Loaded Lux Challenges Murda Mook To Battle

Murda Mook appears to accept the challenge.

Loaded Lux has challenged Murda Mook to battle. The challenge was made today (January 29) via Twitter. 

"@MurdaMookez you next!!!! Who got that check? #unfinishedbusiness," Loaded Lux said in his Twitter post. 

The hashtag refers to a battle that Loaded Lux and Murda Mook had in the past where the two faced off inside of a store. Footage of that battle can be seen below. Their match-up is highly regarded as one of the era's most acclaimed battles and it's seen as one of the most influential matches in SMACK history.

When Loaded Lux asks about a check in the Twitter post, it is perhaps a call to all Battle Rap leagues. While their first published battle took place on SMACK, there is no guarantee that this match-up will be slated for a SMACK/URL release. Loaded Lux's previous battle against Hollow Da Don was meant to take place under SMACK/URL, but was later hosted by UW Battle League. 

That match-up, between Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux, took place Sunday (January 26). A recap of their battle can be viewed here.

The Dot Mob's Mook has responded to Loaded Lux, seemingly taking him up on his offer. "this shit ain't gone be good for u g," Mook said in a Twitter post. "just when i was minding my business."

Mook has not battled since 2012's Summer Madness 2, when he faced off against Iron Solomon.  

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  • RIz

    I wanna see lux and clips. Fuck mook, he hasn't had a good performance in 10 years.


    After Mook's lackluster performance at SM2, Mook is not ready for Lux at all. Lux has been training with Calicoe and Hollow Da Don to keep his tool as sharp as possible. I still think Hollow edged it with his recent battle with Lux. Better T-Rex than Mook.

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  • stoney

    Kotd need to steal this match-up. Would be a real good look.

  • Anonymous

    yo young lux look like a splitting image of russell westbrook

  • Anonymous

    do you guys just click on these articles to check out the men?

  • Anonymous

    That Black Baboon is a blue gum, look at those soup cooler niglet lips.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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