Don Trip "Randy Savage" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

Don Trip's "Randy Savage" mixtape features Juicy J on the song "Still in the Trap."

Don Trip released his Randy Savage mixtape today (January 24).

The 10-track project features guest artists Juicy J, Starlito and Young Dolph. The project also includes production from The Mekanics, Yung Ladd, Street Symphony, Redd, Big Juice, Izze the Producer and Tragic. 

Last year, Don Trip partnered with Starlito for the “Shut Up” single, which was produced by Drumma Boy.

Randy Savage is available for download now at

Don Trip's Randy Savage cover art, tracklist and mixtape stream are below:

1. "Randy Savage Entrance" (Produced by Yung Ladd)

2. "Still in the Trap" f. Juicy J (Produced by The Mekanics)

3. "Mojo Jojo" (Produced by Yung Ladd)

4. "Road Warriors" f. Starlito (Produced by Street Symphony and Big Juice)

5. "GodSpeed" (Produced by Redd)

6. "New Blinds" f. Young Dolph (Produced by Izze the Producer)

7. "Cream of the Crop" (Produced by Street Symphony)

8. "Neil Armstrong" (Produced by Street Symphony)

9. "Proof" (Produced by Yung Ladd)

10. "Macho Madness" (Produced by Tragic)

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