Lil Boosie Says He "Can't Wait To Get Out" & That He Has Hundreds Of Songs Ready To Record

Lil Boosie says his new music will show "growth" as a son, father and man.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Lil Boosie is slated to be released from prison months before he was originally scheduled, and with the news, Boosie says he's excited to get out.

In contacting his publicist, Chew Davis of Von Chew Media & Entertainment, Boosie released a statement exclaiming his soon to be freedom.

“I can’t wait to get out and squash all that sh*t,” Boosie said in the statement via AllHipHop. “I think the folks are waiting for my return to the game.”

Boosie also confirmed he has hundreds of songs written during his time of incarceration and that they're all ready to be recorded. According to him, his new material will be "real life music" and fans will be able to witness his “growth as a son, a father, a man and with the help of his brother TQ, a verified businessman.”

Also in the statement, Boosie wants to make it clear that any scheduling for appearances and shows or any bookings under his name that were not conducted by his brother/manager Taquari “TQ” Hatch or Johnnie Cabbell are not legit.

It was recently announced that Lil Boosie is slated to be released from prison next month. According to a recent post by MissInfo, Lil Boosie’s release date, which was formerly reported as August of this year, has been pushed up to just before Valentine’s Day. Due to “safety concerns and protocols” Boosie says he'll be home by the end of February but the exact date for his return was not confirmed by him. February 13, 2014 is Boosie reported prison release date.

Bun B also confirmed that Boosie would be released on February 13. "Boosie Bad Ass gets home on February 13. Confirmed. Get ready,” he said in a tweet.

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  • Anonymous

    haters judging on boosie, let God do that mother fuckaz!!! no nigga is perfect

  • Teresa Mannings

    before I looked at the draft four $4417 , I accept neighbours mother woz like actualy bringing home money in their spare time from their laptop. . there sisters neighbour has been doing this 4 only about fifteen months and recently paid the dept on there place and purchased a great Fiat Panda . straight from the source... Out of all the rappers... You assign a Lil Wayne song? My goodness. How fucked up is this world?

  • Anonymous

    Classic reflective thug rap coming soon

  • Chi-Ill

    I think the folks are waiting for my return to the game. Yeah I don't think so bruh bruh lol I can't even think of a good song that came out of this nikka!

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is true that Boosie is a primitive criminal but us civilized people love to go to the Zoo and see wild animals and us civilized people like to hear what primitive savages like Boosie rap about. Boosie is what slow people call a "real nigga" he commits criminal acts and behaves like a monkey for our amusement breaking laws that get him put in a cage which adds to his real nigganess. Boosie is a dying breed because most "niggas" have she'd their nigganess in favor of being actual MEN but their are a few that still aspire to be niggas.

  • Vinboony

    This dude is garbage and whoever likes his horrible music is fool and a sucka. If you listen to this type of shit i probably couldn't hold a descent conversation with you at all this kind of music is for the dumb and lost, find yourself before its to late.

  • Anonymous

    Try to finish an album first week out and then release it right away cuz after the excitement people gonna remember you suck.

  • Anonymous

    LOL this nigga voice so squirrley mane. He gonna get that nigga Webbie turnt up though

  • Anonymous

    "I cant wait to get out and squash all that sh*t, Boosie said in the statement via AllHipHop. " I think he said that in regards to people advertising shows and appearances that are not officially booked thru his peeps

  • Anonymous

    His gonna make a lot of money from features in the first week. everybody gonna be on his dick and trying be his best friend. remember that letter he wrote and thanks the people who had shown him love ie jeezy gotti and his trill fam.

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