I don’t need y’all black mothafuckas.’”

Late last year, Lord Jamar criticized Macklemore due to his The Heist record, “Same Love.” The New York rapper felt that the song pushed an agenda and used Hip Hop to do so.

“Making a song like that is like feeling that you have the same footing as any other Hip Hop artist and to me you don’t…To me when people like Macklemore come out with songs like that, I know he loves Hip Hop and all that, but he’s trying to push an agenda that him as a white man feels is acceptable,” he said during an interview with Vlad TV last September.




    Yelawolf got a Hip Hop History lesson from DJ KOOL HERC while riding around NYC and The Bronx .. Lord Jamar is still upset because Yelawolf said "STFU" in passing, but YELAWOLF knows and respects the Culture and let's not even pretend for even 1 second that Lord Jamar is anywhere near HERC !!!!!

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  • MeowMix

    Lord Jamar is the Black equivalent of David Duke. Let these types of throwbacks burn in the pits of hell with their judgement.

  • Anonymous

    Teaching that the earth's history is way longer than 6,ooo years is not racist ideology!

  • Cody

    Man this fuckers group was just kind of good I can name 5 rappers from his era that I'd rather of listened too tired of heering what this fuck thinks rather hear Kanye rant and he garbage nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    Did negrodamus go back into time? I swear this is negrodamus from 1960.

  • Anonymous

    Hey DANIELLE HARLING, how much dick is Jamar giving you to print this stupid non sense? Why is this dude still getting articles or any space on this site.

  • durag

    jamar has a SERIOUS hard on for Maklemore... just ask him out already bitch

  • Anonymous

    Didn't this nigga use to rape handicap people in prison? What a fucking fag.

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait for a story on here about this nigga killing himself. its way over due

  • Eminem

    let us all come to the alter of the black man to worship him for his wordplay and cool vocal tones... all hail the blackest of the black! pray to the darkness of the dark! for the african man is superior to the universe! pasta-llama-bacon!

  • R.Pgh

    I've been a hip hop fan since 88' when I was 6 years old (courtesy of having older siblings). I've been a collector of all forms of the genre for over 25 years, with roughly 650 hip hop albums from ATCQ to Z-Ro, so I would consider myself a 'True Hip Hop fan'. I own Macklemore and Yelawolf albums. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of either emcee, but I do recognize they have talent, and have found their own niche. I also recognize from the half dozen Brand Nubian albums I've collected since first hearing Slow Down back in 90', that Lord Jamar was the weakest of the crew and fell off after the release of Foundation. ...but I'm glad he is the unofficial speaker for any true hip hop fan. Perhaps it's time to step off your soap box.

  • RealTalk100

    okay, just cuz I think or you think Jamar is a little goofy and off point, doesnt mean he doesnt have a great point here. Macklemore winning a KKKrammy for best rap album of the year is a TRAVESTY.

  • durag

    will hiphopdx stop posting stupid comments made by this clown. Dude has to be be gay no other reason gay people b on his mind so much - come out da closet already Jamar. Until den can hiphopdx actually start posting some relevant news instead of da crap dat spouts out of this clowns mouth. he has no relevance to hip-hop any more and is just tarnashing his own career

  • Mike D

    It's official, Lord Jamar is Illuminati. He is the biggest advocate for the promotion of racisim and segregation since the founding fathers of this country. The only reason we read these racial hate articles 3 times a week is because the illuminati wants you all to hate eachother so you stay focused on eachother instead of who is really the problem. The ruling elite. Lord Jamar is either one of their puppets or just so ignorant that he doesnt realize that he is working for them for free. If you hate someone for the color of their skin you are a brainwashed retard and the planet would greatly benefit from your suicide. Peace.

    • Mike D

      Well obviously he isn't influential enough to promote racism and segregation on a mass scale, but I'm sure they'll take all the free help they can get. Hiphopdx is more to blame, they take some stubborn old school jackass with minimal notoriety and then post 50 articles a month about the same racist bullshit. Now people that would have had no idea who he was, but are visitors of HHDX are able to read his words and interpret them however they may. Hiphopdx is Illuminati! Fuck these clowns.

    • Anonymous

      Segregation has benefits but its not something you going to learn in the propaganda schools. I know they teach you its a bad word, this that n the third. But its important that you realize there IS and ALWAYS HAS been an section of the black pop that never wanted integration. That why they dont teach Malcolm's story but hey I'll get to my point: The agreement reached was separate but equal...however one party did not hold their end of the bargain. Despite this, Blacks flourished when they educated each other, had their own business (Black Wall Street/Madam CJ/Josephine Baker etc. , and their own musics, dances, and cultures. When it became "mainstream" it was all watered down and sold away and huge part of that was desegregation. Of Course LJ is emotional. This runs deep. To see someone who didn't make one rhyme or beat, or who cant even pat their foot in rhythm tell you who is and isn't a "dope" MC ..yea you'd be a little upset. But he hasn't formed a mobbed and lynched half of a town or dragged someone at the end of a horse or truck so he may be a bigot but you need power to be racist. And he's certainly reacted to the lack thereof. I dont feel any type of way about this subject because I see both sides but I read your post and felt the need to type.

    • Anonymous

      "It's official, Lord Jamar is Illuminati. He is the biggest advocate for the promotion of racism and segregation since the founding fathers of this country." Why do you believe that Lord Jamar (LJ), an obscure and unknown rapper (obscure and unknown among most casual hip-hop fans and some hardcore hip-hop heads), is the biggest advocate for the promotion of racisim and segregation? From what I can gather, the nigga has virtually no effective means of influencing hip-hip culture as well as Americana. Correct me if I am wrong here, but doesn't the nigga need to be in a prominent position of influence to effect public opinion or decision making to produce results (racism and segregation) beneficial to "the elite"? Whatever, I guess. Anyway, you wrote: "Lord Jamar is either one of their (Illuminati) puppets or just so ignorant that he doesn't realize that he is working for them for free." So, uh, you honestly believe LJ might be a useful idiot working for a cause whose goals he is not fully aware of, used cynically by the leaders of the cause? What the fuck ...

  • Anonymous

    Capital N...i.g.g.e.r!

  • theapm

    i'm pretty sure that macklemore and yelawolf are both huge fans of a lot of great black emcees, like basically any other hip hop dude ever. seriously, jamar, please stop being so fucking ignorant

  • Anonymous

    and yes with a fucking "r" not an "a"! Bitch!

  • Derek

    To me, Jamar seems real butthurt.

  • Anonymous

    TRUTH... and EM is my guy for ya'll info.

  • hiphopdxisgoingsouthfast

    hiphopdx lord jamar is better known for his acting these days then his rapping. so why, why do you continue to headline what he says 3 times a week. nobody cares. literally. nobody.

  • bswag

    Jews rule all of u black folks ;)

  • Anonymous

    i don't want to be such a "real hiphop fan" if it happened to had categorized by Lord Jamar.

  • Roos1020

    Huge Brand Nubian fan since day 1 BUT Lord Jamar flipped on HipHop for some reason. Dude hit the studio with that original flow you used to have and shut the f*&k up about the bulls%*t politics in todays SO CALLED HIPHOP. Us true HipHop heads know todays music is pretty wack we know this mannnnn. So keep it moving as these articles aren't even worth reading.

  • Anonymous

    lord jamal acts smart, but is dumb is fuck, now he respects eminem the sellout, wtf!!!

  • Dizzy

    Lord Jamar is a racist mutherfucka who has and never has had any revelance this is the last time I will be visiting this wack website. Shame on hiphopdx for even putting his comments on here. If lord Jamar had any balls he would write a rhyme and spit something about all the white people he has shit to talk about.... Oh wait he's wack and has no lyrical skills whatsoever forget about eminem Macklemore would abuse lord Jamar in a battle.... Come on. He's mad because all these white artists are killing it and a white artist has sold the most hiphop albums ever and that when it comes down to it the white man rules the world.. I'm not racist but with hiphopdx putting lord Jamars racist bullshit on this wackass website .. Fuck it.... Fuck lord jamar and his irrevalance don't be a angry washed up senior citizen. Whitey rules you and always will

  • george zimmerman

    Well i did my part now Lord Jamar is doing his... Lets bring racism back people!Fuck progress! I hate black people! i hate whoopi goldbergs lips! Shit i hate black pepper! but most of all i hate that blackass wesly snipes!! lmao this fu is such a hater!

  • Anonymous

    LJ articles are home to the most entertaing comments lol

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    haha. this guy just keeps getting better. he doesn't know anyone who has those cds so no one must. I'm sure this 50 year old dude hangs with a lot of people who would be into that kind of music anyway.

  • Tell it all

    If he's going to put down rappers who he feels don't follow the hip hop roots or are hurting hip hop, we might as well point out some from his own race. He could mention the likes of soulja boy, gucci mane, lil Wayne, (f**k you, he's garbage) nicki manaj (garbage and annoying), pretty much everyone in YMCMB ( their f**king trash) Rick Ross ( raps about the same shit over and over), chief keef ( I mean this f**king idiot really got a record deal?). The list could go on and on. I know I hurt some feelings, so if you got an issue, get a tissue. Just cause your a fan doesn't mean everyone has to like them. Get over it.

    • Mike D

      Truth. Macklemore & Ryan lewis might suck. but if i had my choice between that and any of the stuff you just listed i would probably kill myself. But luckily Nas, Killer Mike, Wu-Tang, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Army of the Pharaohs, The Black Opera, R.A. the Rugged man, and shit like that exists otherwise music would be wack.

  • Crip4Life

    We got no respect for Em or this clown Jamar out here in Oakland!

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    @hiphopdx, just stop. what are you doing? You used to be a respected hip hop site? would CNN publish Alex Jones' comments, worse yet, would they publish some racist ex-politican's comments? The fact you are posting this guy's stuff is insane.

  • Aron

    Why is Hip Hop DX the only website that gives this dude any publicity ?

  • awfwaf

    goodbye DX. cant take anymore of this rascist old ass nigga posts.

  • doggfather

    "says he doesn't know of any real Hip Hop fans who own Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' album. " HE IS RIGHT!

  • Guess who's back

    I'm white

  • Anonymous

    I have never seen anyone as blatantly racist as this nigga.

  • Crip4Life

    eminem only sold records to the little 15 yr hoes and fags. fuck em all. also, FUCK ja rule, FUCK 50 cent, FUCK lil wayne, FUCK drake, FUCK the WHOLE mainstream and radio MUTHAFUCK em all. underground n old school until da real mainstream shit be back like da 80s-90s. westside, MOB, bay to LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jac

    Yelawolf is under rated as an emcee if anything and has a black and white following. Macklemore might not be my buzz but he's earned a place in hip hop. His music might capture a main stream audience that wouldn't really listen to hiphop but I've never heard him come across as ignorant about hiphop culture. Lord jamar has a point in there somewhere about needing to be protective about hiphop culture in order to stop it being exploited and diluted down as up and coming artists (black and white) aim at the widest possible audience to get rich with disregard for the art form, ....but he's taking pot shots at the wrong people and it comes across as racist ( which I don't think he is) and homophobic ( which he definitely is, stemming from ignorance). Fuck I can't believe I wrote all that off a lord Jamar article, shit they got me

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is stupid, and needs to do his research. yea, i do agree that macklemore should not have won a grammy for best rap album, but macklemore has payed his dues to hip hop. he's been in the game for over 10 years. before the heist, he has released hardcore hip hop albums, like in 2005, he released The Language of My World and in 2000 he released the EP "Open Your Eyes" . "The VS. EP" he released in 2009 was also pretty good. My point is, that Macklemore deserves all of his success. He has worked hard to get where he's at. Stop hatin

  • Slum

    Macklemore is not feminizing Hip Hop. Social media IS!!!!! Remember the days when rappers had a problem with someone they picked up a microphone?? Now all they do is go on twitter/video sites ranting like bitches. Jamar...Your done...Face it. Or pick up a fucking microphone!! Im 100% sure you cannot compete with the people you bash on these sites lyricly.

    • Anonymous

      just like 50.

    • Crip4Life

      nigga, fuck macklemore. he a sellout cause he sold his soul to tha devil for fortune, money and fame. just like 98% of the mainstream rappers. they all fake, FUCK em all. UNDERGROUND FOR MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE! #ESGN

    • Slum

      And if you do decide to pick up a mic...A little word of advise is to come harder than that wack shit you dropped last year called "lift up your skirt". Half of the song is you talking and the other half is slow ass wack rhymes over a shit beat. I don't even listen to Macklemore and im sure he could run circles around your old ass lyricly. I can only imagine what Yelawolf could do to you.


    this website has no news to report so to keep idiots trapped here they put hateful lord jamar interviews on the site. do some real reporting and journalism within the hip hop community. and play some real music too. i used to be on this site everyday, its embarrassing what youve done with it.

    • Anonymous

      It's race baiting for money ...More traffic to the site more money from advertisers ...White keyboard warriors love these race baiting articles ...!!

  • Slum

    Lord Jamar! Why don't you stop acting like a jealous little bitch and pick up a mic nigga. If you soooo Hip Hop, Prove it! Id love to see Yelawolf rip you a new asshole.

  • Anonymous

    He's racist, but his opinion on Macklemore is good.


    Finally I coulnt live without my weekly Lord Jamar articles yes its back keeep em coming

  • Jaylin

    What a fucking asshole. Racist! Im so sick of him talking about "black emcees" and "white rappers" and continuing to separate races and continue to keep racism going! its sick, its closed minded and totally ignorant! Music is music and its color blind and brings people together. Fuck Lord Jamar! He's jealous a complete hater cause he aint shit and never has been!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      u racist piece of fecal matter! FOH with your race-card pulling coward sh*t, you know every genre of music white people EVER got involved with, along with other forms of industry, was ripped off by black people, and when a strong brotha can sit here and retell history for what it was, you call him racist and show him hate?? You are obviously butthurt. So I suggest shutting the f**k up, suck up all that RACIST bullsh*t you just spewed and accept the facts. sick of yall racist mfs tryna call niggas racist for dealing with yall white savage BS for 400+ years!!!!!!!! Whooo that day coming real soon, white people gonna be a sh*t-stain when the day of reckoning comes mark my words.

  • Yssup Kidz

    Yo this dude figured it out. Talk shit about white rappers = get some press. Wait, and the more I read, the more he gets press... Damn!


    SUPREME ALLAH GOIN IN ON MACKLEMORE!! Comes off a bit racist, but he does have a point..

  • j

    Yela...it's time to pop the trunk. Seriously

  • Anonymous

    Jamar clearly hasn't heard At the Party by Macklemore. Fucking ignorant old man

  • Anonymous

    The interviewer is also a retard trying to start some beef.

  • jayare

    Yo i bet million dollars all these lame ass rappers coming out these days dont know shit about the history of black hip hop.....they grew up listening to contemporary hip hop which shows in their music the absent roots of hip hop.....why do you think there isnt anyone out here that is the same pedestal as nas....jayz....eminem....they are the last of a dying breed.....only of few arists nowadays do come from hip hop backgrounds that brings a new direction to hiphop with the roots of it......

  • Anonymous

    He mad jealous. Cry more old racist cuntt.

  • Anonymous

    This old racist scrub needs to stfu.

  • Anonymous

    you know i come here all the time but if u guys keep posting these bullshit lord jamar stories im just gonna go to allhiphop.com u guys are morons

  • Chad

    @hiphopdx, just stop. what are you doing? Don't you want to be a respected hip hop site? would CNN publish Alex Jones' comments, worse yet, would they publish some racist ex-politican's comments? The fact you are posting this guy's stuff is insane.

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  • ice

    he's right though. Macklemore's music is more pop/rock/rap than it is hip hop. real fans of hip hop probably wouldn't bother with this album. I sure didn't cop it.

  • Young Zee

    Word son, there is lotta truth to what the god Jamar be speaking son. Yo the kid M, had some skills back in the day but we put him up on that shit son. I mean that wigga always knew who the mandingo kings were in the circle yo, he would spit a rhyme n then we used to call him spit shine cuz he would spit shine every mandingo in line cuz, his mouth we called it the shine box yo. Thats how he learned to rhyme somewhat fast...from suckn all are dicks fast

  • Anonymous

    Pussy Wolf? Is Jamar 15 or 45?


    please stop giving this mother fucker shine man....nobody really fuckin cares

  • myndone

    i threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • seriously

    Every time I see a Lord Jamar article I regret coming to DX. It pains me to see his backwards way of thinking still finds a place in today's culture. He needs to let hip-hop be what it has grown to be.

  • @danterusindo

    Start publishing my comments, I'm a nobody too.

  • pleaseHHDXthinkboutYOURLOYALreaders

    as a long time viewer of this site please stop posting this garbage. I love this site but if these articles keep getting published I'll have to leave this site for good.

  • R.I.P. Hiphopdx

    I don't know why you morons continue to report on this guy...

  • Anonymous

    Lol this dude's a fuckin retard

  • VGM1988

    Negros are the biggest racists, this one in particular.

  • IROC

    Lord Jamar is wasting time with the white rapper vs black rapper he only appears on this site crying over this subject those same powers who Killed off Knowledge Rap and pushed gangstr rap and other garbage and further insult they are promoting foul acts

  • Word

    Lord Jamar speak the truth. Fuck faggots and whitey

  • R

    Stop publishing his comments !!! We don't give a damn of this guy !! DX stop that !! Jamar is just a disgrace to any hip hop fan ! So shame on you DX if you continue to pubish that guy !

  • Anonymous

    Pussy Wolf? LMAO

  • marco cholo

    Lord Jamar needs to just come out and say he doesn't like white people. every other time I come here, this dude is poppin off about white rappers this and white rappers that. fuck outta here dawg.

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf is fuckin dope, you can guarantee Jamar would have no issue with him if he were white. Jamar is just a racist prick

  • Anonymous

    Stop reporting on this nobody. fuck, I have more credibility than this fool.

  • RHX

    He talkin about 'know the history' referring to himself.. Ima straight hiphop head 20yrs old I'd heard the name brand Nubian kinda but not lord jamar... He knows he aint done nearly enough to go in the books like knowing who a rakim is

  • Slum

    Attention Lord Jamar!! If you hate Yelawolf so much and you claim to be Real Hip Hop, Then why don't you get on the mic and make a diss track aimed at him?? Yelawolf would lyricly murder your old ass.

  • RC

    Regardless of how you feel about Eminem or the quality of his music in recent years you gotta give him one thing, he absolutely LOVES Hip-Hop & the culture. Em truly is a student of the game & knows & gives respect to the originators when respect is due.

  • Anonymous


  • uptownfirst

    Lord Jamar was definitely the weakest link in Brand Nubian, but for any brother to hate on Brand Nubian as a group is a freakin sellout. You can't name one group in 2014 that would have the balls to get on an album and spit wisdom like Brand Nubian did telling the Black man that he is God and should be proud of his heritage and history and speaking on the devilish trickery of the white man, which still exist today and centuries before us. Yeah Jamar might be the wackest MC in Brand Nubian but to diss the group as a whole is bullshit, cause they were one of the few groups who always gave love and had pride in being a Black men and were about the upliftment of Black people globally.

    • TRUTH

      Let's not forget, we're talking about MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT .. Lord Jamar acts like he has the Credibility, Intelligence and Experience to be a "Teacher" -- F that .. there are real soldiers on the front lines .. Yes the power of Music can be bigger if you are True and can produce Classic music to touch people's Soul, which YELAWOLF has been doing since the Day he respectfully came in the Scene -- the same come up as Classic Hip Hop artists .. Where's the Music Jamar? ANYTHING .. EVEN A FREESTYLE ?! The truth is NO MATTER what you put out or no matter who co-signs it or is featured on it, it won't touch ANYONE that matters .. Only more of your ignorant supporters will gas it up, but NOT ONE progressive person will respect it anymore -- too late

    • TRUTH

      Sadat X backs everything Lord Jamar says, so yeah it pretty much seems fair to connect this racist and homophobic garbage back to the group .. Fine, you were a part of the early days of Hip Hop and even had a hit .. You were on path to be regarded as some of the respected elders of the Game until you got a platform to share your true opinions .. It's easy as F to basically invalidate and kill years of "Legacy" and that's exactly what happened here .. happened with Canibus (vs. Dizaster) and will keep happening -- only the Real will survive this kind of Openness because the Fake get exposed QUICK

  • drake stole my mic

    i just came to hate. fuck this 60 yo bitch nikka i dont know lord jamar and dont care sooooooooooo suck my dick lord jamar u a faggot homeboy

  • Anonymous

    All eminem and all those other artists breaking through because of their position of advantage should not be allowed fortune of calling themselves hip hop

    • Anonymous

      glad you want music hip hop or not, because a lot of shit out their using a culture to pump out rubbish out there with no real content while the real artists spitting that truth go largely unexposed.... its not the same genre

    • rideonemjixxer

      "because of their position of advantage"...? How about you just say cause their white, because thats what you meant, right? So by your logic, any white emcees who are successful are only successful because they're white? And that also makes them not hiphop? lol. Well....thats cool, then they are successful musicians who rap. Who gives a fuck if theyre hiphop by some random guys definition.. I just want good music, "hiphop" or not. ...and Lord Jamar, legend or not, is an closed minded idiot.

  • true

    He's right tho.. White rappers used to care about being respected by the Black (and Latino) hip hop community. It was the proving grounds and where the real hip hop was at. Eminem would tell you this himself and he paid his dues battling Black Mcs and studying true hip hop culture. Nowadays a White rapper doesn't have to earn his spot.. just come up with a gimmick or pop song and clueless White kids will make it mainstream.. Still think HHDX is trolling with these articles, but u can't blame Jamar. His opinions get hits, and people keep asking for his opinion!

  • queen jamar is a bitch

    this old ass nigga actin like brand nubian was some ground breaking group in the 90's man please i grew up in the 90's and yea brand nubian was dope but to think that because some young kid doesnt know who lord jamar is somehow they can't represent hiphop or like the music is fkn lame. lord jamar hasn't done shit for hiphop in decades and somehow he feels he has the power to talk about other emcees? foh this dude is old and bitter that no one talks about brand nubian and its websites like this and vladtv and others that show this bullshit like it means anything to hiphop culture. stop interviewing this old nigga. ur time is over and outside of 90's hiphop heads niggas dont really fuck with u. get over it.

  • RealSpit

    Honestly speaking it doesn't even matter what Lord Jamar says anymore because until he wakes up to Yelawolf he has zero credibility to me .. He might want to start by asking a TRUE FOUNDER of Hip Hop, DJ Kool Herc (http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/interviews/id.1803/title.yelawolf-discusses-working-with-kid-rock-and-kool-herc-songwriting-and-defends-group-home-and-shawty-los-simplicity) & then give a listen to Creekwater (http://youtu.be/V-phC7ylIIk) and see how Deep the Roots are here .. This is an Artist with Soul and Respect for the Culture .. F Lord Jamar -- forever tainted the Brand Nubian legacy

  • ThenDon'tClickTheArticle

    Yo all you people commenting that "no one cares what Lord Jamal has to say." Yeah look up irony in the dictionary

  • Truth


  • joebeast

    Why does this clown continue to get airtime? It's got to be for the shock value of the crap that spills out of his hater-filled trap. Stop hating on white rappers who have made it big- how about this idea; drop something that is actually relevant to where you can make some real money and maybe, just maybe you can sand down some of the massive chip you have growing on your shoulder and move on. I don't know this guy but he comes across as a jealous, borderline racist.

  • Anonymous

    "worshipping" Black emcees? you couldn't use a better word than worshipping? yea Em paid his dues and he's actually dope so Black people fuck wit him but I wouldn't say he worshipped anybody and he didn't/ don't have to... nobody does

  • SF

    Lord Jamar is a c--k. Okay Macklemore may not be 'true hiphop' making deep rooted music to the culture, but if the dude wants to rap about what he wants to rap about... why not? 2Chainz can rap about strippers but Macklemore can't rap about real life stuff that bothers him? Jamar got a chip on his shoulder the size of the Golden Nugget!

  • JRadc

    Holy actual fuck hiphopdx. NOT ONE single person gives a fuck what this mental midget has to say. Yet every time he opens his mouth you put him on the front page. Do you not realize people do not give a fuck about him? fuck this site. Hit up hotnewhiphop(dot)com where you dont have to deal with this bull

  • Anonymous

    Man this guy is so crusty

  • Anonymous

    OMG, one more article about Lord Ja-nobodycares and I'm forever done with Hiphop DX articles. This article holds as much value as the Juicy J "don't get drunk at the oscars" article. Step it up DX, step it up.

  • Anonymous

    Em came up battling niggas, rapping for the respect and acceptance of the black community (basically trying to become accepted by us); he studied and listened to all of hip hop's originators; he honed his craft ... and so on. I don't fuck with Em's music but I respect him.

    • Anonymous

      i'm sorry does 'us' mean humans? can't understand what u mean - UNLESS YOUR CHATTING RACIST SEGREGATORY DUMB SH%T

  • Anonymous

    sorry your career made u no money jamar no one feels sorry for u you racist f=%k!! HIPHOPDX - stop printing this racism. your as bad as this fool


    I love reading white people's reactions to these Lord Jamar articles! You got people saying they'll never visit this site again because of his comments. lol Seriously? Just about every other site on the internet has comments FAR WORSE than his if the article is connected to a black person and you don't see black people crying and saying "OMG IM NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN WAH WAH WAH STOP PICKING ON ME" White people go crazy when they meet people who don't submit to white supremacy. They're so used to being loved and worshiped that they can't take it when someone has an unfavorable opinion of them. None of the stuff Jamar said has even been "anti white", he simply talks about white racism and you can't deal. I swear, none of you would be able to last a week as a minority in America, you would probably kill yourself 3 days into it. You people are just spoiled, privileged and mentally weak. Get over it, everyone doesn't have to love you.

  • Anonymous

    Articles like this is why I don't feel bad about blocking ads on this site.

  • Verbal Tim

    All that jamar needs is a full-bred black dick in his nazi mouth.

  • Mr. Boomtastic

    Its a cop out because you know he wants to blast him because he is white but he knows he will look like an idiot.

  • HIPHOPdxGETT-IN-Desperate

    man this guy must love hiphopdx this dude sneezes and hhdx proclaims it breaking news in hip-hop

  • daryl

    whenever I see a lord jamar "article" I just go straight to the comments...makes my day everytime...lmao

  • Anonymous

    true respect jamar for saying the truth

  • djbvax

    OK....That's enough. I know you probably don't care but I have personally decided to unsubscribe from HipHopDX.com. The content has become the same and frankly a reality show online. It is no longer about the culture. I never see articles about BBoy battles, Dj News or Graffiti. It's all about rap and what Lord Jamar thinks. I love Brand Nubian and everything they stand for but the journalism on the culture of Hip Hop on this site is horrible now. Good bye and Good luck.

    • JOE

      Yo i feel you on that. this site used to be my favorite site to explore, now its like a off the freeway rest stop that i just bounce in for brainwashing news and then keep going. i remember when it had highest rated albums of all time section and atmosphere and brother ali was listed. with food and liqour and an onyx album.... crazy how its changed. kinda like eminems career hahaha

  • Anonymous

    I thought after reading that editorial we'd stop getting pointless stories about washed up rappers

  • Anonymous

    eminem went through haters just like you lord jamar. you gon' learn

  • ME

    Start checking for rappers abroad if you love Hip-Hop because they're the ones who heard it and perfected it.. Hip-Hop has left America and people who needed and respected her so much more got her now and you mofo's wondering where she went.. She gone baby, you gotta leave the country to get good Hip-Hop and if your xenophobic you can forget about it..

  • Anonymous


  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    LORD JAMAR IS SPEAKING NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! Only people with shit for brains can't comprehend what he's saying.


    How you gon' tell me that macklemore doesn't respect the true hip hop creators like eminem did/does? this guy doesn't know shit. I get it that kendrick may have gotten jipped, but settle down boy, keep your opinions to yourself

  • Normal People

    Were on a rock spinning around a huge ball of flame at over 2000 miles an hour who gives a fuck what this dude has to say.

  • WIll $teel

    Once again i agree wit him 100%. No real hip hop fans bump that pop trash. N once again im white so get ur head out ur ass if u macklemore fan

    • Anonymous

      Whatever you say. I just listen to what I like

    • Will $teel

      Fans of NWA, Wu-Tang, UGK, Z-Ro, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, BRK, and more. Not these pop posers takin advantage of a culture. N no im not just talkin bout Macklemore im also talkin bout Kanye, Drake, Lil Wayne, etc.

    • grgrgrg

      And Who is it that is " real" in your opinion?

  • Anonymous

    this guy is so racist i feel. 1. who are you? 2. regardless of if it wasn't "hip-hop" enough it was still a musical album. This dude needs to stop putting his opinions out there and stop getting the headline of this failing website. AND PLEASE, stop talking about the differences in white rappers and black rappers... cause there isn't one unless you decide so

  • Goooot

    Jamar - You ain't no Lord Emcee You can't Afford an M3. and Your outlook is shitty You talking all this shit and you think you Busy?. Miss me, Wit all that.. I should diss HE WIT ALL CAPS. Fall back, You weak Obsolete. Names of Hot rappers on your tongue and now you think u got heat? Pleaaaaase!

  • yourname

    & I hate the propaganda that Macklemore spews as much as BumJamar does, but it ain't got shit to do w/ color of they skin.

  • YourName

    Why the FUCK are you guys promoting this racist fuck? He gives the community a bad rep.

  • TRE

    Im white, and i agree with him this time. I think people are so tired of LJ they stopped actually listening to what hes saying. If you actually watched the interview you would have heard that even Macklemore agrees with a lot of what he says

  • just why

    Dear HipHop DX, It's now apparent that someone working for you happens to be friends with Lord Jamar. That's Great. You keep posting these headlines about what he says and what not. This guy has no influence in hip hop. Brand Nubian had ONE fucking good album. This guy is a washed up nobody. Stop fucking posting shit about what he says. Who the fuck is he?? Macklemore is fucking richer than he is. You tell him that. He will never have the success of these white rappers in which he claims owe him respect. Fuck him and fuck your shitty reporting. You guys have nothing better to do than to write some bullshit. Just because you hang with a former... no fuck that hes not even a former celebrity. You as a website are being groupie fucking bitches. This guy WISHES he could have the same success as ONE of the people he keeps talking about. He's a bitter non contributing sponge cunt. Thank you.

    • j

      seriously, I completely agree. These "articles" are getting ridiculous and are clearly killing your reputation as a hiphop site. not one person gives a shit what this washed up, racist fuck has to say. 3 times a week "lord Jamar sat down for an interview (with himself on a go pro) and hates white rappers he doesnt have 1% the talent of" HHDX stop taking checks from this waste of skin.



  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is a true boss. 50 is signed to eminem, that white boy, and dr dre.

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Lord Jamar is right Macklemore & Lewis didn't deserve 4 Grammy's....they deserve them ALL! True Hiphop's bumps Macklemore & Lewis all day in the hood!

  • Anonymous

    Does this guy actually rap? I only ever see him talking shit about white people. What does he really know about Hip Hop anyway?

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Once again, good stuff by Lord Jamar.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to 2014 mister Jamar; this is the last mister Jamar article I will be commenting on. If I don't feed the irrelevant troll he will again fade away into irrelevance.

  • Anonymous

    nigga needa shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Why do people keep giving this retard a microphone? Let him keep his stupid opinions.

  • EvenOdd

    Fuck this clown. He must work for HHDX or something, thats why they working so hard to make him relevant. J Kwon is even more famous than this thirsty ass bitch.

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