MGK Says He's Scared To Listen To Eminem's "MMLP2"

Machine Gun Kelly also describes advice from Diddy, says the Bad Boy founder "kept [me] from saying 'fuck the industry.'"

Cleveland native and Bad Boy signee Machine Gun Kelly recently confirmed that he's working on a second album for Interscope Records during an interview with Montreality.

In the interview, which took place in a dressing room before one of MGK’s shows, the rapper confirmed the plans while keeping his cards close about the nature of the release itself. “Yeah man, I’m working on this next album,” he said. “It’s gonna be my sophomore album with this label, with Interscope. So that’s all I gotta say about that. I’m excited about it, I’m super excited about it. It’s so early in the process I can’t say much.”

In June of 2013, Machine Gun Kelly released his Black Flag mixtape which featured appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Diddy, French Montana, and more.

In his recent interview with Montreality, which can be streamed in full below, the emcee also described his working relationship with the Bad Boy founder. “I think the most profound conversation I’ve had with Puff would be when I fuck up, and it’s a bad fuck up, and I get that call,” MGK said. “And I’m at the point where nothing that my team could say to me means anything. I don’t wanna hear what he has to say. When I see him call, I’m like, ‘I don’t wanna hear what anyone has to say,’ because I’m stuck in my way. But he’ll call and he’ll say something that makes so much sense, and it’s from someone who had a hot head and you saw [growing] up. He’ll just say it in a way that no one else can say it, and you’re like, ‘Fuck, he teaches you a lesson.’ He’ll mind fuck you. You’re so positive, you’re like, ‘I’m not gonna listen to shit he has to say. I’m stuck in my way.’ And then he says it and you’re like, ‘Damn, man, I don’t even want to listen to it but he’s totally right.’ So, I think he kind of kept me from saying, ‘Fuck the industry’ to the point where I really left the whole industry as a artist. I was so close to just taking both feet out instead of keeping one foot in the real world and one foot in the industry, which I think I do well. He at least helped me keep that foot in.”

The Black Flag rapper signed on as an artist to the Bad Boy label more than two and half years ago.

Speaking about the latest release from his self-proclaimed idol Eminem, MGK admitted to not having heard The Marshall Mathers LP 2 yet. “I’m still scared to listen to it,” he said. “I’m scared to listen to it ‘cause that’s my idol. That’s my idol, I feel like he’s said all he has to say. Of course I’m gonna love anything he does, I would hope people would be the same with me. Have I listened to it? No. Am I scared to listen to it? Yes. Do I want to listen to it? Dude, I wanted to listen to it the second I even heard he was recording it. I’m scared to make that step, ‘cause I don’t ever wanna look at my idol like, ‘Uhhh.’ I hear so many different things, but fuck people’s opinions I’ll make my own. I’l listen to it when I get off tour.”

In HipHopDX’s 2013 interview with Machine Gun Kelly shortly before the release of Black Flag, the rapper commented on his own hopes to see his home city in a positive light. “I can’t wait until Cleveland is in headlines for something positive like hosting the All-Star game,” he said. “I want to see Cleveland in a positive way. As positive as that situation is, it’s still, ‘Cleveland’s got a criminal.’ There’s so much positive stuff in that city I want everybody to see. Every time they see us it’s like a gun shot, three kidnappings. It’s like, ‘God damn.’ Machine Gun Kelly gets arrested, it’s like, ‘God damn.’ We need a fucking cartoon; we need a God damn cartoon. We have one! It’s ‘The Cleveland Show,’ it’s just not in Cleveland.”

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  • Anonymous

    Open your mind up a little. He's not a bad guy. Dude doesn't want much more than to make music and perform it. If that makes you mad you better fucking ask yourself why.

  • Glory Flow Mirin

    I am Red King Raw, i love looking at all this junk, but only once in a golden moon. i am the guy that is going to claim the throne. maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. but there will come a day where i bring all the energy in my world's lyricism with me to the states, and have waiting for me a path directly to where i will live and call my home. I will gain the respect of all rappers that day. and it will be kept in my posetion, by the will of the stars, untill the end of my days and untill the beginning of my fathers.

  • Adam

    People talking so much shit. MGK didn't say shit, you all took it out of context. But as for IMO the Album had like 3 good songs that he pre released anyways. The album has no replay value. Eminem will always be the best, but like MGK said, Em has said everything that needs to be said. Now its just for fun.

  • Austin

    Yall are trippin, I'm like ems biggest fan..fuck man im stan but FUCK MMLP2 its got no replay value for me. like KELS said, ima support anything em does but he HAS said everything he needed to.

  • anonymous

    MGK ur are not nor will u ever be Eminem, and never will ur doubts of him meen shit because in ten years knowone will know who u are. The album is sonicly off but is a lyrical masterpiece and rap gold. The chance of any intelligent non weed head who listens to asap rocky understanding that about mmlp2 is narrow ur musics not special yet you act like a diva? Remember when charlamagne nearly made you cry?

  • Tom

    "i'll listen to it off tour" mutha fuck you say he's your favorite artist and your idol and you've yet to even take the time to listen to his album? some idol he is to you, and why not just use you're fucking phone and listen to it on the bus or plane or whatever? it's not like you're incapable of listening to any music on tour...

  • Sean P.O.G

    Kells, one) fuck you i booed you @ Boston begining of the tour and you can't tease with black flag and then use black flag to play to the preteen masses. 2) congrats. your still going strong. 3) listen to M. The album will give you a blueprint of how i'm going to surpass you, webb, yela, action, mack and more black and white cause i'm better when i write. - see me when you wanna work.

  • Aye

    Really enjoyed the mmlp2 couple pop songs but besides that gold.

  • wood

    Even if you slowed down verse 3 of RAP GOD and tried to memorize it....its nearly impossible. The wordplay is unreal. MGK is no where near that.

  • g-sus

    You can't blame MGK. He heard Em's last couple albums, heard the singles for MMLP2 and just can't bring himself to listen to it. Nothing wrong with that.

  • goodbadandtheugly

    Damn... I recommend everybody to watch interview. I didn't know much about him, but seeing this, he seems like a cool and real standup guy. i'm going to check him out more.

    • Wolf

      Yea, u better do. I first heard 'bout him in the beef with Yela, that's like two years ago or somthin... I'm a Yeller fan, but I liked MGK's music... Check out Invincible or See My Tears of MGK... 2 of my favs!

  • Dopplegangers

    MGK becomes Taylor Swift at night.

  • Anonymous

    eminem - stimulate

  • the invasion

    i tried to like mmlp2 but old em where its at especially during the ja beef

  • Anonymous

    I hate this little pussy bitch

  • myers

  • VividSci

    This dudes music is okay, but after watching this interview I have a new kind of respect for him. Just comes off as a decent, regular guy. Thats alright by me. Might start checking for him more.

  • His fans are the fuckin emo's of this rap shit

    He a fuckin lame fuck is he talkin bout why he always cryin bout cleaveland aint he grow up in Denver ?

    • The Realest

      stfu you ho. I'm the realest and I say MGK can say whatever the fuck he wants he aint gotta pander to yo punkass. im about to go clack clack up in yo booty hole

  • Anonymous

    MGK is a cool motherfucker

  • Non

    Everyone one here talking shit, this dude is getting paid while ya'll are not. He's also not sitting on message boards wishing death on you either, you fucking low-life scumbag piece of shits. I don't even listen to this cat, but I read your comments on all these articles and truly see how fucking garbage humanity has become. Grow the fuck up.

    • Blood4Death

      Crip4Life you need to shut the fuck up. internet gangster ass, pussy ass nigga. I swear to god if yo mom beat yo ass when you were growin up you wouldnt be on the internet acting thuggish while living in some suburb...pussy! Fuck you and the underground. i like underground music more but fuckwits like you make me ashamed of exactly that! what the fuck you care what people listen to? If i wanna listen to satan himself i will do that and you can suck my dick if you dont like it. Fuck yourself sincerely not a crip nor a blood...fucking wannabe gangster 12 year ols still suckin on yo mom titty bitch

    • Crip4Life

      nigga, fuck mgk! he a sellout cause he sold his soul to tha devil for fortune, money and fame. just like 98% of the mainstream rappers. they all fake, FUCK em all. UNDERGROUND FOR MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE! #ESGN

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe people listen to this clown and are like "i can relate to you're problems man, I wank to much too." worst worst worst rapper, vanilla ice slays this guy

  • Anonymous

    Douchbag 2014 MGK.

  • Underground!!!!

    These pop rappers a.k.a. celebs are so funny. Their music sounds like shit. The evolution of pop rappers: 1. Vanilla Ice / MC Hammer / Will Smith 2. Nelly / Ludacris / Lil Kim 3. 50 Cent / Chingy / Lil Jon 4. Soulja Boy / Lil Wayne / Flo Rida / Timbaland / T-Pain 5. Gucci Mane / Waka Flocka / Rick Ross / Wiz Khalifa 6. Drake / Nicki Minaj / 2Chainz / Lil B / Odd Future / Kreayshawn It's getting worse and worse........... 7? Justin Bieber? Rebecca Black? Lil Chuckiee?


    Scenario 1 Guy brings a girl back to his pad. On the bed, he gets her naked and is about to fuck her. She says 'No!, I'm not having sex tonight". The guy backs off and proceeds to cuddle. Orgasm level=0 *Next day girly chit chat* "OMG, I was totally naked in front of {insert your name} and we didn't even have sex. He's such a pussy....Where are all the real men at?" Scenario 2 Guy brings a girl back to his pad. On the bed he gets her naked and is about to fuck her. She says "No!, I'm not having sex tonight". The guy smirks, pins her down and fucks her while she's screaming "No!, No!, No!" Orgasm level=99 *Next Day* FBI, CIS,CIA, NCIS, Police Department,Military force , several White Knight vigilante's on the hunt for {insert your name}

  • Anonymous

    Realest white boy song ever!

  • Anonymous

    i can see if u said u wanted your music to be original or something... but the bs excuse u came up with was bitch made

  • Chicago Rillas

    Has MGK ever actually even lived in Cleveland? Stupid corn chip white boy from the suburbs, with a terrible voice, no flow, no sense of history or hip hop culture. I can't stand this. I know there's a bunch of other internet bread white kid corn chips from suburbs, wisconsin, maine, and oklahoma that love people like MGK & Mac Miller, but these kids make just awful music.

  • jasonnns

  • Jwvanc

    Its obvious why he doesnt want to listen to it, he wants to keep that image of his idol as slim shady. Mgk looks like that fan that could seriously relate to shady's lyrics. Hes too young and still hood, hip, for the real mature alternative rap shit eminem writes now. I dont blame him

  • K Wiz

    Real talk, I was afraid to listen too. In my opinion, the latter half of the album is better than the first.

  • giddy

    Eminem and I are from the same era as far as the type of hip hop we fell in love with. Most of the people commenting on this site are on lil wayne and drake's jock. Guess what, that is not hip hop. Tribe called quest is hip hop public enemy is hip hop ice cube is hip hop and heavy d is hip hop just to name a few. People need to get a clue. Eminem's new album has some stuff I don't like, but half of it is better than a majority of anything that has ever been recorded in rap.

    • wasd

      guess what old man. tribe called quest is for white officeworkers. that aint no thug music. i knew a data entry guy who loves tribe. lil wayne is more thug than tribe. so get off the comment sections of a hip hop website cuz you were never in touch.

  • who cares

    eminems album is garbage no one can bump that album more than 1 it has no replay value, few songs have meaning and its the same shit hes been on since he was 20. start rapping. end the shock shit.

  • truth

    ok lets be real. he said he is scared to listen to eminems new album, because yes, its boring. rap has been dead. what else can you possibly talk about? its not music anymore, its entertainment, sales, money, recognition. get fucking real. no one is hot. there only as hot as the people think they are. money makes the fucking world go round. DUH

  • so?

    is it really so hard to just listen to the album? lol

  • EmD12

    Such a weird fucking answer with respect to Em's album. If duke is your idol, pay respect and listen to his new material. Sounds like a lazy excuse for not having taken time time to cop dat new CD. GTFO

  • Anonymous

    I thought his idol was DMX???

  • Anonymous

    He's scared that even a subpar Eminem is still leagues above him.

  • Anonymous

    wowww this dude sounds like an emo pussy

  • imho

    ps MGK is dope on the mic got flow and lyrics. I fuck w mgk.

  • imho

    need a rundown on MMLP2.. its way better than recovery and encore. showsmaturity but still most of it is a 40 yr old doing fart noises saying more shit youd expect a teenage to rap about and is something that wouldabeen hot had Eminem been 25 again. when u finish the album you catch yourself saying yes its the old Eminem but theres something not right about a 40 year old rapping about the shit he does.. then u hear don't front/headlights and wonder why Eminem just cant make a full album of material like that. I mean I know he cant talk about his mom but normal shit ppl can just bump and have a good time listening too.. I have to be in the mood to listen 2 eminems music

  • Anonymous

    MGK getting that bread tho. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop & viral videos on there

  • AS

    No one ever slapped this whiteboy. Such a fucking diva.

  • MGK

    Big Surprise. MGK has emotional issues and Diddy knows how to manipulate them as a slimy nigga LOL.

  • You're Right


  • Veronica Fine

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  • fuccya

    Coz fucks like you wont survive in the rapgame without the industry.

  • wads


  • Anonymous

    LOL be prepared for Em dissin you subliminal style on his next record just like he did Asher Roth

  • Anonymous

    never heard 1 song on radio from this herb

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