Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don Battle During UW's "High Stakes" Event

Loaded Lux uses a Black Panther theme in battle against Hollow Da Don.

Loaded Lux has battled against Hollow Da Don as part of UW Battle League's "High Stakes" event which took place today (January 26). 

Loaded Lux entered the stage with a Black Panther theme. Every member of his entourage wore black and held protest signs up. One of the protest signs read "I Am Battle Rap." Another sign read "Say 'No' To Drugs" and featured Hollow's face. During his third round, Lux addressed Da Don's use of lean and Black Panther history. 

Hollow Da Don began his first round referencing Loaded's Black Panther theme before calling Lux a "diva" for making fans and viewers wait for the battle, which was delayed, to begin. In his third round, Hollow Da Don addressed Lux's "preaching" and said he would "take him to church." During the round, Da Don also discussed the demands he said Lux had for the battle and later brought a man who appeared to be Calicoe's father to the stage. Calicoe's father was called "lost" in a previous battle that Loaded Lux had with Calicoe

Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux spoke about the battle beforehand in a "Face-Off" clip

"It's going to be biblical," Lux said at the time. "I'm gonna get in my zone. I never dispute what he does. That's what he does. As far as me, when I'm up to bat, that's all that matters." 

Hollow also commented on the match-up at the time.

"I got a secret," Hollow Da Don says in the face-off clip. "I definitely got a secret January 26. There's another side of king. All of that 'beloved' and all of that, it's something under that. It's John. Y'all don't know John. I'm gonna introduce you to John."

The battle and the entire "High Stakes" event can be purchased through UW Battle League

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  • james burton

    sorry, I always felt lux, but hollow caught a BODY!!!! 3-0 da don. he outdone lux in every phase of the game i watch it 3 times, and i feel the same way. lux would have won if the battle would have been at a black panther meeting. but to me,,,bars- HOLLOW perfomance- HOLLOW flow/delivery- HOLLOW freestyle/rebuttals- HOLLOW so,lux couldn't outdo any of that.so how can he win? it's ok, if ppl think lux won. but to me hollow wooped this man, and lux knew he lost. hey, jordan never won every game .

  • Battle rap is lyrical

    First watch had it hollow three nil, maybe 2-1 The only way lux was gonna win if he came with 'something' as summer madness 2 had TOO many quotes to mention, hollows strategy of calling him a diva and saying his Eddie Murphy pants at the start got the crowd with him. Smart move by the don

  • loaded lux

    got that work.. I thought he was about to come back with that 3rd rd but hollow put his foot on his neck hollow 2-1

  • Elvira Presley

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  • Therithe73

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  • Young Prophet91

    I have watched this battle 3 times so far. So far I have Hollow edging the first round and Lux taking the final round (Hollow had too many dry moments and bringing out Calicoe's father can't be the strength of his round). Therefore its really up to the second round IMO...its really comes down to preference. I prefer bars and wordplay therefore I lean towards Lux however Hollow did his thing that round. Its stupid for anyone to claim either won 3-0 or that it was a bodybag. Great battle just felt it wasn't a great matchup when you look at these 2 much rather would prefer Lux & Verb.

  • Anonymous

    Battle rappers are the gayest form of rappers, even more than Drake.

    • Anonymous

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  • phuckyall

    Very Very Close battle... I thought it would be an outright victory for Lux.. But i'm reserving judgement on this until i watch it again.. the fact Hollow brought out Calicoe was ill tho and perfect timing also

  • mz

    I got 2-1 Hollow, he brought a little more to the table. Lux was 90% preacher, he should of brought something else this time. Close battle, nobody got bodied. Lux fans will say 3-0 Lux though, they're a special bunch.

  • Anonymous

    These comments saying that "the ignorant think Hollow won" vs. "the intelligent think Lux won" is complete and utter nonsense. It was a competitive battle that had some dull moments, but in my opinion, Hollow won. At the very least, it was a draw, but Hollow DEFINITELY didn't lose. And for those who might suggest that an "anti- Lux" verdict is "ignorant", allow me to give some proof to the contrary: -I was an honor roll student my ENTIRE school career. -I was one of only a few black students in A.P. chemistry and biology in my senior class. -I scored 1150 on my SAT's after only one night of studying. (And yes, I've heard the arguments that SAT's are culturally biased, and that it emphasizes memory rather than intelligence and aptitude. But that isn't entirely true.) -I went to a very prestigious college on a scholarship worth $24K per year, and that was in 1999. Today it would be much more. -I'm gainfully employed, and I agree with Loaded Lux's stance of positivity and Black Power. I'm from the hood, and I was often labeled the "Sharif from Menace II Society" amongst my peers.. I'm not a "biased fan" either way. I think Lux is one of the best and he KILLED Calicoe.. BUT I STILL THINK HOLLOW WON!!!

    • Anonymous

      It's not about listing credentials. I was trying to make a point that just because someone thinks Hollow won doesn't mean that you're "ignorant" or "lack intelligence", as some of these comments have implied. And what better way to prove that argument wrong than to list a few a accomplishments that exemplifies intelligence.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you listing your credentials?

    • Anonymous

      What kinda dummy comes to a hip-hop website, clicks on an article about battle rap, and says "nobody with intelligence watches battle rap"?? Oh yeah, stupid trolls.

    • Anonymous

      #1) How does anything I just listed suggest I'm not "qualified" to judge a rap battle? I get the feeling that you envisioned me as some dude like Carlton Banks from "Fresh Prince" or some soft ass suburban kid that knows nothing about hip-hop.. But I guarantee if you saw me walking down the street at 2 A.M. in the hoods that I lived in, you would think I was another criminal hood nigga.. Especially as grimey and bummy as I lived for a good part of my young adulthood. Nigga I grew up in the hood, and I grew up listening to hip-hop you dumb muthafucka!! So don't try to tell me my opinion is somehow "invalid" because I'm educated. #2) There's plenty of intelligent people who watch battle rap. I'm one of them! You can front all you want, but you know from reading my comment that I'm not stupid, so knock it off nigga! Furthermore, let's name just a few celebrities (let alone other intelligent people) who watch battle rap: Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Immortal Technique, Canibus... need I say more?? Not to mention that battle rap is extremely popular amongst college students and professional people with college degrees. So knock it off with the dumb shit..

    • The True Nigga

      NOBODY with intelligence even watches battle rap. LMFAO!!

    • lolll

      who cares lol if anything u just listed why you aren't qualified to judge a rap battle.

  • nwk

    it was a draw round 1 lux round 2 hollow round 3 draw to close to call The ignorant say @HollowDaDonLOM won, the intelligent say @iAmLoadedLux won.

    • Cealix

      smh @ using "intelligence" as an excuse to say Lux won. As soon as Hollow dropped his 2nd round and started exposing him, it was a wrap. Don't be one of those "watch the battle more than once to get a better opinion" people because once it's over, IT'S OVER.

    • Draw? lol..

      Hollow won every round, I can see how you could kind of debate the first but I would still say he AT LEAST edged that one.

    • what

      no way. hollow won that off the third alone.

  • hollowyo

    Only stans will say lux won. Hollow tells the nigga to slow down his delivery. Lux spits his next bar even faster. hollow calls out his whole corny style with the door metaphors, points out lyrics not making any sense, (ccs and vicodin) and brings out calicoes pops. Lux got that work. Hollow 3-0

  • Anonymous

    Haha Loaded Lux fans are so upset, he got whipped... He even knew it, you could see it on his face the whole time. Crowd was chanting Hollows name at the end, was a dope a battle!

  • huggiepacino

    The ignorant say @HollowDaDonLOM won, the intelligent say @iAmLoadedLux won...which one are you???...intelligent I am...#blessking

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