King Los Says Eminem Didn't "Rap Godly" On "Rap God"

Exclusive: King Los also says "Eminem always rhymed on a different beat."

Although King Los enjoyed Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the Bad Boy rapper questions the quality of Eminem’s “Rap God” single and the lyrical prowess demonstrated by the Detroit rapper on the cut.

“When I hear ‘Rap God,’ I’m like, ‘You didn’t rap godly, though,'" King Los says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX at Hollywood’s West-One Productions studio. "You rapped great. Don’t get it fucked up. Your verbal ingenuity, through the roof, but bro, you didn’t rap godly. You didn’t rap godly. I could say, ‘Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, you assuming I’m a human / What I gotta do to get it through to you? I’m superhuman…’ I’m trying to tell you that’s the same thing Busta [Rhymes] did on Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now.’ You didn’t say nothing.”

Nonetheless, the Baltimore rapper said The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was a strong project. “I thought it was very dope,” Los says. “I mean I’m from the left field, so I embraced it as very very dope. I’ve been with Eminem since Infinite and people don’t even know that was his very first project…I’ve seen his growth and I thought The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was very dope.” 

The Pattern Rap emcee also detailed his affinity for Eminem’s rhyme style. “He’s so unorthodox,” Los says. “I would say in a large part because of the fact he’s White and it’s a different dialect. The way we speak and the way we initially approach speaking or rhyming—Eminem always rhymed on a different beat. If you listen to Eminem, his style is so intricate of how he rhymes those words, the vowels and the things he pulls out of the word to connect it to the next word. The compound syllable structure of it is retarded.”

Additional Reporting by Justin Hunte

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  • anonymous

    man, look, im a eminem stan as much as the next white guy, but dont write off los's opinion as if it means nothing, if there is any rapper that can take the torch from eminem as "best rapper alive" its los. he is in no way anywhere near eminem in his prime, but he is head and shoulders better than eminem now, los IS the best rapper alive, if you dont know who he is then dont knock him, he is the ONLY rapper in the game worthy of speaking on eminems work. no other rapper out there at the moment is more witty, crafty, smart, lyrically inclined, rhythmic, and innovative as los. simple facts, check the discography and then tell me if you still think he has no say

  • Snyppi

    Oh yeah? King Los everybody dont give a fuck about what u say cuz u r a shitty rapper. U r one of this gay's in Em's "Rap God". King Lose now u can just "worship the ground on which em walkin" cuz his on "a million leagues abovin"

  • coolmoe-p

    Everybody is in fact entitled to an opinion. the fact remains that most respected lyricists in the game all give Eminem props. and yes many of his lines are over the average listeners heads because the talent is missing in most rap these days. people are going to hate on eminem because of the praise he receives from their favorite rappers, because of his success, and because he is white. keep in mind most of these clowns commenting are probably in their mid to late teens and were probably raised on trash rap like the entire ymcm camp. so if anyone can name one respected emcee who doesnt give eminem respect feel free to speak up. also, this was clearly king los attempting to grab national attention. Pharoahe Monch when asked about rap god says that yet again em stepped the entire rap game up. if you take los's word over monch's or dont respect monch's opinion do me a favor stop pretending you understand the rap game.

  • Stay On Mars

    Now that we have all heard of King Los Statements like these are promotional moves. All there is to it.

  • biggy

    All of you are freaking stupid. Rap God was an amazing song. Eminem is not overrated. U wont believe how hard he had to work to make a great album unlike these other rappers. Artists that are not selling dont need to say shit. They have no right. Eminem is the only one selling more rap records than anyone right now. Who the hell is king los? Or whatev. Haha he isnt big enough to make it on eminems radar. But nobody understands that eminem is the best freestyler in the game right now. Thats why no other RAPPER will touch him by dissing him on a track. Becuz eminem will lyrically destroy them just like he did to Ja Rule and Benzino. Do ur research before making decisions.

  • Timbo

    First off, lets stop talking all that nonsense about album sales for Rap artists ok? Album sales don't mean shit when debating skill sets, retards. I can tell who on here are artists and who on here are fan/stans or wannabees. Artists will always speak with respect and regard to other artists skills and abilities while retarded fans with no real idea of the latter 2 mentioned are, always talk some dumb ass dick riding faggot shit on here like anybody wants to hear their stupid opinions. Hip Hop is dead because of fans like you bitches......thanks alot you Justin Bieber lovin' faggots for fucking up a beautiful thing

  • Dillons2013

    Rap god was a freestyle... lol

  • Anonymous

    When I read Los Kings comments, I laughed. He nicely had paid his people to put his thoughts. That's why Eminem said "why be a KING when you can be a GOD!!! Oh wait Eminem knows there's one king, and its not Los King......T.I. You're still the KING and DR.DRE you're still the BEAT

  • WestCoastBiased

    King Los is actually very dope. His flow and wordplay are unbelievable he just hasn't done shit. He's entitled to an opinion either way, leave the dude alone

  • Dan

    Didn't rap godly? Who is this guy? I've never even heard of him. Looked him up, 31 and never put out an album or even a single. Pretty sure Em went double diamond by 31. And Busta Rhymes, as great as he is, rapping on Chris Brown's track isn't the same. The similes, metaphors, references, and wordplay Eminem uses is unlike anyone else. He probably just mentioned Em's name so the public would know his. Well congrats theirs your two minutes of fame. Goodbye King....Whatever your name was. hahaha

  • Jay Dubb

    King WHO?! LOST..... EM is the 100 million selling icon, loved by MORE people around the World than any other Hip Hop artist in history - got millions lovin' his amazing talent & got suckaz jealous & frustrated as f*ck! But WHO cares WHAT 'King LOSer' thinks about Em's songs!

  • Anonymous

    As of now, Eminem is the best mainstream rapper, but Rap God was not his best work. Heck, bar for bar, he went harder in Recovery than he did in MMLP2.

    • bt

      i want recovery 2 the sadder stuff is more relatable. and songs like so bad was sick because you could just bump to it, and he needs more modern beats, he was using beats that were older than him

  • JeanBaya

    nah, Em is god especially with Rap god, everyone knows that is Em's best song to date


    Eminem-King Los...........RapGod-BabyDiaper


    Who the F*c% is King Los?? Why dont you get at Em after u drink ur magic potion and sell like one album...I bet when this clown finally drops a album he gon b standing next to the two biggest cornballs in the game Officer Ricky and French Montana....Too funny dudes on diddys sack and thinks he can call out em wat a clown

  • Anonymous

    Eminems Lyrics go over these ignorant young "rappers" heads. While sometimes he pays homage to the OG's of the rap game, young heads wanna criticize the lyrics he uses when they don't know where they originate from. Mean while nobody has ever heard of King Los, probably because he's being pimped out by diddy on Bay Boy.

  • Lisa

    You're just pissed off cuz you are a NON mother fuckin factor in this biz!!! Jealousy is a bitch and so are you, king bitch!

  • Me!!!!

    I don't care what anybody says, Eminem is no rap god and never will be, no matter how bad you dudes want him to be! The dude is overrated... simple as that!!!

  • Keith

    Stay in your lane Los!! Don't wanna say any thing bad about RAP GOD

  • Chantal

    I just think this guys is NOBODY to judge that track or Eminem


    Dear King Los, altho your opinion is 100% valid. You are not the person it is acceptable to hear it from. I think your about to mess your career up being wreckless. There is a reason why rappers lie in interviews when asked about other artists music, they respond with "I have not heard it yet". Busta has a longggggg catalogue of HIT records...YOU HAVE ZERO (no pun intended). Hip Hop goers have been letting you slide for years on the fact that you can just rap, but your cockyness is about to have you back in baltimore working at Subway or some shit. PLEASE CLEAN THIS UP AND NEVER SAY NO SHIT LIKE THIS AGAIN UNTIL YOU HAVE A CATALOG TO STAND ON. You was just online riding Busta Coat tails bout u was at the URL battle getting choked by him, (dick riding on the low) now you turn around and disrespect that man, like his presence didn't boost your career. You know how hard it is to make it from Baltimore and your dumb ass bout to be right back down here with us struggling like a maufucka if you don't check that shit. PLEASE BE SUCCESSFUL MY NIGGA, I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU FALL AGAIN BECAUSE YOU FEELING YOURSELF.

  • pellz

    This goofy mark didn't understand that "Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma," line was a throwback to Ruthless Records, JJ Fads 1987 single "Supersonic"? Em' was rapping at supersonic speed. I'll give him a pass though, he might be to young to know anything about it.

  • will

    Who the hell is this guy????? Tryin to get attention by talking about em? Reverse racist mother f er

  • Anonymous

    It was off the top so it was godly... my opinion

  • Zay

    I have to agree with Los, but I have different reasons. Most people didnt know that whole song was a one-take freestyle. I am just thinking if he killed it like that with a freestyle, it woulda been even more crazy if he woulda wrote for it.

  • j

    The fuck he didn't? He killed everyone elses flow all the way back to JJFAD. That's what makes him a rap god

  • hek718

    I see what happened here. He got butthurt by Em's last line in the song. "Why be a king, when you can be a God?"

  • The Homie

    Ummmmm...who is this guy????

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    King Los doesn't rap like a king so it all works out.

  • PATHH88

    OK OK OK calm down... first off, who else could make a track like Rap God? Who else could drop a single namechecking Lakim Shabazz, Rakim, busta, Pharoah Monch, JJ Fad etc etc How many artists could drop a 6 min song with such intricate patterns and multi syllabic lines, with pretty much no chorus ? Who else could get the internet going nuts like this one MC ? The answer is NO ONE, only Em has the BALLS to do what he feels artistically and not conform to the radio standards that ALL these other rap acts adhere to. THIS IS MERELY FACTUAL. Why dont you closet racists come out and just admit you dont like Em cos he is WHITE...

    • Anonymous

      you must have started listening to rap whent em came out and not done a lot of research on rap at all!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes it is because he's white...think on that. Racists because people differ in your opinion...think on that. Should YOU really be throwing an accusation that holds so much weight in relation to a song...think on that. I don't think anyone is saying Em doesn't have skills on the M-I-C BUT when you combine GOD and RAP there are some cultural references you need to make that are outside the purview of name dropping. Thats just real talk if you cant hear then you and I both know why.

    • Anon

      agreed, no other rapper out, dead or alive, could rap this song.

  • COCA


  • Death to Wogs

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    • Educated

      Please do the world a favor and put a bullet in your head. People like you are the scum of this Earth. What have you done in life that makes you think you are better than anyone? You are a waste of life and are polluting the minds of your children who do not know any better. I bet you feel real tough behind your computer screen. I truly hope you express your views to the wrong person and get your teeth beat in.

    • Jenny

      Your are a racist pig and should be ashamed of yourself for teaching your kids to be that way.



    • Anonymous

      WHY ?? CAUSE IT WAS WEAK ---

  • Anonymous

    As corny as this dude is im gonna have to agree. rap god is garbage. MMLP2 most overatted album of all time

    • qqqqqq

      yeah i know right shit like "you're as pointless as rapunzel with fucking cornrows" is crazy... smh that shit was terrible, em fell the fuck off and cant make good music for shit now, bunch of dumbass flows that are barely on beat and are choppy as fuck. imagine if someone like kanye or wayne said some shit like "i rap like a computer, call me rapbot" people would chew them up and clown them forever, but em says it and people eat it up. people go crazy cuz he rapped fast n shit even though people like busta rhymes and bone thugs been doing that shit over a decade ago em used to be great (sslp, mmlp, tes) but now hes horrible no debating

    • 614grind

      You must not like lyrics.

  • anonymous

    He criticizes em for not rapping godly when he makes rhymes as shit as this. To celebrate my new haters I just bring a new whip out End up fuckin' your main girl Then park this shit at your bitch house

    • Joshua

      "To recognize the genius I am You'd have to have one foot on Venus to even visit these arenas I'm in Now did I say arenas or Serena's? I kill shit, Venus/Serena's, I kill shit, I Gilbert Arenas" --Pound Cake "I mean my flow pass words like the log in page, ugh See how my last words do? I put my log in your girl cause we past words too" --Control "My flow is the equivalent to the cinnamon challenge You just cinnamon, a feminine chemical imbalance Damn, them is bars if I play it back slow I bet men will pause to check that a chemical imbalance, is Menopause" --Bar Mitzvah Do you not see the wordplay in these bars? These are just a few.

  • Rob

    Can't be giving every average joe off the streets a article everytime they say some stupid shit. Shame on this site.

  • real hip hop

    king los never heard of him he said eminem name to get attention

  • None of your business

    He done went from SwaggaboyLos to King Los... everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think it is best that you make sure your own shit is on point. Los not hot in the streets or on the charts. He just raps fast. This is the same guy who responded to Kendrick's "Control" verse with another rappers lines.

  • Cam

    Yo, I'm from Baltimore, same neighborhood as Los, and I can tell you, as talented as he is, he is so damn corny. Everything about him just says corny. This is known in the city. I hope he finds his way. He needs to learn how to work on his craft first and create his own sound before he try critiquing Eminem. smh

  • Anonymous

    Listen man, your opinion is irrelevant your singed to Bad Boy. You most likely make music that nobody wants to hear. You saying Eminem didn't rap godly on Rap God, you must be crazy. Yeah, anybody can say that line but he did say something in that verse. Everything after the Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, was ill, you must of not been listening to the lyrics like a good amount people do these days.

  • anonymous

    king los?!?!? who the fuck!?!?!

    • Anonymous


  • yooo

    who tf is this clown ass nigga anyway?

  • Anonymous

    ya han per baruf bari kio ho rahi hai bhai ! ?

  • Anonymous

    "let it snow, let it snow"

  • Anonymous

    just couldn't keep from sucking Em's cock in some sort of way for too long huh? lol i cant think of anyone who ever questioned Marshall's ability to rhyme

  • Jerzzz

    Nigga ya signed to BadBoy and you aint B.I.G. so your opinion isnt relevant.

  • tracerONE

    A super talented white rap god is a hard pill to swallow for these niggas so they just say what they want to say even though deep inside them they knew he's really a rap god.


    Who doesn't know infinite is eminems first album? This nigga talks like he the only one tuned into it Rap God was dope out of the big albums that came out last year MMLP2 was far better than the other's like jay z MCHG and Yeezus that was the worst shit ever

  • No

    It is " I summon up a demon " NOT "Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, " you fucking dolt!

  • Miles Taylor

    King Los, is Fabolous. Great artist, love his shit, but Em didnt have to change his name to make his shit more relevant. most these posts by these people are saying they dont even know who King los is. C'mon!

  • Tamu from New Zealand

    Wtf! Is this even noteworthy enough to be called news? 2nd rate mc talkin that shit like a fart in a thunderstorm.i mean ems good sometimes his subject matter is a major childish tho, still he can flow wit the best of them

  • Anonymous

    This is Los's opinion. Stop complaining if another man doesn't like something. I loved Rap God and thought Em killed it. I'm not going to get mad at a celebrity I've never met because his opinion is different than mine. We disagree is the only fact. Neither of us are right or wrong. When the children that comment on this site grow up you'll understand what I'm talking about.

    • fuccya

      Yup, grown up enough to call others children on the internet. And smart enough not to understand that rappers say controversial things to remind of their existence, especially the ones you like never heard of, especially when they mention big names, especially when they do it publicly, not in their private blogs, twitters and shit. So thank you for opening everyones eyes, mister, we were too naive.

    • Anonymous

      Finally, someone smart.

  • glen

    agree 100 percent. it was throw away for most of it. terrible track.

    • glen

      Rap God Freestyle ummm shumma lumma lumma ding dong/ at the bar playing ping pong while destroying the city, I am king kong/ swallow up a rapper like a ding dong/ smoke his dick up like cheech & chong turn a nigga into my bitch, might need a thong/ this aint rap music, this a sing a long/ you got a bitch? well bring a blonde , so I take them both and lead them on/ dumb bitches, you sum bitches don't know what time it is/ even with a condom on you couldn't fuck with rhymes like this/ and you? you some kind of a bitch/take a pound of the piff, puff it in ya bitch face kindly show her my dick/ right in front of you, take ya thunder too/take ya bitch from right under you/ dare you to stop me, I don't want you to/when I pull out this 22, make you do a number 2 in ya underroos/whoo!

    • Anonymous

      You should try make a better song.

  • green

    This guy is a clown! a Gay lookin boy! :))))

  • Murt

    First, I think Em killed the whole song. Second, King Los is a beast and he is speaking from his point of view. I bet you he could do everything Em did and could prolly hang with if not BEAT em in a freestyle battle if we are talking strait lyrics. Don't be fooled, he isn't dissing em he is just stating that "HE" didn't feel like EM totally destroyed the track at God level. While I don't share his sentiment, I can see where he is coming from seeing as he can do everything we heard on the track. The beat was wack and EM still Murdered the song though. This kind of reminds me when lil wayne was talking crap about wanting to work with EM and wasn't getting no love back at first then saying that maybe people are scared to record with him. Then he Got SCRAPPED on two songs with EM. LOS on the other hand would not get scrapped, I think he would be right there with EM lyrically if not better than EM on a song. They need to do a couple of tracks together and see what's up. Didn't mean to write a Bible concerning this but I just wanted to put my two cents in. Hell on the track you might as well put Eminem, King LOS, Royce the59(the only person I can remember who Bodied EM.. see bad meets evil, EM's first Album), Kendrick Lamar, Bishop Lamont, Jon Connor, Brotha Lynch hung and Tech n9ne, Redman, Black Thought, NAS and Pharoh Monche. DJ revolution 2014 LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN this is the answer SWAY!!!!

  • jason

    rap god wasnt great and I havent listen to em since marshal mathers lp. LOS IS A CLOWN though, fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    It is funny how all these little known rappers like to drop Eminem's name just so they can get their name on a website. Doesn't matter if Em rapped "godly" or not, King Los ain't in a position to even talk about it. He needs to worry about himself, nobody else and he just might have some success.

  • rellik

  • Anonymous

    DJ Vlad's prolly gonna give this dude a 30 minute interview this dude tomorrow lmao. interviewing a trash dude strictly for controversey. oh and Em killed rap god btw

  • Anonymous

    Look at the little white keyboard clowns with their but hurt because of this..... LMFAO

  • Anonymous

    bitch, robbing our shit, straight theivery

  • Anonymous

    this nigga a clown!

  • Anonymous

    This is the very first time I'm hearing this dudes name. Im guessing he hasn't had much success (if any)

  • Anonymous

    Lol comparing Eminem's verse to Busta's verse. That luuma dooma-lumma part is the only thing he retained from the whole song? No wonder he is comparing to Busta's verse. What a fuckin retard. Rap God had way more complex rhymes. Someone slap this negro.

  • JHP

    LMAO, Los needs to sit his ass down, I've heard some decent bars from dude, but he's never rapped "godly" in his life, not any verse that I've heard, that dude's an ant to Eminem. Los' inferior position in the game aside, regarding his actual point, the "Summa Dumma Lumma" part was literally not even one full bar of the song, he wants to pick out one line of an entire six minute song full of superior lyricism. The MMLP2 overall was dope to me for awhile, but I've found it to not really have any kind of replay value, I've haven't played one song from it in a few months, there were a lot of mediocre songs on it by Eminem standards. Rap God however, was one of the fucking amazing gems on the album IMO.

  • Anonymous

    straight up dumb cunt.

  • shuttaman

    Ain't this the nigga who wifed that video hoe? nigga sit yo ass down

  • Anonymous

    There arent too many artists who can say they release as much content as Curren$y, and the rare few who can cant claim the quality of music released by New Orleans native son. While his partner in rhyme, Wiz Khalifa, has fallen back temporarily with fatherhood, for Curren$y its remained business as usual. For the release of The Drive In Theatre, Curren$y has again turned to his partnership with BitTorrent for the release. While previous releases through BitTorrent have met unfavorable reviews, the consistency displayed on The Drive In Theatre makes for one of the more solid projects dropped by Curren$y in some time. To a certain extent, the quality of a Curren$y project can be predicted based on the production. When Curren$y locks in with one producer (or, for the most part one producer) you get Curren$y at his best (See the Pilot Talk series, Covert Coup, This Aint No Mixtape and Cigarette Boats). When Curren$y works with multiple producers with big names sprinkled in (see New Jet City, The Stoned Immaculate), its hit or miss. While Thelonious Martin only handles half of the production, the tracks in between those (half of which are produced by Cardo) never stray from the albums smooth vibe, even when speeding up the tempo, which fits Curren$y perfectly. Even when Cardo brings the bass for the bouncy 10 Gs it still fits within Spittas wheelhouse; giving off a vibe of earlier Monsta Beatz tracks from This Aint No Mixtape. On El Camino, up and comer DJ Kariu provides a faster-paced head-nodding track, reminiscent of Ski Beatz Life Under the Scope. When classic Curren$y moments arent being recreated, Thelonious Martin is providing soundscapes reminiscent of early 90s Hip Hop. The beat on E.T. not only works for Curren$y, but finds B Real sounding just as at home. As for Curren$ys rhymes, he provides what his fans have come to expect from him. Pop culture references including Cooley High (Smoother than Cochise jumper, they wouldnt a killed him, hed a been a muthafucka), clever metaphors (She like why you do that / She like how I do that, wanna know when Im due back / Cant harness the lightening, or predict when its striking), and of course, a decent amount of raps about grinding, weed, and Chevys. On Vintage Vineyard, Curren$y opens the track describing a meeting of millionaires enjoying life, plotting moves for advancement; where he exists now, then without warning, flips right back to a murder scene in New Orleans; where hes from. The transition is smooth, seeming almost effortless, due in part mostly to the mesh between Curren$ys flow, and the track. Throughout The Drive In Theatre, that aforementioned mesh is almost constant. While promoted as the sequel to New Jet City, The Drive In Theatre isnt a sequel in the continuation sense, more in the this came after the last one, and we fixed everything that was wrong sense. Outside of the movie excerpts in between tracks (New Jack City on New Jet City, The Godfather on The Drive In Theatre), the two projects have very little in common. The Drive In Theatre is classic Curren$y type instrumentation, properly placed features and Curren$y being Curren$y. The Drive In Theatre is a project Curren$y fans can celebrate, and non-Curren$y fans might want to give a couple listens to.

  • Lo

    What's your point homie?You are better them is Very talented but he's forgetting how many godly songs Eminem has done throughout the years.... If he wants to say summa ulma ding dong...he earned that riiiggghhhttt .... You have to earn a lot more before you can even have an opinion on him brotha.... Stay in your lain do what you do....

    • Anonymous

      infinite spell bound verse if i had rock bottom still dont give a fuck whats the difference verse till i collapse lose yourself 8 mile renegades verses cold wind blows almost famous ridiculous verses with the outsidaz zombie pig tell it how it is Legacy just to name a few. bitch!

    • Anonymous

      TaZzZ is right, great songs.

    • TaZzZ

      Kidding me bro? BDP is dope but idk if the argument can be made that KRS-One made too many "godly" songs... He is a legend and is definitely one of the greatest ever to rock it, but Eminem is a serious fucking songwriter above all else. I could go all day naming godly Eminem songs but off the top of my head... Criminal Til I Collapse White America Cleaning Out My Closet The Way I Am Kill You Patiently Waiting Lose Yourself Rabbit Run Role Model Sing for the Moment Soldier Say Goodbye to Hollywood And that took 30 seconds... that doesn't count features/collaborations and is really only from 2 albums. You may not think Eminem is a top 5 rapper, but he can write some amazing fucking songs. Boogie Down brings that heat but as far as the power of a song concept and its execution, Eminem shit stays with you much more. People forget that that is prob his biggest strength, he's not just a bar-for-bar good rapper...

    • Anonymous

      what godly songs has em done, name one ...i think fan/stans need too do some hip hop research before they start commenting Go back and listen to some Boogie Down Productions

  • JoE_AkA_HoE

    Lmfao @ the fact that he didn't mention that Eminem rapped "Rapgod" after probably 15 songs live, Yet he's 41. Nufsaid man.

  • jason

    seriously who the fuck cares about some King Los, no one cares if you followed em is the vagina. YOU CANT RAP HOMIE

    • FishFood

      You called him King Los, clearly you cared enough to honor his name as such. Dude can rap, fuck you talking about?

  • Who Is King Los

    You'd think with a name King Los, he would actually be known at least a little bit. Terrible article.

  • Anonymous

    im a big em fan and did like rap god but everyone is entitled to there own opnion

  • Anonymous

    lol people are hating all he is saying is em didn't say anything but a lot of boasting an bragg a lotalso linking words that rhymes together doesn't make you good you have to tell stories n paint pictures.i could rhyme with table top 100 times in 24 bars and it doesn't mean shit

  • Loud

    Los, is a Dope MC,lyrically there are not many that can touch him. his critique of Em, is balanced and thoughtful.

  • Anonymous

    who is this King LOSer ?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. To expect someone to rap godly is a silly expectation though.

  • Anonymous

    don't get it twisted, King Los can rap.

  • Zack

    y'all are hating SO FUCKING HARD, y'all are ignoring the fact that he did nothing but compliment Eminem throughout the entire article, he even called Rap God a dope song. get off Em's dick.

    • Anonymous

      What the guy above said. This scrub was just too scared of critisizing Em without complimenting him at the same time to make for it. Who even cares about his opinion and why is hiphopdx posting this shiet again? Some unknown rapper talking about big names like Eminem. Get ur shit together hiphopdx!

    • Anonymous

      read between the lines. he dissin Em. Why does this guy even think his opinion makes a difference. hes just trying to get this name out there. what a duck!

  • The Fonz

    Who gives a shit what he has to say? Hes still on Diddy's shelf, and probably will never be popular.

  • Anonymous

    Lol been with him since Infinite...sounds like a 14 year old "real hip hop fan" bragging in and internet forum

    • Anonymous

      And this dude was about 12 years old when Infinite came out. He probably didn't even know who the hell EM was. Just a nobody rapper trying to get the slightest bit of publicity.

  • hhdx

    if you don't know KING LOS, get the F out. Listen to this: AND ..... KING LOS goes HARD

  • Anonymous

    everybody got a right to a opinion but somebody need to tell dude just because u didn't understand it don't mean it's not tight also he need to worry about if diddy going to ever put his album out cause dude been sign to bad boy for about 4 years now

  • LMAO

    LMAO KING LOS? Who the fuck is this dude! STFU no rapping ass

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this bum? gotta love when nobodies use other artists names to get in the news

  • fuccya

    If only that mothafucka did his own shit instead of wastin time criticizin others maybe people wouldnt need to ask who the fuck he is. Just sayin

    • Anonymous

      This. Greats like EM didn't waste their time dropping names and critisingz other artists on some shitty interview when they were hungry. They were doing there own thing. King Los. The name is laughable at best.



  • Anonymous

    that was one line from a 6 minute song, and im not even a big em fan.

  • Anonymous

    who da fuck is this guy!

  • yooo

    how you criticize someone u can NEVER rap better than smh someone tell diddy to tell this unknown rapper to stfu

  • Anonymous

    ems a hiphop head and the way he starts that line is a shout out to jjfad-supersonic. "....Lyrics comin at you at supersonic speed (deep voice: "jjfad"....." ems lyrics go over too many peoples heads. thank god for the new rapgenius app.

    • Anonymous

      Like the big pun line he manages to spit lines that pay homage to OG's and people don't realise it and criticise him for it.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't have said it any better. Some people have to look into his material and read some of his lyrics. There are a lot more into it sometimes that you may have missed while listening to it. People can hate and call others dickriding, but the truth is, he is one of the greatest lyricists for a reason.

  • Anonymous

    finally man..people need to stop suckin Eminem. This guy has 3 above average that a bunch of NU METAL listening white kids from the burbs bought his album. He has skills and you can't deny it but his production is terrible and his songs are lame as hell.

  • Frosty

    King who? He didn't say anything on the track? Get those cheese puffs removed from your ears. That line led to even a more explosive line, the fuck out of here. Who is this tax write off?

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign all of what was said. Some people need to listen or read the actual lyrics. A lot of verses in EM's songs are sometimes even more clever than what you thought when hearing it. A lot of people miss some parts or just don't get the point or references so they just hate. Call his music pop, call people dickriding or whatever, but no one can deny his lyrical abilities. Usually blacks don't like admitting it or just don't listen because they are too hurt to know a white guy is better than their favorite rapper.

    • 614grind

      Exactly what I was thinking. The whole song is linked together with incredible changes and multisyllabic patters that all make sense. I love how people take one line Em says and put it on an island without context just to make it look ordinary. That whole JJ Fad lead up came off of a reference to the Fab/Ray J beef. I defy any MC to do anything as clever and technical as that.

  • RHX

    ''Compound syllable structure' lmao fuck outta here what is this a English degree? Ain't no real rapper thinking like that it just flows from the brain. Plus u referencing one line from the whole rap god track, when u couldn't even touch that lyrical skill yourself fool.

  • Anonymous

    Rap God was rap godly. I liked King Los better when he was just Los.

  • Anonymous

    "where we talk about anything eminem, and some other stuff too."

  • Chosen CTW

    THIS DUDE needs to do his research - the one where he says he didn't say anything. you gotta come correct- it's a reference to the song "SuperSonic" - from the line before that - coming with this ignorant mess

  • Anonymous

    welcome to EminemDx . com

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