Kanye West Blasts Sway Calloway & Charlamagne Tha God During "Yeezus" Concert

Kanye West wonders what Charlamagne Tha God and Sway Calloway have done with the past 10 years of their lives.

In 2013, Kanye West had much-discussed interviews with Sway Calloway and Charlamagne Tha God. During West's most recent Yeezus Tour stop in Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center, the rapper criticized the radio show hosts while discussing his 10 years as a solo artist in the music business.

"Ten years of this shit," Kanye West said during the performance. "If I go to a radio interview, shut the fuck up. If you're on your talk show at night showing a picture of me walking with my girlfriend, shut the fuck up...What have you done with the past 10 years of your life, Charlamagne? Sway? What did you do? Fuck these niggas names is? I am Yeezus." 

In November, Kanye West screamed at Sway Calloway during an interview. “You ain’t got the answers," Kanye West said to Sway Calloway when the radio show host suggested that West create an independent clothing line. "You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t got the answers, Sway. I’ve been doing this more than you.” In December, Sway Calloway addressed the interview. "I love Kanye West," Sway said on MTV's "Rap Fix Live." "That's my little brother. If you got a chance to see the interview, it got really intense. I will admit to that. But everything Kanye said, I think is true. In fact, I believe in everything that he's trying to do. I think we all should listen to the message that's in everything he said in the interview." 

In November, Charlamagne Tha God referred to West as a "walking contradiction" during the rapper's interview with New York radio station Power 105.1. 

To read more regarding the Kanye West-Sway Calloway argument and to view the video of their conversation, click here. To read more about Kanye West's interview with Power 105.1 and The Breakfast Club, click here.  

To view the video of West's recent criticism of Sway and Charlamagne, click here

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  • djbvax

    Well #1 they are not musicians so that's stupid because they are not in completion with you Kanye. #2 They have done quite well in THIER professions. #3 Why didn't you say that when Charlamagne was blowing you up on air? Yea..thought so....

  • Shanice

    Guys, seriously this guy is really good. He gives Eminem and Nas a run for their money. Check em out #MarcusAKAdatfreshniggatho



  • Anonymous

    This fuck ass nigga is a walking contradiction. Charlamagne said it best.

  • 614grin

    So that's what makes someone a genius these days huh?

  • Nick

    Kanye is right tho, what have they done in the past 10 years? And they try and question the man who has partly changed rap within the last 10 years with his new style of beats brought in with the Blueprint cmon now. On a social level he might be crazy, but without a doubt he is on a whole nother musical level compared to the joke rappers of today.

    • Anonymous

      they done a lot for what they trying to do. Sway got his own radio show every morning on SiriusXM and Charlamagne is on one of the biggest hip-hop morning shows on terrestrial radio as well as some MTV shows

  • Dee Nice

    There is nothing wrong with Kanye that a brick or a boot to the head won't cure. What annoys me most about Kanye is the fake tough guy role he tries to play. Notice Kanye will never turn up on somebody he thinks my twist his wig

  • Anonymous

    He came up in era where it was either him or Lil Jon.. He's winning by default.. Fake ass Pete Rock and Souls Of Mischief

  • Ramon

    Kany West doesn't have balls to reply to Lord Jamar: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.27036/title.lord-jamar-calls-kanye-west-a-pioneer-of-a-feminine-emasculated-style-that-s-trying-to-infiltrate-hip-hop-

  • Prick James

    Do you know the hallmark of a second rater? It's resentment of another man's achievement. Those touchy mediocrities who sit trembling lest someone's work prove greater than their own - they have no inkling of the loneliness that comes when you reach the top. The loneliness for an equal - for a mind to respect and an achievement to admire. They bare their teeth at you from out of their rat holes,thinking that you take pleasure in letting your brilliance dim them - while you'd give a year of my life to see a flicker of talent anywhere among them. They envy achievement, and their dream of greatness is a world where all men have become their acknowledged inferiors. They don't know that that dream is the infallible proof of mediocrity, because that sort of world is what the man of achievement would not be able to bear. They have no way of knowing what he feels when surrounded by inferiors - hatred? no, not hatred, but boredom - the terrible, hopeless, draining, paralyzing boredom. Of what account are praise and adulation from men whom you don't respect? Have you ever felt the longing for someone you could admire? For something, not to look down at, but up to?" -Ayn Rand

  • titooo

    Co-sign mate. But I think we have to excuse him he's probably on crack or something like that. That guy is the most immature rapper out there

  • Why go at charlamagne? Learn to take a lil criticism mabe?

    "I am Yeezus"...... uh what? So he mad because what he calls "experimental", is actually wack garbage released with the sole purpose of keeping Kanye relevant for a little longer. Or maybe he just called it an experimental hip hop album because he knows its weak and lacking direction. Kinda like when he said he wasn't rhyming "on purpose" in that freestyle lol. And now hes mad at Charlemagne for what reason? Because he didn't like the album? That's probably the stupidest and most immature reason to talk shit about someone. If he was more humble earlier on, Kanye wouldn't have to continually dig deeper into this pit of "I am Yeezus, Im a self proclaimed musical genius". Once a dumb mothafucka starts calling themselves a genius, the only direction they gonna be heading is down.

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Kanye and Sway just need to kiss and make up. It's Valentine's Day. In fact, Yeezy should invite Charlamagne to join in for a 3way kiss while listening to Grammy winning Macklemore & Lewis "Same Love". That's hot!

  • titooo

    Kanye, why you didn't have balls to say that to Sway when you were doing the interview? I remember you ended up the interview acting kind of like "ok, sorry if I overreacted but that's what I thought", which was cool... but now you talk shit about Sway? Why you didn't say that to him at that moment? You only have balls when you are in front of your fans or what?

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is brilliant, all he has to do is give a little rant at one of his sold out concerts were he's making hundreds of thousands of dollars and the bloggers give him free promo all over the Internet based on two f-list interviewers. Genius.

    • EvenOdd

      FOH. Do your research...Kanye has been struggling to fill his shows.

    • Crazyman who thinks he is "Yeezus" is actually a genius...

      You really think Kanye needs more promotion? And do you really think this is the kind of promotion that helps him? Seems like hes getting deeper and deeper into his own delusions, and getting pissed off when anybody tries to say anything. Next hes gonna be some lunatic Alex Jones figure in hip hop. Constantly spouting off about how "they" won't let him grow and do whatever he wants LOL.

    • Anonymous

      hell yeah bro, this the type of shit that makes me rush out and buy a $40 Kanye West signature confederate flag t-shirt

  • Anonymous

    He got Sway his first modern TV. He should remember that.

    • Anonymous

      a 50 pound 27 inch square tv, if sway really wanted a tv he would've bought won.... he been doin this rap shit long before kanye ever made a beat or wrote a rap

  • Anonymous

    Kanye stay trolling you scrubs

  • Anonymous

    Shud have whooped on him when ya had the chance Sway...second time he dun tried to play you...obvious he feel sum kinda way...

  • Anonymous

    sway is bitch boy mother of your husband

  • Anonymous

    Sway been playing yeezus records 4 the past 10 years...plus Sway was a artist b4 kanye fucked his 1st golddigga..

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. Biggie and Pac died for this? They lived and breathed hip hop. Fuck I hate this clown.

  • 614grind

    You do realize you just destroyed your whole message by commenting yourself, right?

  • boomTown

    sway gotta respond to this, kanye tryin to make the homie sway look like a clown.

  • Anonymous

    People who comment here are not achievers. If you don't understand Kanye's comments, you clearly don't do anything. You criticize and talk about Kanye, Drake or whoever but you don't accomplish shit or go against the grain. What Kanye is saying is he has been working his ass off to achieve shit, break the rules, leave a mark, innovate music. Charmalgne and Sway are pathetic spectators like y'all. What he says is simply %100 true.

    • Anonymous

      @anon you have an excuse for a brain,for taking Kanye seriously,how do you compare the achievements of two people who are not in same occupational field.Whats the basis?whats the criteria?I don't much about what Charlemagne has done,but Sway has exceptionally excelled this far in his dual careers as a radio Dj and talk show host.

    • Annoyamous

      His ego ruins his credibility. When you are having a conversation with another person you look at them (infamous Sway interview). He believes he is this amalgamation of everything relevant & intelligent and compares himself to history's greatest. But he is not Jesus, nor Beethoven, nor Shakespeare. He is pseudo everything. When he tries to have an intelligent conversation he references Will Smith movies (Sway interview). I suspect he will end like ending of Citizen Kane. A lonely soul trapped inside huge protected mansion. I just wish he would go quietly because as a person who loves hip hop culture, this guy is an idiot. If you a revolutionary, then make an album about people becoming caring, responsible & accountable for their actions. He just made an album about sexual frustrations & temporal satisfactions while a woman, not his wife, was carrying his baby.

    • Nah, hes a celebrity clown now

      Kanye is soo accomplished, that after 10 years in the game, he forgot that its important to actually rhyme intelligently during a freestyle. If anyone else pulled that "no rhyming freestyle" bullshit, it would be last time you ever hear from them. Kanye is mad because he gave up on his craft and sucks now. His rapping has only gotten worse recently. Dude is slowly burning his bridges with this crybaby bulshit.

    • Anonymous

      @Guest. Your achievements are not extraordinary. Kanye has revolutionized music for millions upon millions of people in millions upon millions of ways. What you have described is fine but conventional. Kanye put Daft Punk samples on tracks when people were telling him he was crazy. He wore pink polls when people thought he was crazy. He made an album when everyone said he was crazy. Going against the grain and breaking conventions, takes super-confidence. There is a big difference between that and what you described. @ radi. I'm just saying Kanye is a doer. Sway and Charmalgne are commenters. They won't be remembered. They ain't shit . Let's be real.

    • radi

      you critisize sway and charlie...what the fuck have you accomplished? yh fuck you.

    • Guest

      I consider not having a child before being married an achievement, but you don't see me going around comparing myself to the people that have. I consider getting a college degree an achievement but again you don't see me calling people out that haven't received one. That's not necessary, Kanye is a narcissist and is mad because the people that he idolizes don't want to give him the money they worked hard for so he can have a clothing line.

  • machine music

    This nigga a bitch.Why he ain't mass up on Charlemagne during the interview? Why he calm down after Sway told him "we can turn these mics off"? Then wait five months before he reignite the shit. Bitch. Nigga. All these rants about being anti-establishment will continue until he becomes the establishment. Then he can sell you niggas 500 dollar t-shirts. Its funny its been 10 years since College Dropout and he is more dillusional than ever. Used to fuck with this nigga, but I'm done.

  • D12WORLD

    If Sway doesnt slap tha fuck outta Kanye for this (especially after he disrespected em on his own show) he is a pussy

  • FactsMachine

    The way I see it, KANYE BETTER HAVE SOME MASTERPIECES LINED UP FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS, if he doesn't his career is going to tank Big Time. For someone to talk so much means they got some great surprises in store. Let's see.

  • blah uno

    I love people that talk smack bout someone when there not there, but as soon as dudes face to face with that person they all like 'what up homie, hows life, we good'...fuck outta here!

  • FactsMachine

    Kanye is a Genius

    • Anonymous

      If kanye was such a fucking genius he would just keep making music and shut the fuck up. Let the shit speak for itself. The only thing genius about the man is getting millions of mindless sheep to believe this bullshit. The man has worked hard yes, but if you constantly feel the need to act like this to defend yourself. Maybe you weren't right in the first place. Let everybody else formulate your their own opinions. What constitutes a genius these days. Some of you niggas need to go back to school.

    • Anonymous

      that might be true but hes still an ego maniac and an asshole

  • Malik

    Charlamagne Tha God.Screw Yeezus

  • koopsta

    Who is this nigga to shit on those two lol? Nigga youve made the worst music n beats I ever heard. My nigga juicy Jwould school you on how to make a dope ass beat while you still fuckin with those trash can drum sounds of yours.

  • Papa Smurf.

    You hypocrites need to be tarred, feathered, gelded, hanged, drawn, and quartered. You bitch and moan about HipHop being too soft and then when a rapper shits on the media you wanna get all sanctimonious and shit. If this was Charlamagne shitting on Kanye or his wife you would be cheering and clapping. When Kendrick disses GQ all the zombies started cheering and when Drake disses Rolling Stone you zombies start booing. HipHop/Rap fans are the most hypocritical fucks on the planet, you switch your opinions based on if its a rapper that you like or dislike in whatever situation they are in.

    • Kanye's way or Behind the back shit talking.

      "You bitch and moan about HipHop being too soft and then when a rapper shits on the media you wanna get all sanctimonious and shit. If this was Charlamagne shitting on Kanye or his wife you would be cheering and clapping." When a rapper is trying to shit on others by saying "Fuck these niggas names is? I am Yeezus.", Its already obvious that hes a fucking delusional idiot. Hes using his status to make interviewers do whatever he wants. This is the definition of asshole scumbaggary. No matter who the fuck you are.

    • Anonymous

      Shitting on the media for getting your feelings hurt is the opposite of being hard. Sway never even did nothing to him but gave him a platform to speak what was on his mind! Kendrick didn't diss GQ it was Top Dawg and those are 2 completely different scenarios. They wasn't dissing over missing out on a cover, they weren't pleased with the portrayal of west coast hip-hop or some shit.

  • Nas

    Kanye u iz a bitch. ugly bastard


    Will someone please slump this nigga already?

  • Anon

    Just a walking ego, nothing more. World only revolves around him.

  • RHX

    You look at a guy like RZA, a humble dude who Actually revolutionised the game with his beats. Then you look at this clown without a grain of humble in him who really believes he is the most important and best thing to ever happen to this planet. Sway NEEDS to KO him after this no questions asked to uphold his name and bring public shame on this crybaby.

    • ^^

      ^He BEAT a murder case. Meaning found NOT guilty. Not everyone who is accused is guilty. So no that is not 'proof' what an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      he beat a murder case, that should be enough proof, read that wu book, niggas had bullet proof suits

    • Anonymous

      where's the "RZA's a murderer" proof fuckboy

    • Anonymous

      the box set wasnt available in stores champ, it was for the big fans who wanted more than just a cd. and i didnt even order it but hundreds of people did and got nothing.

    • Gerz1

      @1st anon- U talk in pure speculation. Iron fist box set ? So u ain't buy it from a store like a normal person huh fuckin idiot

    • Anonymous

      if a murderer can be more humble than kanye then thats saying something

    • Anonymous

      The same RZA whose label ripped off hundreds if not thousands of Wu fans who tried to support him? People still waiting for their Man With The Iron Fists box sets they ordered in Fall of 2012!!!!

    • RHX

      Murderer? I'm using RZA as an example since they were both primarily known for their beats and if you hear RZA talk in interviews how wise and humble he is compared to Kanye who is the complete opposite. Fuck outta here Stan

    • Anonymous

      The same RZA who multiple members of his group say shortchange them and robbed them of fair royalties? RZA is a murderer so let's find a better human example to compare Kanye with.


    Damn Kanye, stop acting like such a hoe. Fame has destroyed yo ass man.



  • Truth

    Kanye is such an asshole. So being a RADIO HOST or a TELEVISION HOST is not a worthy job, or career? That's what Sway and Charlemagne love doing, and they are good at it. Sorry Kanye - everyone can't be a rapping fashion designer. Stop shitting on what other people do for a living.

  • Anonymous

    this bitch ain't gettin any more money outta me

  • PauloMalo

    I don't think Sway disrespected Ye in anyway, so this wasn't really needed. Fuck Charlamagne though, the guy's an asshole

  • Anonymous

    Sway should send hollows in this nigga's direction.

  • Anonymous

    Sway put Tech, Em, Rza, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, Xzibit, Pharoah Monch and KRS all on the same fucking song- before the world really respected their immense talent. Fuck Kanye for frontin on Sway like this. He offers a platform for underground artists to blow up and has gotten a lot of hip-hop history to the public through interviews, and personal experience. It's insulting to put him in the same category as Charlamagne the ignorant fuck boi

  • Joe Grizzly

    You know what I think, I think Charlamagne and Sway are both some bitch ass niggas for disrespecting Yeezy, and if any of you internet thug pussies got a problem with that, we can turn off the computer and you can call me. 313-465-7189. I'm Joe Grizzly, bitch.

  • drizzy!

    Kanye West and Wale make Drake look hyper-masculine.

  • D From Q.U.

    That rant was funny, I peeped the video. He want to act all Rambo now since he's nowhere near Sway and Charlamagne, nah dont that! you had the opportunity when you was on their show!

  • Anonymous

    This guy really sucks. Dr. Dre - Big Ego's [2001]

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up hoe!

  • Anonymous

    never go against dj they the ones who support u annd have a right for their own opinion


    Kanye is a legend. And he is right.. people who don't accomplish shit need to SHUT THE FUCK UP

    • blah uno

      YEEZUS u cant be serious bout what u just said. I think u need to get kanyes nutsack up off your eyes and wake the fuck up bruh. u blind just like the sheep that follow this dude

    • Anonymous

      In his own mind, and in the mind of his ho wife.

    • YEEZUS

      opinions hold more weight when they are credible. and yes Sway is part of the hip hop culture, but Kanye has done more for the genre than anyone. nobody advances the sound of hip hop like Kanye West.. from Graduation to MBDTF to WTT to Yeezus, he has always pushed the envelope, something the majority of hip hop and rap artists fail to do

    • freeway

      sway has been a highly respected figure in hip-hop long before kanye came into the game.For him to show that disrespect to sway is a slap in the face to this genre. I lovED Kanye,but his ego is beginning to become bigger than himself. Theres a reason why so many successful figures stress the importance if being humble no matter how much success and fame they achieve

    • Anonymous

      really? so they dont have a right to an opinion?

  • Prick James

    This dude is a bitch for real. He calmed down real quick-like when Sway offered to turn the mics off and really handle shit. Charlemagne poked at him repeatedly and Ye' wisely held his tongue. Now that he got some distance he wanna sweel up and shit. Punk ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is gone, I'm done thinking, listening and wasting my time on this clown show.

  • Anonymous

    get off your pedestal Kanye, you're an asshole who used to make good beats, that's it

  • wow

    For real, on a serious note.. I really can't stand this overbearing nigga no more. Fuck him. Yeezus (Both the wackass shoes and the album) were garbage. He lost it. He ain't shit no more, the public has turned their backs on him, and righteously so. Nobody likes him except his stans. He's done. finished. the end.

  • Anonymous

    Sway never did anything wrong. Kanye is the one who makes himself look bad in all those interviews.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but Kanye I'm one of your biggest supporters. I understand you and charlemange, But to go at Sway I guy thats constantley backed you is fucked up, you owe that Guy an apology first you embarass him on his show and he forgave you then you publicly trash him at your concert. You an asshole Yeezy and you really need to calm done before you end up like gucci maine whre nobody likes you or checks for you.

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSNK0pm4eY

    • Anonymous

      Ive seen you post this before but it doesn't seem to be working, 334 plays and 2 of those clicks are from me, not realizing it would be the same song. HHDX is going to delete your comment because of the link.

  • Anonymous

    Why didnt he say anything about Drake? Drake was dissing your wack ass Swag-hili line.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Drake would kick the holy shit out of anyone's ass if they even mention his name. Don't be fooled. From Degrassi to Pelican Bay. Drake's a killa with felony charges that would make T.I. blush.

  • Anonymous

    yo kanye. how about you go at your actual adversaries and not your supporters?!? fuckin shit bag

  • young greezy

    fuck em. yall us manipulative contradictory mufuckas urselves

  • 614grind

    Shit on by Kanye? How, by saying "It ain't Ralph" and "You ain't got the answers, Sway"? All that shit came to a halt when Sway offered to turn off the mic though.

  • Anonymous

    Mr West is not getting any more money from me

  • Anonymous

    I think people attack Kanye too quickly now before they even know what's going on... there's always 2 sides to a story and I'm not sayin Kanye was right or wrong for what he said but usually there's a reason behind it

    • Anonymous

      Theres no reason to throw Sway under the bus again. Sway is the most respected and knowledgeable person in all of hip-hop media!

    • brotherteresa

      I think we've already heard the "other side" in those interviews and it's all first world BS. And instead of being a MAN and disagreeing with Sway and Charlamagne in person (hell, even in private), he chose to emote like a bitch on a live mic. And WHY? Because of all the ridicule he's received for those interviews. But those men didn't embarrass him, he embarrassed himself by coming onto those shows and attempting to do a monologue when it's an INTERVIEW. All those rehearsed Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and fashion-centric lines.. and he couldn't even bust a coherent freestyle? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Kanye, but the dude is trying WAY too hard to mask his insecurities.

    • Anonymous

      the reason is that Kanye's a bitchmade narcissist

  • Jojo

    What's dope is Sway got shit on by Kanye....then the idiot goes on record and defends Kanye a few days later! He backs Kanye's rant up and calls it the truth! Sway tells people to listen to Kanye! Then two months later, Kanye shits on him again!! AHAHAHA dummy..straight suckers still suckin his mans dick

  • Justin Hunte

    Here's what Sways done: Interviewed a sitting President in the White House while rocking his "Sway hat." Who else in Hip Hop has done that?

  • F**K Kanye

    Sway done loads of good interviews while you MR CROOKED CHIN aka F**K Face have done what All this guys albums and music are crap - SWAY interviewed TUPAC thats more than youre whole music catolog MR BENT CHIN - PLUS you wear skirts YOU PUNK - F**K JayZ and Kanye

  • Anonymous

    Its funny how a few months back he was sitting right beside Charlamagne and he ain't say shit! Pussy

  • Sway Is A Gay Nigga From The Bay

    It ain't Ralph tho

  • Anonymous

    Sway is ungrateful, he needs to remember who gave his his first 27" TV!

  • K Wiz

    When all is said and done, do you think Kanye will be remembered for his contribution to hip hop, or for his emotional rants? getbeatdowndotcom

  • Chi-Ill

    Damn! I hate the fact that this from ChiTown, Its embarrassing! smh

  • Anonymous

    This dude gonna OD from fame and all that comes with it soon, I can see that happening. His high horse gonna heel kick the fuck outta him until he's comatose. That pedestal eventually gonna crumble...

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it's just this site. Maybe it's hip-hop in general but man there is very little music news at this point and mostly gossip. Seriously look at all the top articles and tell me I'm wrong

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West = Bitch tendencies

  • A Trillionaire

    When this dude speaks it doesn't sound like confidence to me. It sounds like he never expected to be in this position and is experiencing it all through some kind of out of body experience. Like he's watching himself do and say all this shit through the lens of a camera documenting his life. Yeezus is the character he created but he walks around all day as Yeezus.

  • Anonymous

    Ye is dead wrong for throwing Sway under the bus AGAIN! No one made Kanye go to Sways radio show and do that interview.

  • Anonymous

    Charlemagne is just another male version of Wendy Williams but Sway is an important part of the culture.I could care less who shits on Charlamagne because he is a clown but leave Sway out of your rants.

  • eh

    i could understand dissing charlamagne cause he's a disrespectful cunt who likes to talk reckless shit, but Sway? He's like the most chill dude and always supported him. cmon Ye

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Charlamagne hates on him but Sway was just trying to have a conversation with him and let him get his point across in a civilized manner.

  • Anonymous

    What an ungrateful cunt, I have bought 4 Kanye albums, I have paid to see him live twice, and I have watched him grow into this egocentric narcissist asshole. He will get no more money from me, neither will anyone on GOOD Music (cause I know some of that money will go to him).

    • Anonymous

      im wittit but no homo ass hashtag

    • dus

      man....there was a point that I was like, "Oh these rants are in some weird way inspirational" and "I understand where he's coming from", but I gotta agree with you on this. I won't be paying for any more products affiliated with Kanye. #BoycottKanyeWest - let's make this happen.

  • EvenOdd

    Fuck Kanye, If it wasn't for niggas like Sway, he wouldn't be here. To just shit on someone's career and say they haven't done anything is the highest level of disrespect. Both Charlamagne and Sway are both out here grinding hard and Sway has been out here representing the culture longer than Kanye.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Kanye. The most sensitive, butt-hurt, media-whoring motherfucker alive. This is what happens when you think way too much of yourself and very little of others.

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