Al Sharpton Questions George Zimmerman's Celebrity While Discussing Boxing Match

Al Sharpton says George Zimmerman's "only claim to fame was killing" an unarmed Trayvon Martin.

Over the past week, a potential boxing match between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX has become an increased topic of conversation. Reverend Al Sharpton even weighed in on the controversial event, which is being dubbed a celebrity boxing match, during his MSNBC show “PoliticsNation.”

Sharpton questioned Zimmerman’s claim to celebrity and attempted to decipher the particular moment when Zimmerman became a celebrity.

“George Zimmerman has signed on for a so called celebrity boxing match,” he said. “We learned today that his opponent in the ring will be rapper DMX. Like any American, Zimmerman has the right to pursue whatever he wants in life. But I have one simple question, when exactly did George Zimmerman become a celebrity? Did he become a celebrity when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin? Did it happen when he went on national TV and said he had no regrets about the killing…Did he become a celebrity on the night the jury found him not guilty? Or did it happen a few weeks later when a juror said she thought he was quote, ‘he had gotten away with murder?’”

The 59-year-old reverend then went on to reveal that Zimmerman’s only claim to fame stems from the fact that he killed an unarmed Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

“Let’s be clear, Zimmerman’s only claim to fame was killing an unarmed, young man named Trayvon Martin,” Sharpton said. “But killing someone does not make you a celebrity. Or it shouldn’t. And this point is particularly important today because today is Trayvon Martin’s birthday. He would have turned 19-years-old today. I do not begrudge people that achieve celebrity status or high profile status that I disagree with…But when we start making celebrities, we started some way glorifying people whose only claim to fame is killing someone unarmed…Do we not have boundaries at who we raise in celebrity and glorification in society?”

Over a week ago, news of a celebrity boxing match involving Zimmerman began to circulate. The Florida resident initially expressed interest in boxing rapper Kanye West during the match, but since that time DMX has been named as a possible competitor.

A petition calling for an end to the match has also been created; it states that Zimmerman and promoter Damon Feldman are “using murder and racial hate in America for profit.” Those behind the petition are hoping to receive 100,000 signatures before March 4.

This month marks two years since Zimmerman gunned down Martin in Sanford, Florida and was later acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in a highly-publicized trial held last year.

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  • Anonymous

    Hate Sharpton he such a hypocrite racist lying sack of shit don't believe anything he says he always making stuff up

  • Anonymous

    Al Sharpton took George to dinner recently and said he'd fund a 10 state celebrity boxing tour. Don't be fooled. Sharpie is out for cash.


    Al sharpton doesnt give a fuck about the state of blacks, he wants to be a celebrity himself

  • gh.

    He became a celebrity when the media shitstorm designed to give a simple self-defence case maximum publicity backfired hilariously.

  • Anonymous

    i dont fuck with Al Sharpton but he's right. when the fuck did zimmerman become a celebrity

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  • Anonymous

    al sharpton is a fukn bigot just like jesse jackson and yes they r racist without a doubt, we r all support 2 be united as one in every ethnicity comin' 2gether. and guess what al sharpton (you) and blacks that care so much (not all blacks) made this story to the media bout Trayvon Martin being black so guess you blacks made George Zimmerman a celebrity. but all the blacks werent bitchhing bout the whites and the latins having your backs outside of the courthouse how bout that shiyt in yo faces,

    • Anonymous

      if anything, al & jesse walked with mlk, got arrested, spat on, hosed, called all types of names they know a real bigot

  • Anoymous

    Really who gives a fuck about Al Sharpton. He's a race baiter who makes millions off of getting black people riled up about the "racism" they have experienced.

  • Anonymous

    white people have destroyed the industry

  • Anonymous

    white people took my job i was an aspiring rapper a white guy(looked like casper) stepped in and said.... hey i am white i can rap just gimmie the job that this black fella was going for and do you know what?? he got it?? i dont understand please help me white people have ruined everything

  • Anonymous

    if i was white i would paint myself brown

  • Anonymous

    white people are evil do you know that .0001% of rap is produced by the white man?? they sit there in their big white chairs making a mockery of black music jeeze i cant believe that rap sucks so much because of white people they sit there at the top of the table directing black folks to make such horrible autotune classics... god strike these people of the pale disability down and leave a world of darkness

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe white people are alive we need a cleansing!!

  • Anonymous

    white people ruined hip hop.... yall didn't do it yo'self!!

  • Anonymous

    white people are the spawn of the devil

  • Al Sharpton

    I love white cock up my ass

  • lord jamar

    Lord jamar says fuck dmx I'll fight Zimmerman

  • K Wiz

    Hope this fight never happens. getbeatdowndotcom

  • Fish

    Really hoping DMX batters him into a coma, but I have a feeling the fight will never happen.

    • Anonymous

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  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    It is fucked up that he's being celebrated for being a killer, and I won't watch one second of that boxing match. But America has always glorified and made heroes out of killers or people portraying killers. All the American heroes are gun-wielding motherfuckers. This country was conquered and rebuilt by Europeans with guns, so really, modern America's foundation is guns and violence. Oh, and Al Sharpton is a G. He's been riding for poor Americans for 40 years and all people can say about him is 'he has funny hair'. When he's gone, there will be NOBODY speaking for poor black folks any more. He has put in a lot of work and he gets shitted on by white people because they hate to see a powerful opinionated black man, and he's also been shitted on by black people...because they hate to see a powerful opinionated black man.

  • Anonymous

    Translation... He wants in on the proceeds from the fight.

  • Chimp Out Dot Com

    Zimmie became a celebrity as soon as he killed a Ni663R and ate his Skittles. I donated $200 to Zimmies legal lawyer fund when they had the website up so I feel like I helped him prove his innocence. NI663Rs are mad because we killed a teen chimp.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody need to whoop his butt. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Cealix

    He became a celebrity when fucks like him and a bunch of other ignorant black folks got him known to be a white hispanic some how.

  • LL Cool J

    Ain't got nothing against Al Sharpton, but still... "A brother with a perm deserves to get burned."

  • HLG

    He became a celebrity when every black activist paraded to every news station calling him a racist. He became a celebrity when the same people saying he isn't a celebrity gave countless interviews about him. Hate it or love it, he is a celebrity. His celebrity has just as much merit as Kim Kardashin's.

    • wads

      wasnt just black activists. it was white guilt cracckers that allowed the black activists to use their media.

    • gr

      I understand what you are trying to say; however, fucking and sucking your way to fame is not the same as murdering an unarmed person to fame. One does not harm others physically in any way, the other does by robbing someone of his life.

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