J. Cole Explains Dreamville's Interscope Records Parthernship & Role

J. Cole also explains what his role with Dreamville will allow him to do.

J. Cole's Dreamville imprint made headlines yesterday (January 27), when it was announced that it would join Interscope Records in a partnership. Cole spoke with Forbes about how the partnership works. 

“We provide the artist, the direction, the guidance, the music, the new ideas, and they provide muscle and years of experience of really giving artists the proper push,” J. Cole said. “We hope to add to the list of legendary albums that were made over in that building.”

Cole's work with his Dreamville imprint allows him to do more than rap, according to the emcee. 

“As an executive it gives me the opportunity to sign acts and break them, but as a producer it allows me to produce someone’s entire album and put it out," Cole said. "That’s what I really look forward to.”

During his Forbes interview, Cole acknowledged that this would not have been possible without witnessing the work of others in Rap and in business. 

“It’s definitely a path that’s been made possible by the Dr. Dres and the Jay Zs," Cole said, referring to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Record and Jay Z's Roc-a-Fella and Roc Nation imprints. "These guys who had amazing artistic ability in terms of rapping and production and song writing, but also had a double-sided executive mind." 

On top of announcing the Dreamville-Interscope partnership, J. Cole also released Revenge of the Dreamers, a project that can be streamed here

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  • Anonymous

    yes, J. Cole will still put out records/albums under RocNation he's still SIGNED to them just like Drake has OVO under Universal (I believe) but is still signed to YMCMB... great move for Cole by the way I hope this gives him a chance to show off his production skills because I thought he was a mediocre producer until I heard that he produced 'Power Trip' which was an amazing beat

  • Alki

    I'm not sure but i think it means he has a record label there...doesn't mean he himself isn't still signed to roc nation. On another note, off point but, i was REALLY disappointed with the Revenge of the Dreamers mixtape - its almost totally crap! I haven't heard of the third guy before (and he was half decent) but i really expected more from Cole and Bas. As soon as i read the news of the mixtape i rushed to download it. Not sure i can even get myself to listen to it again!

    • Anonymous

      I think there some gems on there mostly from Cole espcially the title track and the original Crooked Smile but it's a Dreamville compilation project not really a J. Cole project so it's understanble you don't like it. I think it's pretty good but could've been better.

    • Anonymous

      i streamed it twice but dont think i would download it for my library


    does this mean j cole will no longer put his albums out under jayz's label?

  • Jessica Elliott

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  • Anonymous

    Andres Tardio get off J Cole's dick....4th retarded article today about him...He's garbage and so are you.

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