Master P Says He Sold 75 Million Albums On No Limit Records

The No Limit Records founder also says he is the best businessman and "hustler in the game." Master P also describes his brother's murder.

In an interview with VladTV, Master P recently claimed to have sold as many as 75 million albums during his tenure with No Limit Records.

When asked by an interviewer how many albums he’s sold throughout his career, P quickly replied “75 million.” When pressed, he clarified, “that’s my catalog with No Limit” before admitting that he stopped counting and is unsure of how many records were sold by the label in its entirety.

Master P released his thirteenth studio album late last year in the form of The Gift on his newly branded No Limit Forever Records label. As recently as 2012, Master P's net worth was estimated at upwards of $350 million by the website Celebrity Net Worth. In 2013, HipHopDX reported that the rapper owed more than $200,000 in back taxes to the state of California. Prior to that story, P’s wife of 24 years reportedly filed for divorce in October.

Master P Says He Is The Best Businessman & "Hustler In The Game"

In his recent interview with VladTV, Master P also talked about the No Limit record deal that paved his path to industry success, noting that his “80-20 deal” with full control of his masters “was rare” even then. “The thing about it is, people don’t realize, I consider myself—I ain’t tryin’ to be the best lyricist—I just make music that people could feel,” he said. “But I am the best businessman, I feel I’m the best hustler in the game. So, I’m always about my business, I think that people didn’t think you could do that, but when you put your own marketing and promotion money up you can control your rights.” P added that beyond a beneficial recording contract, knowing when to release music is integral to maintaining a successful career. “What people don’t realize, when you hot man—I come from the streets, when you hot you just keep on hittin’ it, keep on milking it,” he said. “These artists nowadays, they get a hit song and that be it, they think they could chill, that’s when you gotta work more. That’s why I call myself the Michael Jordan of this whole street Hip Hop industry.”

The label founder also told Vlad about using his music simultaneously as an escape and as a vehicle to share his life. “Music is like my escape from the real world, where I was able to give my life and give what I’ve seen, what I’ve been through, you know, through my music,” he said. “I think that what people brought into, it’s authentic, it’s real, they was happy to see somebody from the streets be able to make it. I lost my brother to the streets. That’s why I tell people, man, I’m like a loner, I don’t really have friends because my brother’s so-called best friend killed him. You know how it is in the streets, when you’re in that life it’s either eat or be eaten, that’s it… Losing so much, like a brother or something like that, that pain, that’s where ‘I Miss My Homies’ came from. That was about my brother, that pain came into that record.” Master P's "I Miss My Homies" can be streamed below. 

P also described growing up in both New Orleans and California’s Bay Area as a child as the beginnings of his music career. “I grew up in New Orleans but I lived in the Bay for awhile,” he said. “I went to the Bay and lived with my Mom. You could kind of say I grew up in both places you know ‘cause I got a chance to feel the whole Bay Area life and then by me living in the Calliope Projects in New Orleans I was able to feel that life. It was just coming from one struggle to the next. The Bay was definitely where I got my hustle from, my music hustle, you know ‘cause everybody was thinking independently and putting their own CD’s out which I think really helped me with my career being who I am today.”


  • misty

    I really think that Master P has done a very great job in the world of HIP HOP and he has also become a very successful business man my GOD BLESS HIM EVEN MORE!!!

  • hitmayne

    Master P's "No Limit Records" Catalog of Major Releases: (Over 75 Million Records Sold Independent - Over 100 Million World Wide) 1991 Master P - Get Away Clean Master P - Toon Killaz (street mixtape) 1992 Master P - Mama's Bad Boy TRU - Understanding the Criminal Mind E-A-Ski - 1 Step Ahead of Yall 1993 TRU - Who's Da Killer? Sonya C - Married to the Mob 1994 Master P - The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me! Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1: Anotha Level of the Game Lil Ric - Deep N tha Game Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz: High Fo Xmas 1995 Dangerous Dame - Escape from the Mental Ward Master P - 99 Ways to Die TRU - True Various Artists - Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin' Tre-8 - Ghetto Stories Mia X - Good Girl Gone Bad 1996 Master P - Ice Cream Man Silkk - The Shocker Skull Duggery - Hoodlum Fo' Life Kane & Abel - 7 Sins 1997 Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz II TRU - Tru 2 da Game Steady Mobb'n - Pre-Meditated Drama Various Artists - I'm Bout It Mia X - Unlady Like Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance Master P - Ghetto D Mystikal - Unpredictable 1998 Young Bleed - My Balls & My Word Silkk the Shocker - Charge It 2 da Game C-Murder - Life or Death Various Artists - I Got the Hook Up Sons of Funk - The Game of Funk Fiend - There's One in Every Family Soulja Slim - Give It 2 'Em Raw Master P - MP Da Last Don Kane & Abel - Am I My Brother's Keeper Mac - Shell Shocked Snoop Dogg - Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told Big Ed - The Assassin Skull Duggery - These Wicked Streets Magic - Sky's the Limit Various Artists - Mean Green Prime Suspects - Guilty 'til Proven Innocent Gambino Family - Ghetto Organized Mia X - Mama Drama Ghetto Commission - Wise Guys Steady Mobb'n - Black Mafia Full Blooded - Memorial Day Various Artists - We Can't Be Stopped Mystikal - Ghetto Fabulous 1999 Silkk the Shocker - Made Man Mr. Serv-On - Da Next Level C-Murder - Bossalinie Various Artists - Foolish Mo B. Dick - Gangsta Harmony Lil Soldiers - Boot Camp Snoop Dogg - No Limit Top Dogg Various Artists - Who U Wit? TRU - Da Crime Family Mercedes - Rear End Fiend - Street Life Lil Italy - On Top of da World Magic - Thuggin' Mac - World War III Master P - Only God Can Judge Me 2000 504 Boyz - Goodfellas Mr. Marcelo - Brick Livin' C-Murder - Trapped in Crime Master P - Ghetto Postage Snoop Dogg - Tha Last Meal 2001 Silkk the Shocker - My World, My Way Various Artists - West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 3: Poppin' Collars Lil' Romeo - Lil' Romeo Soulja Slim - Streets Made Me Krazy - Breather Life C-Murder - Master P - Game Face 2002 504 Boyz - Ballers Lil' Romeo - Game Time 2003[edit] Choppa - Straight from the N.O. Magic - White Eyes 2004 Master P - Good Side, Bad Side Silkk the Shocker - Based on a True Story Lil' Romeo - Romeoland 2005 TRU - The Truth Master P - Ghetto Bill Master P - Remix Classics 2006 Master P - The Ultimate Master P 2008 Master P - Living Legend (guttar music) 504 Boyz - Bounce Back (guttar music) 2012 Master P - TMZ TOO MANY ZEROS (official mixtape) Romeo - I Am No Limit (official mixtape) 2013 (No Limit Forever Records) Tbo - White Boi Swag (official mixtape) Bengie B - Ben Raw (official mixtape) Pallo Da Jiint - Dat Heat Rock (official mixtape) TEC - Take Off (official mixtape) Cymphonique - Passion (official mixtape) Maserati Rome - Inception (official mixtape) Miss Chee 2013 (May-Dec / NLF) Master P - AL CAPONE (official mixtape) Master P, ALley Boy & Fat Trel - LOUIE V MOB "New World Order" (official mixtape) Master P - Famous Again Master P - THE GIFT (limited Edition Gold Album) 2014 Master P - Return of The Ice Cream Man (official mixtape) feb 28th 2014 Master P - Platinum Gift (18 track video album) coming soon Coming Soon 2014 (TBA): Master P - Boss of All Bosses (album) Master P - Ice Cream Man 2 (album) Maserati Rome - Rome Everything Down South Hustlers 2 - Master P ft. Various Artist (album) West Coast Bad Boyz "Cali Livin" - Master P ft. Various Artist 4K Indie Street Compilation - Various Artist Varios projects from No Limit Forever Artist (Miss Chee, Krazy, Pallo, T-Bo, Playa, Gangsta and More)

  • Anonymous

    Master P was worth around 600 mil in 2000. one of the richest black men in the US. just because he doesn't rap anymore doesn't mean hes anywhere near broke. he makes money of other business ventures

  • Earnest

    No Limit? More like no credit to Wendy Day, who structured his deal. She also crafted Cash Money's deal, and they didn't even want to give her the small pittance she asked for in return for getting them the best deal in the history of the industry.

    • realnigga1

      wendy day had no hand in P's work, it was only after master p put in all the work and started reaching in these majors pockets, buy selling #1 records over their artist, did universal go to new orleans and get baby a deal to go against p and take back they radio. be real nigga p is a self made nigga

    • Anonymous

      Birdman and Slim are snakes.

  • trayvon martin luther

    Mac is the down south Nas....damn I miss his REAl muzik! The gov't locked that brotha up...cause they feared his music...he was on another level...still is...I still put money on the homie books and write em every now and then!!!

  • Anonymous

    no limit fell off cuz of jail. mac was hard soulja slim c murder. they shit was selling classic ass beats. then the shit with p playing basketball and doing movies and sports agency hurt no limit. also p was marketing his other artist. cash money was dope but mainly juvenile. wayne wasnt ready back then probably the weakest link. manny and juve carried cash money before that bg and manny. but no limit artist were really living that thug life in the n.o. big ed from the rich died. then he lost his deal with priority. thats what killed no limit. cash money didnt have the bread and got they deal cuz of p. then they fell of til the game changed and bullshit started popping then here comes ym bullshit. no limit was in the bay 6 0r 7 years independent. all bay artist were selling 100000s back then independently. u cant go by riaa and soundscan numbers alone for no limit E40 or any other independent. and soundscan isnt all that accurate. only certain stores and if the label pays them. back then there were mom and pop shops soundscann doesnt check their sales!

  • Roldho

    just before I saw the paycheck ov $8439 , I didnt believe neighbour woz realy erning money part-time online. . there neighbor started doing this for only about nineteen months and resently cleared the morgage on their villa and bourt a brand new Mazda MX-5 . over here.......

  • Anonymous

    It's actually 30 million, which is nothing spectacular compared to other labels

  • Slim Dogg

    Your label sold 75 million records...well, how come you owe da gov't???

  • Anonymous

    P was definitely the boss of bosses back in the late nineties he had the south locked down for a good minute

    • Oudge1983

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  • IROC

    One thing for sure Master P got his money a 80/20 deal is big not even Jay Z getting it like that, these rip off 360 deals that Kendric Lamar and other top selling artist are sign to, if they dont get some other money making ventures going they will leave this rap game broke like they came in

    • Anonymous

      Master P has all his masters. No Limit sold a buttload worldwide over the years. Imagine being the plug with cheap distribution and promoting all you're own albums with loyal fans(fiends). Master P was worth 600 mil when he was done. a True hustler whose hustle was rap. P.S. Kendrick is getting raped on his deal thats why he doesn't spend like that. he knows better than yall do

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z definitely couldn't get it back then, but dude could get whatever he wants now. Keep in mind, he became President of Def Jam and later left with ALL his masters. He's just doing unique one-off deals with Universal now.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick seems smarter than that. hes not blowing more money than he has on luxury cars and jewelry to keep up with everyone around him... theres artists who sold less and 1/4 of what he did and didn't make the forbes list rocking 250k in jewels and pushing bentleys and RR's...

  • nigga slim

    Those No limit albums still sound fresh n not dated today. You can throw on that Kane n abel or soulja slim as easily as any trap gangsta shit thats out now. Only KLC had better beats...

  • Anonymous

    I went through the No Limit discography on Wikipedia. Using certifications and available numbers, plus a few estimates for non-certified albums that had Billboard chart positions and/or first week numbers and leaked Soundscans on forums, I get that the label did at least 40 million in the US, with easily half of that in 1997-1998 alone. That's US, I don't know if they sold in the rest of the world. I think people who think the sales are very very exaggerated might be missing a few things: 1 Snoop was on the label and did big #s, Mystikal was on the label, everything the Millers put out for a couple years including compilations went at least Gold and some were 2-3x Platinum, Master P's own solo output not including groups/soundtracks/compilations is 10 million, everything they put out from 1997-1999 was on the new release and top sellers endcap at every major music chain in every shopping mall and there were people who went to the store every Tuesday and bought all new rap releases during that time, even their flops were top 20 on Billboard for a good run, a lot of the releases less than Gold still sold 100s of 1000s of copies- you had releases that sold 50-80K first week that didn't go Gold but they probably did 200-300K and they add up, most of the sales Pre-Priority probably didn't get counted or audited- they pale in comparison to the 1997-1999 sales, but they moved units independently off the RIAA and Soundscan radar before they got distribution. Also, while they dropped off hard around 1999, they still had stuff like Romeo, group albums and compilations that gave them a few more million in the 2000s. Also you have situations like something was certified Gold but it sold closer to 1 million than 500k, and albums that sold 3.5 million but are 3x. When you get into an excess of big numbers over 90 releases, that adds up. As of 2006 leaked Soundscan numbers, Master P alone had around 2 million Soundscans on non-certified or under-certified releases, and that doesn't include his first couple LPs.


    lol dats tha big homie rite thurrr. masta p been clappin foolz/droppin rhymes to da new skools/braking them rulez/killen dem foolz/ he in da news/ homie showed me wat real be/ how I still be/ do ya feel me?/ if not imma killl G... bars from my upcoming mixtape song called ---da masta--- tribute 2 da realest rappa ever. AHHHHHHH word up

  • Travis

    P don't get the credit he deserves. He was never the best lyricist but he put out good music and those other albums No Limit put out really never disappointed.

  • Royal

    He could be exaggerating. 75 million seems high, but between him Silk, Snoop, and Mystikal alone - they've sold over 25 million here in the U.S. So I wouldn't be surprised if, world wide, the whole No Limited collection has sold something close to that.

  • Sneakerassassin

    Didn't know he was still rapping!,, For all early release sneakers go to

  • OG


  • Master P

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ahhhhh took a nice shit.

    • OG


  • Anonymous

    liar. even em and pac didn't sell dat

    • wasd

      must have bought an album for every pill he was popping

    • Anonymous

      em has sold over 100 million worldwide 45 million in the US

    • Anonymous

      i still dont believe no limit sold 75 mill,

    • best bizness man in the game

      he mean within the group.. him, silk, c murder, fiend, snoop, mia, mystikal the whole crew.. sold 75 mill... i believe.. back then, there wasnt a such thing as download and you got it.. you had to actually go buy the shit..

    • Anonymous

      he didnt say he sold 75 mill himself, hes talking about his label No Limit which was putting out new records like every single week in their peak in the 90's so its possible but i think he's exaggerating some

  • Micky

    Donald trumps filed for bankruptcy four times and hasn't been broke once there's means and ways...

  • Anonymous

    He's been running on that 75 million records schtick for almost 20 years, haha

  • Anonymous

    how many of them records is classic though

  • Jay Dubb

    Percy 'Master Pee' Miller is the LUCKIEST guy alive, the ONLY reason his garbage label EVER sold was because DEATHROW laid the blueprint with THE CHRONIC & got put on 'ice' with the Delores Tucker vs Time Warner BS (Warner was DEATHROW's distributor) & So Limited, I mean No Limit just pushed dat garbage like C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker & Sons of Funk to an audience hungry for anything 'near' gangsta rap like DEATHROW was doing. CASHMONEY came in as the 'new kids' with better music & put SO LIMITed out of business & he declared bankruptcy! He ain't ANYWHERE NEAR that $ & ain't gonna sell much more - his rapping & musicality is straight garbage! Hurts the ears, of ANYONE that knows GOOD & REAL MUSIC!

    • RealHipHopVeteran

      I agree with Jay Dubb 1000%. Master P and No Limit Records were a disgrace to hip hop. The label should have been called "No Talent" Records. Anyone who knows true musicianship, or true lyricism, knows No Limit's sound was pure bullshit, made by a bunch of idiots who had no business producing hiphop records. Their beats and lyrics were as shitty and cheap as their wack ass album covers. Master P and his brothers tried very hard to steal 2Pac's sound and rap delivery, to a fault. No Limit actually began a trend in hip hop that has led to the major decline in the quality of mainstream hip hop today.

    • realnigga1

      look at this ass clown right here, baby been making records the last 15 years, still not even worth 100 million, p was worth 600 million in only 3 years, and p has plenty of classic albums and records sit yo dumb ass down

    • weak nigga killa

      U a weak ass nigga and obviously aint know what kinda shit they dropped. they beats was hard as hell

    • Anonymous

      Quit crying bitch boy. Get back to bumping your one direction albums.

    • 905

      Calm down, he's made some decent music.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z has followed the exact same road P was on. He Just learned from P's mistakes

    • nigga slim

      Only P n his family lived that life. Jay was never in the streets hard. Just look at his weak ass in that Jaz-o video. He a weak ass lookin nigga

  • Anonymous

    Master P is the person who showed Rap how to make money. Without him setting the blueprint there would be no Forbes top paid rappers lists.

  • geminiman7

    I believe it. I had so many of them niggas records back in the day lol. Back in the 90's/early 2000's a new rapper came out every week just about

  • Anonymous

    It's hard to believe P now struggles in the same game he helped perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it. That nigga was a master at promotion. I bought damn near every No Limit album that came out back then.

    • Anonymous

      Nigs say jay dubb momma pussy smell like doo doo so they just fuck her in the ass.

    • Jay Dubb

      NO wonder you are 'anonymous, admitting you 'bought almost every No Limit album' - SUCKER! I'd DEMAND my money back! That sh*t is straight DOO DOO warmed over!

  • Anonymous

    At one point in time he was one of the richest black men in America but after bad business deals and being sued by so many people and then going bankrupt he lost most of it. No way he has $350 million or anywhere near that now. After seeing how much he pays in child support, his new music videos, label set up, producers, features and the way he moves i would say his in a bad place.

    • Anonymous

      filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean the same thing when the rich do it.

    • Anonymous

      his companies might have went bankrupt but that doesn't mean he did or that he's broke. all smart businessmen keep that stuff separate... donald trump gone bankrupt too you know

    • Anonymous

      "go to celebrity networth and find out." dont be stupid. that website has no way of really know what people have or are worth. a guy i work with is listed on there as being worth 8 million but he will be the first to tell you he's not. he owns no land or property and has less than 40k in the bank and has 2 cars, 1 is a pickup truck.

    • Jay Dubb

      He went BANKRUPT several times, major lawsuits, divorces, never paid his artists (public record) - WHY do you think he's changed the name of the company so many times..... New No Limit, No Limit Forever, the New New No Limit - SH*T is SH*T no matter WHAT you call it, he had his '15 minutes' in the 90's & has tried UNSUCCESSFULLY a hundred times to 'come back since - IT AIN'T HAPPENING, people aren't that desperate or stupid........ NEXT!

    • Anonymous

      P never went bankrupt fool. Where the hell did you get that from??

    • Anonymous

      go to celebrity networth and find out.

  • Anonymous

    75 mill? No way. Nice run though.

  • minnesota slick

    i kinda believe him. he had the mid to late 90's on lock and i bet his back catalog is still selling hella in Europe and shit

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