Juicy J Recalls Hearing "Tear Da Club Up" On The Radio For The First Time

Juicy J also explains how "Tear Da Club Up" helped Three 6 Mafia get its first major label contract.

Juicy J’s material gets regular spins on the radio. Things were different for the Memphis rapper-producer in 1995, when he was an aspiring artist trying to break through with his group, Three 6 Mafia

The group started getting traction with its “Tear Da Club Up” single, a selection from its Mystic Stylez album. Juicy J says he remembers hearing the song on the radio for the first time.

“I would have been like 20, 21 years old,” Juicy J says during an interview with radio.com. "I heard it on the radio in Memphis, Tennessee. I went crazy. I got so excited. I was jumpin’ around. I called my mom. ‘Yo, I’m on the radio. I’m on the radio.’”

The success of “Tear Da Club Up” helped Three 6 Mafia land its first major label contract, one with Relativity Records. “The song got hot then it got in Atlanta,” Juicy J says. “Then it got hot in Dallas. Then it got hot in Houston, and then maybe like nine months later we signed a big record deal.” 

In 1997, Three 6 Mafia released its first album with Relativity Records, Chpt. 2 “World Domination.”  That album included “Tear Da Club Up ’97,” a reworking of its breakthrough hit. 

Juicy J is working on his next album, the follow-up to 2013’s Stay Trippy.

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  • detroit slim

    Funny thing is that old song would go harder than ANY muthafuckin song on your radio if you flipped it on right now. Shit so weak now with these watered down soft ass niggas

    • EternalOne

      Yeah to bad juicy not Mafia anymore though, 666 was one of the hardest groups ever with scarecrow. Production was amazing, juicy all caught up with his taylor gang bullshit to care.

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