Terror Squad's Armageddon Details Big Pun Memories & Cuban Link's Beef With Fat Joe

Former Terror Squad member recalls Big Pun shooting a starter pistol in the studio.

Armageddon, once a member of Terror Squad, recent spoke about his experiences as a part of the camp, his longtime friend and collaborator Big Pun and the estranged relationship between Cuban Link and Fat Joe. In an interview with Examiner, Armageddon discussed his current position within TS. 

"I think it’s always going to be ingrained in me," Armageddon says. "We were the originators. We were the start of it so it’s always going to be in me, but for commercial purposes, nah. I’m not Terror Squad anymore but it’s always going to be in my heart. I still talk to Joe. I still talk to Prospect. I wrote Remy a letter a couple of weeks ago. Me and Cuban just started talking via text like last week, so it’s still love." 

During the interview, Armageddon, who is set to release Good Evil: Armageddon Vs. Geddy mixtape soon, was also asked about his take regarding a feud between Fat Joe and Cuban Link, a longtime feud between the emcees that has resulted in at least one altercation and a laceration to Link's face, according to Cuban. 

"That’s why I reached out to Cuban," Armageddon says. "I wanted to ask him how he felt about doing a Terror Squad album. I called Joe and I didn’t really get any definitive answers from Joe. Cuban basically said, 'We’ve been through a lot and I don’t think I can pull that off, I don’t think I can do that.' I understood and kept it moving. I think somewhere along the line there’s a possibility. I think I can be the link between the two at some point." 

Armageddon Recalls Big Pun Shooting A Starter Pistol At Tony Sunshine

Armageddon also recalls the type of pranks Big Pun used to orchestrate. 

"I remember being in the studio," Armageddon says. "We were in there with Trackmasters. Rashad from the Trackmasters was in there and Tony Sunshine came in and my man Sing Sing came in behind him going off on him. 'Yo, man I’m fuckin’ tired of your shit,' and everybody stopped looking. Sing Sing wasn’t nobody to play with. Everybody was like, 'What’s going on?' He said, 'I’m tired of this nigga. I’m gonna fuckin’ kill this nigga.' So he gave the gun to Pun and Pun let a couple shots off at Tony and Tony hit the floor and Rashad ran out the room. He thought Tony was dead. Everybody was out. It wasn’t a real gun. It was a starter pistol. It had blanks in it. One of the engineers, I think his name was Chris, had lit a cigarette right when the shots went off. As soon as the shots went off that dude smoked that entire cigarette within a second! Down to Brownsville! Everybody was on the floor cracking up. Throughout the session different people would come in the room and he would play different gags on them. He’d put an apple on his head and tell Tony to shoot it off. He’d shoot the gun and shake his head to make the apple fall off a little bit. He was a wild dude, man." 

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  • will gone

    bring em back geddy!

  • Anonymous

    The originators of what, wackness?

  • x

    mayn just get w cuban and do something what u need fatass for?

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  • Fuck Bronx

    LMAO at irrelevant niggas mentioning some dead Latino

  • Anonymous

    This dude must've not been hungry enough or blackballed too because he was just as nice as Pun was but just did guest spots. I mean not even a dat piff mixtape.

    • slkfdjsaldfjh

      But Fat Joe too lazy to write his own shit lol

    • Anonymous

      Not quite. It's one thing to have lyrical ability, but to have the whole package is something those TS bench warmers didn't have. Fat Joe said years ago that they were all lazy and not committed to getting their albums out. Even Cuban admits he's not capable of doing an album. I think all these dudes should find another calling cause hip hop hung up.

    • Anonymous

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