Maino Says Jay Z & Biggie OK With His Use Of "King Of Brooklyn" Title

Maino speaks on the energy of New York City changing, says he's trying to get artists to support one another again.

This Tuesday (February 4), Brooklyn rapper Maino is scheduled to release his K.O.B. (King Of Brooklyn) mixtape. With the king of Brooklyn title often used to describe some of the New York City borough’s most noted emcees, Maino was asked if the likes of the late Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, and Fabolous are okay with his use of the title.

During his interview on the Whoolywood Shuffle, the Brooklyn lyricist said that Biggie would be “okay” with it and Jay Z likely isn’t too concerned with his use of the title.

“Biggie okay with that, man,” Maino said. “Jay Z the king of the world. He ain’t thinking about me, man…He don’t care about my antics and my ways. He don’t give a fuck. Straight up.”

Later in the interview, Maino was asked how the newly-released, street anthem “What They Want” came about. Featuring only New York City-based artists, “What They Want” includes verses from Maino, Raekwon, Uncle Murda, and Troy Ave.

“I got a call from Murda,” he said. “Shout out to Uncle Murda, that’s my guy. He called me, was like ‘Yo, I got this record. I’m up here working with [Jay Wonder]. This record is crazy. I’m telling you, it’s crazy’…I said ‘Yo, alright, alright. Cool.’ He said ‘I need you to come into the studio soon, man.’ I said ‘I’ll be up there tomorrow.’ And I came and I heard it and I said ‘wow.’ I was impressed. And I knocked my part out right then and there. You know what I’m saying? It just came together…I think the record is necessary. You know what I mean? And it shows New York niggas again standing together, man. It ain’t no hate. It ain’t no bullshit.”

Maino also commented on the shift in his city’s energy and the need for artists to begin supporting each other again.

“The energy in the city is different,” Maino said. “You know what I’m saying? I dropped that ‘What Happened’ with Kiss and we checked a couple of niggas and then we put things in perspective. We trying to get back our city to where we supporting each other a lot more. I got the joint out there with me, T.I., and French. Me, Troy Ave, and Meek Mill. We dropping that K.O.B. project this Tuesday. That’s February 4.”

Late last year, Maino came to the defense of those in New York City after Atlanta rapper Trinidad James called out the city and informed those in attendance at November’s Converse Rubber Tracks show that the South runs New York City musically.

Maino later demanded an apology from James during a phone conversation and also offered his own critique of New York City rappers during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“We so disorganized and we so [untapped] with each other and we don’t support each other [or] nothing,” he said while speaking with The Breakfast Club. “This is what happens. And I’ve said this before. What’s stopping anybody else from saying whatever they saying? People ain’t got no respect for our city cause we ain’t got no respect for each other.”

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  • Dan

    Tha south got heat New York bums just hate They don't know tha feelin of pickin up some Latinas smokin good and flipping from tha country 2 tha city They just bodega nomads ha ha ha ha

  • Larry

    That's tha elite south though But u right them dudes would murder a lot of folks on any coast!!!

  • Fuk Laimo

    First New York denies the south For you yungstaz the source magazine used to try and lump the south and west 2 get her in issues Tha south ain't week Get your New York top 5 Then let me get Scarface, Andre 3k, Bun B, Eightball, and Z-RO I put money on it ain't no coast winnin

  • Anonymous

    During his interview on the Whoolywood Shuffle, the Brooklyn lyricist????? REALLY LYRICIST????? I think Maino is king of his house and nothing more

  • Do it ur way

    Now, the end is near (Can you believe this shit Guru?) So I face (I'm from the hood man) the final curtain (No the REAL hood the hood, not the RAP hood) (The REAL hood, like three pair of pants) My friends, I'll say it clear (pair of sneakers) (My moms is bustin her ass) State my case (Nigga I'm going to Japan tomorrow!) Which I'm certain (You understand what I'm saying? Can you believe that?) I lived a life that's full (They have people, waiting) (at the airport like five days like I'm a Beatle or somethin) (That's really somethin!) And I travelled each, and every highway (Seen the best of the best, the worst of the worst) and more Much more than this (still here) I did it my way Let's try this one [Jay-Z + (singer)] Uhh, yeah... gangsta nigga! Put my hustle down, tore the game up nigga Took your high score down, put my name up nigga Tore the doors down 'til the Hall of Fame is Jigga I did it my way (and more.. much more than this) That's right, it's a beautiful thing man! (I did it my way) I did it my way -- Hovi baby! Momma's youngest and strongest, survived summers like saunas Mastered a corner like Deion in his uniform Pop hurting assertive, flirted with death Damn near murdered before my first album hit the shelf Grandma's favorite, she could not understand how there's people in the world who wouldn't want me as a neighbor Has to explain to her, you think these folks want me in the penthouse as a reminder that I make top paper? Black entrepreneur, nobody did us no favors Nobody gave us shit, we made us The Rap Pack, I'm Sinatra, Dame's Sam Davis Big's the smart one on the low like Dean Martin We came in this game, not beggin niggas pardon Demanding y'all respect, hand over a check And while y'all at it, hand over the jet We the reason they ain't hand over Def Jam so quick They new every year I was droppin new product I was raisin the stock up, while building the Roc up But that's alright, cause they knew they had to see us When it was time for us to re-up, make us multi-million-ires Je-je-jeah!

  • REal talk

    I'm surprised PApoose aint respond to this nigga

  • jb

    Yea jay and fab don't care what u said cus they to busy laughing they asses off. Make a hit song fuck nigga, you ain't had a hot album your entire bum ass life.

  • FUckMaino

    How can Biggie give it the A OK when hes dead? Fuck this clown... He looks like a sex offender tbh..

  • LOL

    LOL this dude look like a sex offender on the real!!! HAHAHA Maino what a faggot

  • IROC

    Maino rep the gritty streets of Brooklyn NY, Jay Z is rolling with multi millions now the streets dont feel connected to Jay not hungry like a Maino , Maino KING OF BROOKLYN !!!!!!!!

  • bswag

    Yea sure,Potato head, cant even see Ja Rule or Papoose... go back to beef with another "king" of ATL, Trinidad James.

  • Anonymous

    Man you whack it seem like you bullying ya way threw the game cause u got street cred, so what! You rap about shit that make us black folks look stupid just STFU

  • Anonymous

    Maino is the best rapper since Jay-Z released 'Reasonable Doubt'

  • Anonymous

    Hey if he just wants to claim one borrough then fine, it ain't like he said king of New York, that would be hilarious. This makes me chuckle a little already.

  • Anonymous

    why do people get so mad over things rappers do and say if maino thinks his king of brooklyn let him think that



  • Real Niggar Lovar

    This guy Maino is a real N1gg*r who commits violent criminal acts and has been in prison, I wish all N1gg*rs could be real like Maino so we could lock them all in prison or they could all kill each other.

  • TRE

    People need to stop saying what Biggie would or wouldnt have been cool with or not when they have no idea. Especially fuckin Maino who never even met him. Its straight up disrespectful.

  • Anonymous

    drop dead retard; dumb fuck criminal-- caught for stupidity-- and an even worse rapper... probably the single worst Brooklyn rapper ever in fact.

  • Anonymous

    I wish rappers would stop putting words in a dead man's mouth! Like the other week when Mister Cee said Biggie would be cool with him getting head from guys dressed and girls.

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