Remy Ma Released From Prison, Releases DJ Khaled Collaboration

UPDATE #5: Remy Ma has been released from prison and is working with DJ Khaled, according to her Instagram page. Hear her new song now.

Papoose recently announced Remy Ma's release date during a performance. 

“They locked my bitch up for six years," Papoose said during the show. "But guess what? July, she coming home." 

Papoose further elaborated upon Remy Ma's release. 

"July 30, y'all," Pap said. "It's goin' down for real...She took that bid better than I seen a lot of niggas take they bids. I was there every step of the way and she took that shit like a champ. We ain't glorifying that shit. Whatever happened happened. But it's an actual fact. She handled that shit like a real bitch." 

In July 2012, Remy Ma spoke about being released from prison

"Yeah, been a little minute," Remy said at the time. "Been almost five years that I've been gone. People had a lot of time to chill. It's almost over. I'm gonna be back like I never left." 

In May 2008, Remy was sentenced to eight years in prison. The rapper was charged with shooting an associate, Makeda Barnes-Joseph. At the time, Remy reportedly spoke to the judge about her life. "I'm not a thug," she reportedly said. "I'm not a hard-core anything, I have feelings. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, big sister."

In April 2012, Pap spoke about Remy and how she inspires him. “It actually inspires me," Papoose said of Remy's incarceration. "It inspires me to do better, because that could be me in that situation. It could be you or anybody living in this country. None of us are exempt from that. It could happen to any one of us. Everybody that’s incarcerated is not guilty." 

(February 13)

UPDATE: Remy Ma's verified social media accounts have promoted Remy Ma's release from prison. 

"1 Day and a wake up Left . #TeamRemyMa #TheRulersBack #RemysHome #RemyMa," her Instagram account said in a post made yesterday (July 30). 

(July 31, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Remy Ma has been released from prison, according to MTV.

(July 31, 2014) 

UPDATE #3: Despite reports that the rapper was released from prison, Remy Ma is reportedly still in prison, according to REVOLT.

"An official at Bedford Hills Correctional facility informed REVOLT that Remy Ma was involved in a disciplinary problem on July 21," REVOLT reports. "There is no set timetable for the process or an updated release date." 

XXL reports that the "disciplinary problem was a phone violation involving a call to a third party." 

The XXL report indicates Ma could be released from prison next week. 

(July 31, 2014) 

UPDATE #4: Papoose and Remy Ma have announced on their Instagram account that Remy's been released from prison. 

"Congratulations to the #Queen happy 2c you walk out that cage!!!!!!!!!! Time 2 begin a new chapter It's your time #therulersback wish strong was here 2c this #therulersback #therulersback #ripstrong," Papoose says. 

(August 1, 2014)

UPDATE #5: Remy Ma was working with DJ Khaled upon her release from prison. The rapper's DJ Khaled collaboration, "They Don't Love You No More (Remix)," is available here

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • true2hiphop

    Mrs. Remy Ma better come a little harder with the lyrics. They weren't that great. A lot of smack talk but no clever lines, or wittiness. Metaphors were lacking & wordplay was none. Sorry Pap you that dude but help your girl out. She needs to do better for the Culture. #BarsAt?

  • Anonymous

    Pap is better at making cakes then he is at putting out records.

  • greg nuski

    Shes already featured on more songs than papoose this year alone....

  • 2001

    papoose net wrth is $18,064........................ remy aint for tht buullshitt...nigga she following the money straight out the pen...

  • veno benz

    this shit super wack she pose to be in the studio wit pappoose not this fat khaled

  • Anonymous

    She should have hopped on Hot Nigga for her first verse out. That would have been cray.

  • Big Gucci The Ruler

    she trying to earn that real nigga credentials but none of these industry niggas will ever be on that realness level of big gucci. Big Gucci is the blueprint of a real nigga. 1)Which other rapper you know that killed a niigga 2) Which other rapper you know throws rachet bitches out of moving cars 3) Which other rapper you know smashes niggas with beer bottles 4) Which other rapper you know that sold drugs on the level of Big Gucci 5) Which other rapper you know that performs concerts with bullet proof vests despite getting death threats 6) Which other rapper you know that runs the streets and runs the jails Gucci is everything that a real nigga should be he is the walking talking definition of a real nigga. When god made a real nigga he used gucci as his blue print real nigga shit.

    • Ezra Taylor

      Is this what you call being real? Being a murder, woman beater, thug. You are a fucking loser. Aspire to do more than the loser thug life style. With that said, I have more street credit than most of you. Yeah, that's right.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that nigga Gucci and fuck u 2....Dick Ryder

    • Anonymous

      1. snoop dogg, rza, c murder all got bodies 5. 50 was performing with bullet proof vests back when gucci was still a college boy


    Bitch only been home 1 night...guess her son got a kiss on the cheek...U know her weave took bout 3hrs...u know the bitch went out for some food from the town...She prolly spent more time with Khaled then Pap...He prolly aint even get no head!


    You would think she spend some time with her kid or better yet give Papoos some pussy...smh

  • Anonymous

    damn fresh out and you hit a dj khaled collabo? lmao she must of been in solidary confinement the entire time bc everyone knows hes a straight clown and that song was a huge flop, even Jay-Z refused to be in the video.

  • Roos1020

    Ok, for starters Remy was found GUILTY for shooting someone in the face. If it was anyone that is reading this family or friend she would be hated. People are making her out to be some kind of rap queen. WHY? She should pack her stuff up and take papooop with her and leave the country. They are the ones killing hiphop. DJ Khaled is pure GARBAGE too. He should go with them. We need the pioneers to come back and teach this screwed up country what HIPHOP is. #justsaying

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. Remy is average and 38 old years old. TEENS AINT GONNA LISTEN TO OVER AGED RAPPERS. To this day im asking myself what is Khaled doing? He aint writing, producing etc. He has no function or use at all.

  • Anonymous

    "She deserved what she got. Criminals drain society, so, shame on you for not hating on her more. Exactly, more like terrorist squad." Remy paid her debt to society unlike the pedophile priests who erode our society by committing the most vile and sick acts possible while disgustingly shielding themselves under religion. The true terrorists are the ones who bombed Black churches and assassinated Black leaders while burning their crosses and wearing their white sheets. I have no hatred in my heart for Remy, Khaled or Fat Joe, it made me proud to see a crew of Black and Brown artists from different ethnicities come together as a squad.

  • Young Guwop

    Papoose about to throw a party of that pussy. lol!!!


    Glad Remy was finally released from prison. Now get in the studio. Come.Call.Us - Husband&Wife/Bonnie&Clyde Like GETTMONEYYCLICKK'S PAGE @ @gettmoneyyclic1 #HAVINFUN

  • Sharise

    I love REMY MA all day

  • Fuckface

    They're not even vibing off him or his dj at all with all their overly emphasized attempts to do so. Lol.

  • Fuckface

    That versace freestyle garbage shit was dumb af. just wait till the silverbacks start flinging their shit everywhere. Perfect example of why society is so drained today.

  • Anonymous

    what does khaled do again?

    • Anonymous

      LMAO get the fuck outta here bruthadee you know he dont do shit over at his record label but dickride niggas for features and eat rozays food

    • Anonymous

      Besides running a record label he is an executive producer and a DJ as well as an A&R, are you really that stupid or shall someone have to explain to you what Diddy does?

    • Anonymous


  • Mike

    She blacked on this, it's like she was in a time capsule , cause she still preserves the same way she used to rap. She kind of sounds out of place and unadapted to these kind of beats though. Eventually she'll adapt. Right now, this just sounds like a URL battle rapper rapping on a industry beat. Which are a dime a dozen. She was very raw and all that, but is going to need less predictable bars to come at Nicki. This is what's going to happen : she's going to ride the hype off of being released from jail and then end up at battle raps for the rest of her career. Y'all should check out this book called " Flows: Verses That Count". It talks about key traits too rappers of day all share, some weird shit actually. Link here : [ ] take out the spaces

  • Mike

    She blacked on this, it's like she was in a time capsule , cause she still preserves the same way she used to rap. She kind of sounds out of place and unadapted to these kind of beats though. Eventually she'll adapt. Right now, this just sounds like a URL battle rapper rapping on a industry beat. Which are a dime a dozen. She was very raw and all that, but is going to need less predictable bars to come at Nicki. She is going to ride the hype of a release and hen end back up in the battle rap bunch doing URL battles. Y'all should check out this book called " Flows: Verses That Count". It talks about key traits too rappers of day all share, some weird shit actually. Link here : [alltheseflows . co / modern rap ] take out the spaces

  • Anonymous

    i dont see this fag khaled propsing to remy

  • Anonymous

    I guess they don't love dj khaled no more it's been like 5 months since dat shit came out still not in the top 50 lol

  • dazeone

    She is a beast and lyrically it's her then Minaj and EVE. ...but the musically can she adjust. ..The game changed. call be the ills out but if the hook ain't catchy..nobody checking for you...These Hoes ain't loyal....

  • Robb

    Looks like Nicki got some competition now.

  • Anonymous

    whats the big deal. i dont even care no more now that i seen her hit the studio with dj khaleds clown ass first thing when she gets home. i bet pap aint even get blown yet before she went off to record with that chunky arab. truth is shes not going to sell more than 30k total

    • Fuckface

      She deserved what she got. Criminals drain society, so, shame on you for not hating on her more. Exactly, more like terrorist squad.

    • Anonymous

      more like Terrorist Squad!

    • Anonymous

      Are you white? Why so you feel the need to classify Khaled as an "Arab"? Its sad that people are such vile and hateful creatures that they start hating on a female who just got of prison for working with a fellow Terror Squad member who she has a long history and friendship with.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, just shut up.

  • Lil Roc

    Yooo welcome hope Rem. Gonna hit up Youtube in a couple days to hear that new heat the hood been missing. Shit been real Soft lately

  • cliff

    this doesn't mean shit! these dumb fuck is going to go in the studio and diss Nicki and watch and see. You will see that she hasn't learned a fucking thing and she still thinks it's about beefing. she's screwed. She better wake up and go about making music. Don't make the same career mistakes your husband made. What am I saying? he's one of the worst rappers I've ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    im the darkest skinned blue black mother fucker possible

  • Anonymous

    I guess someone checked him on that 'bitch' shit. Dumb ass.

  • SMALLs


  • stg

    2014 and this clowns still act like idiots calling your woman a bitch LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Gonna be on a bunch of tracks and have a buzz for a few months then just slip into obscurity. Happened when BG came out. Happened when Shyne got out. Same with Boosie and Turk and I'm sure others I can't think of. Unless you do a short bid like Tip or Wayne and even their material has been so so since their release. T.I. getting back to better tracks but the fans seem to get hyped then lose it

  • Wtf

    "It could happen to any one of us. Everybody thats incarcerated is not guilty." Nah, nope. Regular people aren't shooting people over petty shit.

  • Anonymous

    "None of us are exempt from that." No, not when you shoot someone. The problem with Papoose's reasoning involves recognizing that not every shoots people.

  • Anonymous

    "My bitch." This is how you refer to your woman? So let's see, you call your women bitches, yourself and your friends, N's, and yet to want society to treat you with a level of decency? In life, you're typically treated in accordance to your behavior. It's sad that his ignorance and vulgarity is published.

  • Anonymous

    this shit fire my ninja

  • Papoose paaaa poosse

    That the only cake Trigger Happy Pappy could afford

  • Nate Higgers


  • Anonymous

    Angie Martinez fucked up her release date for an interview... they couldnt wait one damn week to chat?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Never was Pap a bitch too, they're perfect together. Seriously, she's LUCKY to be getting out, maybe she'll go to college and become a nurse or even a doctor. See, brains?!

  • Anonymous

    Show us that hairy taco Ma

  • Anonymous

    Yo she's hot in that 1st pic.


    YG GON FUCK YO BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    ugh another trash rapper and degenerate human being who contributes nothing to society while occupying millions that could be better used elsewhere

    • Anonymous

      no thank you we dont want her pennies aka her millions we got billions to deal with. that's the real game changer. aint nobody checking for her and aint nobody but bottom of the barrel influenced by her money

  • Anonymous

    Officer Ricky said he aint releasing her till she signs with MMG. BAWSE

  • Anonymous

    "Remy Ma Release From Prison Reportedly Delayed Due To Her Being Black" is a more appropriate tittle

  • Sean

    Pap said he ready to have Remy fuck him with da strap-on dick.

  • Doug

    LOL this dude who commented in the last thread warned that Pap was talking too much, that she won't be released just yet, and this always happens when dudes yap...and that dude was RIGHT!!!!! LOL On a positive note, let's hope she straightens herself out.

  • Tony Montana

    Damn they ain't let her out the cage yet they on some bullshit fuckin pigs

  • Anonymous

    lol, Remy is now a full blown lesbian. Poor papussy...

  • Edubb

    Remy Ma do ya thing!! Was one of the best female mc's out there if not the best at one point in time hope she can pick it back up. God bless! BTW FUCK YOU HATERS dont understand all the hate for Remy she shot the bitch cause the bitch stole from her and was suppose to be her best friend. Im not saying it was the right thing to do but I cant say I blame Remy for her reaction to the situation. It is what it is but no reason to hate on her. Some of you live some simple fuckin lives

  • Anonymous

    Cunt is VERY lucky she only got five years and isn't doing life for murder. Bet she pops that pussy real nice tho

  • Anonymous

    This bitch is ugly. And pap fuckin her lol Now is the big question when will she again shoot someone in the face?

  • Anonymous

    G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StankFoot

    Who gives a fuck about this Raggedy Beeeyatch.............

  • Anonymous

    This just in, she is now a full blown lesbian, Papoose to have his dick removed in favor of a vagina. Good luck to the newest lesbian couple.

  • Anonymous

    Dont go shooting any more people in the face ok bish

  • POPE

    real bitch... interesting. lets see how the relationship lasts after jail.

  • JJ

    Ay yall stop hating. Really sad to see these ignorant ass comments down here. Welcome home Remy Ma.

    • Not Impressed

      They'll be divorced in a year LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3.......... Not Impressed.

    • Anonymous

      truth...and who said they were grown. just a bunch or racist w.boys coming here provoking trouble.

  • Lil Wop

    Just in time for her to link back up with Fat Joe and take over the game! Oh, wait... 2004 was how long ago?

  • Anonymous

    countdown to divorce begins now...i give it a year

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks good

  • 901DATSME

    Salute to Remy Ma for doin her time like a G

  • Yeah_I_Said_It

    So I can finally fuck her now.

  • stfuuignants

    Lets see if 6 years worth of street cred translates in record sales.

    • KingJunoir

      Expect a Shyne level of performance from her. She's probably so out of touch with anything current. Good point.

  • YES

    Oh shit shes out, bitches like Iggy Izalea and Nicki Minaj need to watch their backs

  • jimjim

    good luck baby hope things go right for the old girl

  • Anonymous

    you can tell who wears the pants in their relationship

  • WealthyWu

    Straight bars.. Fuck Nikki

  • Anonymous

    My Nubian Queen!

  • Anonymous

    Remy Ma is a witless cunt but she ain't no bitch

  • Anonymous

    Show us that hairy pussy baby

  • TipToeBandit

    1 He called his wife a bitch, who does that, 2 what man marries the chick who did a bid, 3 whack as rappers are doing shows (because he is straight trash), 4 who is really looking for her. She was only hot because of Pun and Joe and both of their careers are done!

  • Be A Leader

    Papoose, you should be the one locked up dude. Calling your own wife a bitch? Really? Where is that cool? Are you from some 3rd world country?....Well, yeah you are and is called ignorant ni**aville. Man grow up, didn't your wife being locked for 6 years teach you anything about changing you mental mindstate?

  • Anonymous

    lol at this nigga callin his own wife a bitch

    • Anonymous

      ^uh what? o yea where is your mans from cuz he keeps switching up... bushwick, bed stuy or brownsville?

    • GBtha G

      fuck outta here bitch niggas dont judge!!! Pap been strong like a real niggaz should but if it was you muthafuckaz it would have been suicide.he can say whatever the fuck he wants.

    • Anonymous

      He also calls his mother a whore.

  • Anonymous

    So what's going to change? From now there will be a "(feat. Remy Ma)" label at the title of Pap's attention seeking Kendrick-disses. That's it. Hopefully Remy cooked up some album worthy material in prison!

  • Anonymous

    They should free her and lock her back up just for being stupid

    • Anonymous

      Oh, she'll be back. You don't shoot somebody then after five years suddenly become mother Theresa. That ghetto rage will resurface again.

  • The Warden

    It's happening yet again. The buddy of an incarcerated rapper spills the beans on their imminent release date of their friend, only to have said date pushed back or have their appeal denied. Think about it, it's happened to Max B, it's happened to Lil Boosie, and it's damn sure going to happen with Remy Ma.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAH he calls his wife his bitch

  • Bigpunlegacy

    Can't wait to hear her back, she's one of the realest in the game spittin that shit , Remy Ma is a complete artist

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