Benzino Says He Warned Of Macklemore's Success & Claims "The Grammys Never Respected Hip Hop"

Benzino tweets that rappers should not cry because they did not win at the Grammys.

Benzino sent a series of tweets today (January 27) saying that he warned of the type of success a rapper like Macklemore had at the Grammys yesterday (January 26). 

"So everybody is upset about macklemore dominating the #grammys BUT 10 YEARS AGO WHEN I TRIED TO WARN U, YOU DIDNT LISTEN, NOW DEAL WITH IT!,” one of Benzino’s tweets said. 


Benzino is a former executive at The Source. In the 2000s, he and The Source engaged in a feud with Eminem that, among other things, accused Eminem of being racist and of creating an environment where white rappers would be revered only because they were white. It also included Benzino releasing a string of diss tracks against Eminem.

In a 2003 issue of the publication, a drawing of Benzino appeared inside The Source holding Eminem’s decapitated head. Following that issue, Eminem, Dr. Dre and Aftermath boycotted the publication.

“It wasn’t a personal thing about these guys and what they accomplished,” Benzino said in an interview last year. “I was just looking at the bigger picture and I don’t think they understood that.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won four Grammys yesterday (January 26), including Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song. Macklemore said during an interview with New York radio station Hot 97 that was published today that he knows why he and Lewis were so successful at the award show. 

“In terms of the people that are voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot,” Macklemore said. "This is not like a Rap Radar poll, like a 2DopeBoyz poll. This is not a Hot 97 poll. This is the Grammys. This is many different types of people. All different age groups filling out a ballot where they might not necessarily know the genre.”

Benzino’s tweets from today are as follows:

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  • ali

    He is a retard and will never be remembered except as sum dum ass that got burnt by em the story will be in the future like " whos benzino" "OH hes sum whack raper that em burnt on a few songs" and thats if hes lucky

  • J

    This outburst by benzino is very ignorant. Stupid old dumb fool, how does this old sad man even have followers. Irrelevant fuck trying to tweet his irrelevant opinion, any excuse to try and re-amp his reputation (not that he even had any, nobody would of even heard of this fool if eminem didn't absorb him into the limelight)

  • J

    This outburst by benzino is very ignorant. Stupid old dumb fool

  • Niggar

    lol white ppl are so dumb man its a shame hahahah

  • TRuth

    This guy is Lord Jamar number 2. Old irrelevant whiny ass. They should collab on a song together: Benzino Ft Lord Jamar - I Wish I Was White Then they could talk about how hard it is to be a stinky niggar.

  • Anonymous

    The reason that EM and Royce's BME album sold more than Royce's album was because Eminem already has a huge following, Royce doesn't...Also Em makes good songs and catchy ones too, not royce. These niggars always have to pull the race card out. This idiot doesn't understand that Em is huge. So of course the collab albm with Royce will sell more than Royce's single album.

  • Anonymous

    Man am about to go digg 2pac up see what he have to say about rap and it being white damn half your niggaz and white boyz scared already Thug Life, oh no not pac

  • Anonymous

    benzino sounds like the name of an acne cream

  • Anonymous

    Everyone posting here is racist as fuck. Shit will never change.

  • Anonymous

    It's the fucking Grammys who gives a shit really. Mack used the gay rights shit to his advantage period. It's not about race. I know common and murs made similar songs but at that time the issue was not accepted in hip hop. Now with jay, kanye, and others defending the issue mack felt comfortable pushing it and now he capitalized on it. Yea you can't hate the grind but you could hate the tatics he used grind. Shit after all the marriage shit during his performance the heist will probably double. Face it the man won the award cheating and he knows it. If race played a part in this it was a smallone. And benzinos Royce comparison is just dumb. Bme sold that much because #1 a lot of people were waiting on a bad meets evil album since the slim shady lp. 2 if Royce did an album with another white rapper those sales would've been lower its fucking eminem. You think Royce and yelawolf would've sold 800,000 copies no. Shitty rappers could sell a boatload too if they got an eminem feature

  • tigerking79

    Benzino is wack. Old motherfucker is more white than he is black. And he grew up in the whitest city in country in Boston. So who is this motherfucker to complain about a white rapper. Dumb motherfucker had a meal ticket for life in blackmailing Dave Mays for The Source money. Then the dumb motherfucker wants to start a beef with eminem to jump start a rap career he never had. Then The Source collapses and now this motherfucker is broke.

  • don

    Btw,jay,kanye and beyonce have won more grammys than eminem because they are better than him. Metacritic will attest to that. Eminem doesn't have a single classic album to his name!

  • don

    Eminem is trash,macklemore is trash,but he did a song called same love and sold an album to a million gay people! Lets be honest,he wouldn't have sold shit without that song. The entertainment industry is run by gay's, thats why rappers nowadays wont criticise gay people in their interviews. The gay agenda is being shoved down our throats. You can see it everywhere,but mostly on sitcoms,films and series!

    • Anonymous

      "Lets be honest,he wouldn't have sold shit without that song." Lets be honest, thrift shop went 7x plat so he would have

  • Anonymous

    you both should die

  • lachatte_a_tamere

    kdot = major, dr dre..... maclemore= ............... idk why yall mad but ok

  • Soren

    Let a motherfucker try and murder me, bitch ass nigga. Bet you I'll lay a motherfucker out with one pinky. I got soldiers strapped with guns in they motherfucking backs. Wish a nigga would take me down. Ha. Meanwhile I'm writing blogs & getting money while you still a bitch ass keyboard warrior. Fucking punk.

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  • Stillmatik

    The Grammys have always sucked for all genres of music. They are pop awards. The most catchy, radio friendly songs wins. Puffy's shitty album beat out Wu Tang and Biggie is 98 for Christ sake.

    • Anonymous

      I dont see why in 2014 with all these multi millionaire hiphop CEO's like Jay and Diddy they cant just come together and make their own awards show like Country music did?

  • Anonymous

    "For one white man, hip-hop author and journalist Soren Baker, he consciously knew he was attracted to black women. As Baker explains in this video from "Dark Girls," his interest in dating outside his own race is something that reaches back as early as his days as a young student -- and was never an issue within his own family." ^^^ LMFAO

    • tigerking79

      Pussy is pink, not white or black.

    • white women are the right women

      Soren you can have all the Black women you want. Real Black men know that educated, fit, White women are where it's at.

    • Soren

      Yeah, my nigga, them white bitches lack soul. I don't fuck with them bitches. That's why you call them crack**s, because you gotta dunk them bitches in a bowl of soup if you wanna get any flavor out of them. Real talk doe, black pussy is where it's at. Pure hunnid percent chocolate bitches. The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, and black bitches got plenty of juice, nah mean?

  • Soren

    The Grammys is nothing more than the white man's popularity contest. Nobody gives a fuck about no hip hop except the urban people who created hip hop in the first place, so mother fuck the grammys! Let's stop trying to cater to these crack**s and continue to do our own thing through our own outlets. We still the BET & MTV awards. Least they respect the culture of hip hop.

    • tigerking79

      BET and MTV have played a bigger role in ruining hip hop than the grammy's. In fact the grammy's have no influence over hip hop anyway. The grammy's have had a long history of making terrible choices for winners, no matter what the musical genre. If you are hip hop, then you don't give a fuck about the grammy's.

  • DJ Shadow

    Everybody know the grammy dont care about hiphop they just put it in to shut people up. Come on and everybody suprised the k dot didnt win. The people that pick the winner dont listen to hiphop they are not fans. The fans dont pick the winners old white people do. SOO stop crying. If k dot didnt win schoolboy your fucked hahahahahahahha

  • Andre.CO

    Macklemore winning isn't a joke, though I felt Kendrick deserves Best Rap Album. I didn't mind him winning the song categories, as I do enjoy Thrift Shop more then Swimming Pools. But Rap Album should have gone to Kednrick. Still, Macklemore winning isn't bad, the guy crafted a pretty damn good album, and something no one else was doing or saying in rap. Lil Wayne winning, Kanye winning, those are jokes IMHO. Kanye is THE MOST OVERRATED emcee of all time in terms of acclaim and grammy's.

    • tigerking79

      I'm not into Macklemore, but he is definitely hip hop. Don't understand all the bitching and moaning about him from hip hop heads. Only, explanation is that he is a white rapper who, unlike Eminem, doesn't go with the "hip hop look." All of these motherfuckers whining about Macklemore, where was their whining when Nelly and Ja Rule were dominating hip hop charts and awards by singing bubble gum pop songs instead of MCing. Macklemore is a whole lot more hip hop than Drake is. Yet, nobody whines about that pretty boy Drake not being hip hop.

  • Andre.CO

    Macklemore won because of the bigger message in his songs, and they resonated with a wider audience. He didn't win because of race. Kendrick is a much better emcee than Macklemore, but Macklemore makes up for his technical ability, or lack there of, with his messages and abilities as a song writer. Jay Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Alicia Keys have ALL won a shit load of Grammy's, even more then Eminem. Now tell Jay or Kanye a better emcee then Eminem, hell no. Kanye has won loads of grammy's and is loved by white critics, and his albums routinely score in the 80's on metacritic, while Eminem's classics have scored in the 70's. So don't give me this grammy's and white critics hate black artists, and favor white one's bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous: He makes a good point. Mack's music appeals to suburban white kids/people/soccer moms, but Kedricks' appeals to mostly college kids, suburban white kids, and people in the hood. While both their demographics are different, Mack has a slight edge over Ken, that being a song praising gay rights and that he's white and therefore appeals to white people and homosexuals. Kendrick, on the other hand, well he's a psuedo intellectual and his lyrics aren't really all that deep if you really take the time to think about it. Sure, he has an interchangable & flexible delivery which makes him SOUND like he's something special, but he's really not. Kendrick is average at best, in terms of lyrics and delivery, but is much more diverse than Mack. Overall, Kendrick is the product of a good kid in a mad city, but the people have spoken. Mack took home 4 Grammy's (and married 33 gay couples),all while commiting a Heist the world won't soon forget ^^^^ You're speaking my language. Thumbs up.

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Benzino has always been insightful. He's the realest rapper ever. Real street niggas listen to Benzino. They don't bump Eminem or Macklemore. Niggas in the streets are dying for that new Benzino record. A CLASSIC TRIPLE PLATINUM ALBUM IS ON ITS WAY!! 2014 is the year Benzino saves hip-hop!! #BGS2104 #Eminemisthewhitedevil

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Sorry, #BGS2014

  • Anonymous

    they still hating on Benzino a bit unjustly for this Eminem shit, shit ain't nothing but overt commercialization of the whole game. Now only a few rappers have eaten since, and we get microwave trap music shoved down our throats

    • Anonymous

      Lets be honest, mainstream rappers over the years have turned out to be the worst slaves, even the few you were banging your head to in the 90s

  • wads


  • Anonymous

    White boys be running hip hop shit now! Em, Yelawolf, Rittz Macklemore, Mac Miller, Action Bronson.... I can go on. Doing it better than any of you lazy fucks can! Stay jealous!

  • Phill

    Kanye West 21 Grammy Awards Jay-Z 17 Grammy Awards Beyonc 17 Grammy Awards Alicia Keys 15 Grammy Awards What is this racist talking about? Kanye West 21 Grammy Awards Jay-Z 17 Grammy Awards Beyonc 17 Grammy Awards Alicia Keys 15 Grammy Awards All this Artists have won more Grammy Awards than any white Artist in the last 15 Years. Even more than Eminem. And Eminem also never won a Grammy for AOTY. The Grammys have a Problem with Hip Hop and not with black People. Mackelmore won the Awards because of his Gay Song/Message and not because he is white. What is this racist talking about? Kanye West 21 Grammy Awards Jay-Z 17 Grammy Awards Beyonc 17 Grammy Awards Alicia Keys 15 Grammy Awards All this Artists have won more Grammy Awards than any white Artist in the last 15 Years. Even more than Eminem. And Eminem also never won a Grammy for AOTY. The Grammys have a Problem with Hip Hop and not with black People. Mackelmore won the Awards because of his Gay Song/Message and not because he is white. Eminem sells all this years so much because People feel his Music. To tell Eminem sells because he is white is just stupid and self racist. Was M.J white? Beyonce? Alicia Keys? Kanye? Jigga? Some of the biggest Stars Worldwide are black Artists.

    • imho

      no need to explain bro. no matter ur facts black ppl will always find an angle to complain about or bitch about even if its rly not there ( in this case even im tight Kendrick lost to macklemore).. but in the future don't bother ull never win with broke blacks.

  • redyreg

    benzino is right, I saw this shit coming when he first spoke on it, black people are so damn scare and phony, go ahead and let them take this too, this is why you cant sell shit, fucking sellouts, the hip hop world should be tearing shit up, one of your own get screwed, k. lamar, total bullshit, you dumb motherfucker like working for crumbs, wake the fuck up, white people steal everything we invent and get more attention and make more money, off our shit, wish I could speak up for u bitch's, make me fucking sick, all you coward ass black people on here that don't know or cant see shit , fuck you, all you sorry ass white people on here talking shit about benzino, double fuck you bitch's, the fucking truth hurts.

  • HelloKity

    I understand what Benzino is saying, and why he feels the way he does. But I also think this is sort of a racism issue within himself. He wishes Eminem never would of happened and influenced so many people in hip-hop. In Benzino's ideal world, no white person would ever be a rapper, and no white person period would ever have any influence in the hip-hop world. Benzino is mad that the mainstream doesn't like his style of bland "Boston Pride" "real sh*t" hip-hop." His music is garbage, and he got REAL bitter when EM blew up. Then the Source Magazine fired his phony ass. I would be mad too. Now it's 2014 and hes trying to make noise again hoping someone will feed him his binky. Look, I don't completely trust these award shows, and the media either. I think its dumb. But if you banned white people from hip-hop (like benzino wants), or Black people from country music, the genres would suffer creatively. I don't like Macklemore either, but im tired of these old ass cats like Lord Jamar, and Benzino trying to draw lines and boundaries and saying this person isn't hip-hop, and white people destroyed hip-hop. They are making it a race issue. Every genre of music has it's ups and downs. The machine always has it's agenda, but real music is the only music that actually lasts. My point is, let everyone do their thing, like what you like, hate what you hate, but don't bitc* that the very narrow part of hip-hop that you like doesn't win mainstream media awards. Get over it. New music is being made everyday, and you never know what the future holds.

    • Skool 4 Klownz

      True. Nobody forcing people to listen to Macklemore or kendrick or nobody. Go beyond the radio for music. Do some research and find the music for you. Yes we made it in the hood but different races making hip hop adds more variety to the culture. Nobody give a fuck about the grammys. Open the third eye.

  • Anonymous

    That nigga Benzino gettin' that BIG lazy eye damn... Can't tell who he lookin' at fuckin chameleon lookin' asshole.

  • Real talk

    Let's keep it real Macklemore wrote a song about gays and it put him on the MAP. A black rapper should do the same and watch him win awards, get radio play and sell millions of records. Smh

  • Carlos

    I had to add to this because i was reading so many comments and i've never been a fan of BenziNOO!!! So this guy says, 10 years ago, he saw this coming? let me get this straight, Eminem is to blame for this future we have now as far as white hip hop artist? ok.. So apparently, artist like Vanilla Ice, Beastie Boys, 3rd bass, or even pioneer producers like Rick Rubin had nothing to do with hip hop in its transition in some way? This dude is trash! Did someone say 10 years prior to Eminem when Vanilla won grammys for his crappy music that this was the future of hip hop? I'm not giving me props to V-Ice, i'm just saying, its ignorance because white hip hop artists have been around since the 80's. And Mackalomore isn't just putting out crap music, even black artists aren't putting their heart in music like Nas, 2pac, Biggie. I Don't think anyone can decline that Eminem is a mastermind of words. Does race play a role? possibly but he is still talented and well respected by the hip hop community. Benzino just looking for a way to express his failures!

  • Slumpalot

    You guys are mad now...Drake will sweep the Grammy's next year LOL

  • W

    Im not a fan of macklemore at all but these dudes just sound jealous. Keep other niggas name out of your mouth period. Makes you seem weak as hell

  • Anonymous

    Benzino shouldn't use the word "Nigga" as he is was born and raised by a single rich Puerto Rican woman. Drake shouldn't either by the fact he was raised by a rich Jewish woman.

  • TruthSerum

    The DX trolls are to brain dead to even get the point of what he's saying. Ray sucked as a rapper and he made his beef with Em way too personal but he did predict this 10 years ago, about Em paving the way for mediocre white rappers to take over. Em was an incredible talent in his day, and the industry used him as a bridge to get the game white washed and make room for artists like Macklemore. And its only the beginning, wait till they get Iggy Azalia out there.......10 years from now, black rappers will be non existant in the mainstream........ And Benzino did predict all this way back when, regardless of how shitty his own records are

    • Ja Rule Army

      You must be new here. Welcome to HHDX where LOGIC DOES NOT EXIST. Come back tomorrow where we'll see another Lord Jamar/Kanye/Benzino article. Praise Ja Rule the Most Highest!

  • Fck Benzino

    Benzino? Really? We still listen to what this guy has to say? I see booty

  • Anonymous

    Somtimes the truth is ugly. I would have preferred not to have Benzino say a god damn thing about this. On balance Em has contributed more to Hip Hop than he has with his wack un-artistic ass. Saying all that he does have a point. Royce doesn't sell because Royce is black. The reason Em sells is because he's white. Yet we have people coming on here and calling Benzino and Lord Jamar racist for pointing out the obvious truth. Em is good, but he's ain't that much better than Royce or the rest of D12 and Slaughterhouse for that matter. It's obvious race bias on the part of the fans but the white guilt won't allow that to be acknowledged. Macklemore is obviously well aware of what is going on and I'm sure the artist in him is feeling awkward with how unworthy it is that I white man can sell so much mediocre music and receive so much accolades on the back of an appropriated art form such as Hip Hop on the basis of his skin color. At least Em did it with actual skill. This is some next bullshit. You should be all ashamed of yourselves.

    • tigerking79

      Royce doesn't sell because he is just an average MC, who better fits in with a group. Without Eminem, nobody would know who Royce is.

    • Anonymous

      ^ too many "hip hop heads" are keyboard warriors who hate on anything that don't sound like the 90s. Plus, they don't buy albums and dont go to shows.

    • Anonymous

      I'm a white guy and I've bought 2 of Royce's albums, none of Em's. Aside from that, 2 things. 1. Black americans are living in a white majority country, the numbers will always be slanted away from you commercially (especially when rapping about shit a white audience can't relate to). 2. Black folks (and white hip hop heads) need to start buying albums and exercising their consumer privilege. If enough people actually spend money on an artist, labels/radio will have no choice but to promote them.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Then that makes you the vast mirotiy of the buying public, I'm not talking about one specific person I'm talking overall, aside from you, the other 99% of Em's audience has no clue who the fuck that nigga is

    • Anonymous

      im a white guy and bought more royce albums than eminem albums.

  • Anonymous

    Benzino made some garbage ass songs back in the day. Plenty of black people have won Grammys. Race has nothing to do with why Benzinos bitch ass never got a Grammy.

  • q5

    finally!...Benzino speaks out on the subject, now it all makes sense.

  • mike

    isnt benzino half white? yes he is so what the fuck is he talking bout? hes mad because no one bought his garbage albums over the years and the fact he cant ever go back to boston

  • Anonymous

    to the author SOREN BAKER: run out of lord jamar articles to write and now you're looking for a new target? why do you hate people of color so much?

    • Soren


    • Anonymous

      ^ lmao if that's really you why is a pussy like you using the word "nigga"?

    • Soren

      How the fuck am I MAKING blacks look like crybabies? Please elaborate, you anonymous piece of shit. That's not MY motherfucking fault! I just report the motherfucking news, that's it. That's my motherfucking JOB, nigga. I don't give a mother FUCK about no damn race, creed, etc. If it's news I report that shit, motherfucker. So next time you want to tell a motherfucker how to do his motherfucking job, DO YOUR OWN FUCKING JOB first, bitch!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ By highlighting the most ignorant close minded black people he can find, Soren Baker makes blacks look like a bunch of crybabies. It's sideways racism, put people like that out there to stir up hostility, just read the comment section of every article that has Lord Jamars name on it.

    • Anonymous

      lol whut? how are benzino and lord jamar articles hating people of color? if anything i would say the author hates white people

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

    Everyone associated with the Grammy's can eat a long dick. If Nas was there, he can eat a dick too!


    I'm black but let's be honest: What have you heard from any mainstream black rap artist lately that isn't about Money, Drugs, or Ho's?

  • euro cock

    Anonymous peeps suck dick.

  • Anonymous

    The ruling class will always write history in favor of themselves. Why do you think Europeons painted Jesus in an image of themselves? Whites are supposed to vote for Eminem he is one of their own, they watched "8 Mile" and fell in love with his story, just like when Kevin Costner became a Native Ameircan in "Dancing Wolves" and Tom Cruise became "The Last Samurai", culture appropriation is standard fare for Europeon Americans and the skinny poor white trash kid waded into a foreign culture and now they deify him. Its amazing to me how the guy that made racist rap songs about black people and used the N word is seen as some kind of King or rap god when his comedic raps are more Weird Al than they are Rakim.

    • FactsMachine

      You forgot Johnny Depp as Tonto, the Native American Indian.

    • Anonymous

      "You're mad at Eminem for making one song that he made when he was a dumb teenager that he actually apologized for and everyone forgave and forgot? Grow up. Many hip-hop legends, Rakim included, praised Eminem's skills as an emcee." Nobody is mad at him for his racist past, Black folks are quick to forgive, we dont hate your Emnem the way you hate Benzino. Who cares if Rakim praised him for his skills, we praise dogs when they catch frisbees in their mouths. Grammys dont mean shit to me its just musicians seeking to be validated by white people, I dont watch that Grammy shit, I watch the Essence awards, the BET awards the Centric awards and the NCAAP image awards, awards that represent my people. Some idiot will say that our half white president is "Black".

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee and benzino have a lot in common

    • Boogie

      Did you have a problem with White people when Black rappers won Grammys? Or when they voted for a Black guy for President?

    • Anonymous

      haha! white folks always deflecting from the core argument.

    • Anonymous

      Kevin Costner and Weird Al?? gtfoh .. u fagg

    • Anonymous

      "Its amazing to me how the guy that made racist rap songs about black people and used the N word is seen as some kind of King or rap god when his comedic raps are more Weird Al than they are Rakim" You're mad at Eminem for making one song that he made when he was a dumb teenager that he actually apologized for and everyone forgave and forgot? Grow up. Many hip-hop legends, Rakim included, praised Eminem's skills as an emcee.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody would have been mad if Em swept the grammies. Em is a monster.

  • Anonymous

    This half Nigga should get beat for mentioning Tupac's name ..

  • Anonymous

    Benzino says .... bla bla bla Benzino really means ... please let this twitter post make me relevant ... somebody pay attention to me .. anybody ..

  • Hood Legend

    "How come em and royce put out an album and sold 800,000 copies but when royce put out an album months later he sold 40,000? Answers?" Real Talk. lol

    • Anonymous

      How come Benzino took over the top corporate hip-hop publication and flooded it with advertising and biased reviews for his own projects and HE only sold 40,000? It has nothing to do with white people.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop never respected Benzino.

  • Anonymous

    This clown needs to got back to the circus . Eminem is a remarkable talent. Macklemore is not. End of story

  • Anonymous

    These articles on this site cannot be so polarized that only one group reads one and the other group reads the other. What I mean is on any Macklemore article everyone is calling him a faggot white boy saying Kendrick deserve the award over him and that the Grammys are racist, etc etc. Yet when Eminem gets called out everyone calls Benzino an idiot and says Em deserved his Grammys. It's like people just want to be negative even if it contradicts what they say on other articles. I REFUSE to believe that the people commenting on this aren't the same ones on the Macklemore articles.

    • Word

      Totally agree with you bruh. Just about two-thirds of the community on this page is a bunch of stuck-up douchebags that like to bitch about every rapper and then be on the tip of the same rapper's dick six months later

    • Don Domarco

      I held out on saying Em was the best for a long long time. They started saying that way back in 2004 and I just wasn't trying to hear it, but he's had crazy bars for years now. Plus, he actually makes good relevant songs today in 2014. Mackelemore is no Eminem. Trying to say that Eminem is overated like Mackelemore is pure nonsense.

  • What

    NIggas Mad because Benzion is right, Niggas Hiphop is white and history will show the greatest rapper was and is white, stupid niggas why you'll learn how to read or better yet write

    • Skool 4 Klownz

      ^I agree with all of that. That was in the golden era of hip hop when a lot of rappers had skill, so they had to out do each other. That competition created the best rap albums released in the history of rap from 1987 til 1997. And all those emcees give Em his props because he is true to the culture.

    • Anonymous

      thats funny because all those rappers you just listed would put eminem in their top 10 rappers of all time

    • Truth

      Nah, I'm white and I don't really dig Eminem that much. He's a great rapper as far as pasting a fuckton of words together but he doesn't nearly capture what hip hop is really about as well as the true legends in the game. I'll take Jay-z, Nas, Pac, Biggie, Rakim, Q-Tip, Redman, Kendrick, EPMD, Chuck D, Snoop, Ice Cube, Ghostface, Scarface, Bun B, Andre 3000 over him any time. Fuck, I'll take anything from NY dating from 1987-1997 and anything from the West Coast dating from 1989-1996 over this dude, for the same reason I'd take a Ferrari over a Lexus LFA, for the simple fact that none of his music has any soul.

  • Chi-Ill

    Tell this guy to go back to that one show on VH1 and stay in it!

  • FactsMachine

    Benzino is pretentious wannabe washedup hasbeen, and he knows it. BEN-ZI-NO...WTF kinda name is that???

  • 8====D~~~~

    Say what you want, he made a valid point when he said: "How come em and royce put out an album and sold 800,000 copies but when royce put out an album months later he sold 40,000? Answers?" Just like d12 aint nothing without eminem, and d12 has some fucking lyricists

  • Anonymous

    this punk is trippin' ! fuck u benzinoooooo nobodyyyy wantss to heaar about you dudeee. just go jerk off or something.

  • Anonymous

    The grammys is a scam indeed! But benzino is no good for hiphop as well! lying fake racist wannabe gangster! He should sit his old ass down.

  • daba

    why is this gay even talkin ??

  • Anonymous

    damn he mad, old typin in caps lock on twitter all day ass bum

  • Anonymous

    Benzino is up there with Ross and Lord Jamar in terms of white hatred but Benzino is from the community and been in this rap shit for many moons dealing with the politricks and behind the scenes. The hatred for Benzino comes from what Eminem refers to as his "Stan's" and their hate for anyone who disses their superhero which Benzino did but all Benzino wanted to do was share Eminems racist rap songs with the HipHop community and for that he was blackballed.

  • x

    DX please review your articles before posting. Macklemore is the name of the duo that he is a part of. The rapper's name is 'The Heist', wiki it you idiots!

  • Classic Material

    All these guys hating on Mackelmore need to look in the fucking mirror, they claim that these white rappers are racist or shouldn't be allowed in the hip hop community are just mad because they lack the talent to be there. Talent doesn't have anything to do with color and being black shouldn't automatically equal hip hop success. Equality means we are equal, equal to suck and equal to excel. Benzino and Lord Jamal are just reaching for relevancy in a world that doesn't care about them...

    • Anonymous

      if macklemore was black all these niggas would be riding with him saying he the next best thing

    • regal84

      It has EVERYTHING to do with race...Im not even a conspiracy theorist, but if Maclemore was black, he wouldn't have even been nominated...He even said so himself on the radio dummy...

  • d-nucks

    love or hate him...he is telling the truth. The truth don't care who tell it

  • Anonymous

    aint this nicca like 50 years old

    • ^^Listen

      to the commentor above me. u forgot that this whole gay shit started when we gave women too much rights. they done softened everything up now and put they feminine stink damn near everywhere... and THEY AINT EVEN HAPPY WITH THEIR OWN SUCCESS. DIVROCE RATE THRU THE ROOF. BIRTH RATE IN A DOWNWARD SPIRAL.

    • ws

      used to be a day where being alive for more years meant you were more EXPERIENCED. but now DISRESPECTING ELDERS goes hand in hand with the HOMO perpetuating.

    • Anonymous

      so hes out of touch and has no right to speak on the culture in 2014, he contributes nothing but ignorance and hate only time you ever hear about this faggot is when hes complaing about em and white people... hes mad because em ruined his career.

  • Jake from state farm

    Im so sick of bitchzino adding his 10 cents in everything

  • Anonymous

    Intelligent people are tired of hearing songs about guns senseless murders and trap music. Someone winning at the grammy's with a positive message is a nice change.

  • EvenOdd

    Em deserved his Grammy's...well most of them. This clown is just upset because his music was never relevant. The only reason people ever heard of this dude is because of em.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a bum.

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