Mobb Deep Announce PledgeMusic Partnership For "The Infamous Mobb Deep" Release

Fans get the chance to have VIP drinks with Prodigy and Havoc and other rewards through this partnership.

Mobb Deep has announced an exclusive partnership with PledgeMusic for the duo's upcoming double-album, The Infamous Mobb Deep, which is slated for an April 2014 release. 

"The PledgeMusic campaign will allow Mobb Deep fans close access to the band and a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the album," Mobb Deep representatives said in a press release. "Those who pre-order the album will receive exclusive access to unreleased tracks. Pledgers can receive signed t-shirts and vinyl among a long list of exclusives, as well as higher-tiered items and unique experiences such as VIP drinks with Prodigy, a Pledger-only show, and a limited edition Infamous bike."

Interested parties can pledge their support via PledgeMusic

Havoc spoke about his experiences in Hip Hop in a press release.

"When this all started, we would have never thought that 20 years later we would still be around making music and touring." Havoc said. "The loyal fans who have supported Mobb Deep for two decades, as well as the new fans who are giving us the chance to still be relevant in an ever changing music landscape will definitely appreciate this PledgeMusic campaign," adds Prodigy. "It's a very special moment in our career."

In December, Prodigy spoke about the group's upcoming release

"We're gonna have special packaging and we've got like ten unreleased songs from The Infamousalbum," Prodigy said on Huffington Post. "Verses nobody's ever heard before from Raekwon, Nas, Ghostface [Killah], our verses. It's crazy." 

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  • Anonymous

    Wow for 30k you can get havoc and prodigy to spit a verse on your song

  • Susan Raines

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  • Anonymous


  • wow

    These dudes trying so hard tho

  • Barrio18

    Havoc beats have been lazy and too polished sounding for many years now and they both still have that horrible G-Unit flow. New album most likely gonna be weak/wack. Looking forward to the unreleased "Infamous" session joints tho!

  • John

    P looks cute, but I prefer Macklemore

  • Hell on Earth Infamous Murda Muzik Classics

    Ima buy this album even tho prodigy fell the fuck off lyrically and havoc been doin sum dumb shit the amount of dope music they made over the years ill support the album

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