Max B's Potential Release From Prison Explained

New music from Max B to be featured in a new film titled "Charly Rambo: The Max B Story."

Thanks to a deal involving the sale of Harlem rapper Max B’s catalog, the currently incarcerated emcee could see a release from prison in two years. While speaking with DZI: The Voice, filmmaker and Amalgam Digital CEO Anyextee shared the details of his upcoming documentary and album and also offered an update on the status of Max B.

According to Anyextee, new music from Max will be featured in a new film titled Charly Rambo: The Max B Story and other unreleased music from the rapper was sold in order to help his family raise money for a proper legal defense.

With help from a new legal defense, Anyextee says Max B could be out in two years.

“I just did a deal for the film I have coming out entitled Charly Rambo: The Max B Story, and you can expect to hear exclusive Max B tracks in the movie,” Anyextee said. “I will also say this, there are still quality unreleased Max B tracks and Pro Tools sessions. However, we recently sold Max B’s catalog as part of a play to help get him out. He and his family were excited about this as the company we sold it to has agreed to put up the required capital to fund a proper legal defense using the defense attorneys that we always wanted to use. It’s possible Charly could be out as soon as two years if the legal team is successful in their strategy. He already has time served under his belt.”

In addition to playing a vital role in the music career of Max B, those at Amalgam Digital have also worked closely with Joe Budden, Curren$y, Saigon, and other artists. As CEO of Amalgam, Anyextee spoke briefly on what it is he looks for in artists he’s willing to work with.

“It varies from artist to artist, and timing is always an important factor,” he said. “It’s all about what’s going on in that moment of time. I decided to work with each of those artists all for different reasons. One thing I do like to look for is a die-hard work ethic and ‘make it happen’ attitude, but you don’t always get that so it might be something else you like that you see in the artist. It could be charisma or their vision.”

In 2009, Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison after being convicted of multiple counts of kidnapping, armed robbery, and felony murder following a 2006 robbery-murder case. In the time since his sentencing, Max did submit a request for an appeal, but was denied in 2012. At this time, the earliest Max B could see a release from prison is November 9, 2042.

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  • King Chandler

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, if Max does get released you know he's gonna have a flock of bandwagon fans that didn't know shit about him before his bid, same shit happened with Boosie, it became popular to be a fan of the incarcerated artist, Jim Jones didn't realize the full amount of talent Max had until he was gone from Byrdgang, then he had Mel Matrix try to jack Max's whole wave, shit was comical how blatantly the style biting was, anyway, not trying to write a novel, just sayin' , free Bigavel, OWWWWWW!!!!!

  • odirtyjesuspiece

    Free dat wave !

  • John Doe

    half no pardon me prolly 100 percent of yall dudes hating on Biggavel gettin released from prison most likely never did a bid(time) in jail and don't know how that shit is smh... im rooting for sun to come home and continue to make good music cuz when you caged up and hit wit a sentence like that all you got is HOPE...REAL RAP

  • IROC

    Max B brought some excitment to the game when he was on the outside, looking forward to the movie

  • Dont Worry


    • Sure

      Don't Worry free Max B, He will be home soon, really! if that the case so will ever murder in jail nigga shut up only free thing about Max B is the meal he is getting which by the way my tax dollars pay for

  • detroit niggroe

    Weak ass nigga did the crime so do the time ya bum.

  • Young Guwop

    Max B will be released Neveruary 31st, 3000. Giving his so called "fans" false hope.

  • Young Guwop

    Wavy Crockett has washed ashore and permanently beached.

  • What

    Sure he be out in 2 years, they meant in 2042 in other word the next time you see Max B will be in a box the nigga got sentence to life what you think 75 years is, Young and Dumb take note dont do the crime if you cant do the time,

  • Viv

    Why would we free Max B..... Hes a fucking murderer for christ sake

  • Elvira Presley

    uptil I looked at the check that said $5477 , I have faith neighbours mother could actualey bringing in money in there spare time from their laptop. . there sisters neighbour had bean doing this 4 only twenty one months and resantly took care of the mortgage on their villa and bought a great Acura . hop over to here... www.Fb39.Com This and Queens of the stone age with trent rezor, dave grohl and the fleetwood mac girl

  • D.G

    Free Max B! Biggavel is definitely an original talent and I still bang his music on the regular. I hear a lot of his influence with many of today's artists. The Wave continues!!!

    • Danielle

      Hahaha. Keep dreaming, fanboy. 5 years later, still locked up, no album dropping. That wave has came and went. Onto the next shore.

  • streetknowledge

    These guys behind this project are full of sh*t. Max B chances of getting out of jail are slim because he has lost appeals already and for them to say he could be out in 2 years because of these new lawyers is them reaching to keep fans interested in this new project. Where were they in the beginning when he should of had adequate counsel? Getting an appeal or even a new trial doesn't guarantee he would be released. Stop selling the few Max B fans left dreams, and do the groundwork and get him out if it is looking so good for his case.

  • Anonymous

    Officer Ricky gonnas pay him a visit in the slammer and tear that azzz up lookin for the dope.

  • Verbal Tim

    I hope he will rott in jail and a fat, hairy fuckhead makes him a perfect cocksucker. Criminals should stay in jail and work for the society for free and not making albums.

  • Mike

    He's going to possibly get out in 10-20 yrs..but if the lawyer system for Max B's side is professional then maybe he will get out in 2 yrs. All we can do as fans is wish the best of luck for him.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when he was out on bail making vlogs with his fucking lawyer LOLOL so ignorant

  • Anonymous

    Yep. Every few years, they throw Max, his family, and his delusional fanbase a tiny bit of hope concerning his appeal & imminent release from prison, only to have their dreams severely shattered moments later when the state declines. I don't particularly like Max's music, but lets be honest: I don't think he's EVER getting out of jail. The fact of the matter is, Max committed atrocious and vicious crimes and deserves to stay in prison. Fuck an appeal.

    • Anonymous

      And even if he did get out I think the missed his "Wave" so to speak. Unless he wants to throw on some skinny jeans and a skirt.

  • Anonymous

    This dude's goose is cooked

  • Anonymous

    He's not getting out in two years.

    • Anonymous

      i saw a french interview last week where he was braggin about buyin his first 5 million dollar mansion and having a pet monkey... he could help if he wanted to

    • 9.

      The simple truth is French aint got those kind of funds. Labels simply give you a nice little facade you can hide behind. This is a serious case which would need top notch legal action and hell of a lot of stacks. Believe me that "I'm a rapper and rich" propaganda is on full swing now more than ever.

    • Anonymous

      French got a lil fame and forgot who put him in the game.

    • ijs

      if French Montana is his boy like he say why he don't put up the money orget diddy to do it fucked up if u ask me

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