Prodigy Announces "The Most Infamous Player"

Prodigy to release his "The Most Infamous Player" along with his upcoming "The Most Infamous" project.

Prodigy is set to release The Most Infamous Player, a limited edition prerecorded audio player February 18. The player comes with The Most Infamous Vol. 1, which has been deemed "a retrospective on [Prodigy's] unique career as a solo artist and includes some of the biggest Hip Hop anthems of all time," according to a press release. 

The Most Infamous was announced in December as a HipHopDX exclusive. 

The Most Infamous Player is the size of a deck of playing cards, according to the press release, and comes with a 3.5 mm stereo jack and is battery operated. Pre-orders for this are available

The Most Infamous is also set to be available for digital download. The tracklisting can be found below. 

1. "Not A Stan" - Producer: Alchemist
2. "Genesis" - Producer: Prodigy
3. "The One and Only" - Producer: Sid Roams
4. "3" - Producer: Alchemist
5. "Am I Crazy" - Producer: Sebb
6. "Illuminati" - Producer: Alchemist
7. "Real Power Is People" - Producer: Sid Roams
8. "Cold World" - Producer: Sid Roams
9. "Black Devil" - Producer: Sid Roams
10. "Stronger" - Producer: King Benny
11. "What's Happening" (feat. T.I.)    Producer: T.I.
12. "Pretty Thug" - Producer:  Ty Fyffe
13. "Skull and Bones" - Producer: Beat Butcha
14. "Serve Em" - Producer: Alchemist
15. "Anytime" - Producer: Sid Roams
16. "Get Money" (f. Boog Boogetz) - Producer: Young L
17. "Do or Die" - Producer: Alchemist
18. "Twilight" (f. Havoc) Producer: Sid Roams
19. "Keep It Thoro" - Producer: Alchemist
20. "Dirty New Yorker" - Producer: Alchemist
21. "Stop Stressing" - Producer: Sid Roams, Benny Needles
22. "Young Veterans" - Producer: Alchemist
23. "Return of The Mac" - Producer: Alchemist
24. "Co-Pilot" (f. Wiz Khalifa) - Producer: The Colombians
25. "The Life" - Producer: Alchemist
26. "Change" - Producer: Alchemist
27. "The Rotten Apple" - Producer: Alchemist

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