Jeezy Was Antagonized In Recent Arrest, Sources Say

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ that the police officials antagonized Jeezy during the arrest.

Sources close to Jeezy have said that the rapper was mistreated by police officers during his recent arrest, which was reported Tuesday (January 21).

Jeezy was reportedly arrested after police officers responded to a panic alarm at his girlfriend's home. However, Jeezy's camp has said to TMZ that the police report is not accurate, particularly disputing that police officers did not know the rapper's name when he refused to identify himself. Instead, they say the police officers said: "Oh, you're Jeezy the rapper." 

The arresting officers also started "antagonizing" him, according to the source close to Jeezy.

Sources also say that Jeezy feels he was treated unfairly when he was not allowed to make a phone call and when police officers searched his home. Police officials have said the reason to search his home came when he struggled with them when they attempted make the arrest. 

Initial reports regarding the incident said that Jeezy did not identify himself to officials

When asked for his name and identification, Jeezy allegedly said, “Fuck you. I ain’t telling you,"TMZ’s original story said.

Earlier this month, Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats against his son, according to TMZfor an incident that occurred September 2012.  

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  • Smart Nigga

    Do you guys know how to read? No? Okay, let me help you out with your comprehension then: Jeezy was reportedly arrested after police officers responded to panic alarm at his GIRLFRIEND's home. Sources also say that Jeezy feels he was treated unfairly when he was not allowed to make a phone call and when police officers searched HIS home.

  • imho

    so now adays you can search a mans home for being arrogant? even if jeezy wasn't being arrogant that's not a reason 2 search property.

    • Anonymous

      he still needs a warent dumass why does every1 want cops with the power to do anything they want?

    • Anonymous

      1. it wasnt his home 2. they were responding to a panic alarm call, for all they knew someone could have been getting stabbed or raped inside....

  • Anonymous

    Them laws just messing with him smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop & viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    I feel like maybe Jeezy needs an intervention, this is his second arrest of 2014 over family issues and we aimt even out the month of January, now Gibbs is on his head, hes beefing with Def Jam and he seems depressed.

    • Anonymous

      When the mother of my child gets mad over child support she convinces my teenage son to file false police reports about him being beaten and threatened

    • Anonymous

      and the first arrest was from some shit that happened in 2012 his baby momma just mad the child support is about to stop coming when the kid turns 18

    • Anonymous

      "this is his second arrest of 2014 over family issues and we aimt even out the month of January," He was not arrested over family issues here. It was for obstructing police. No assault, no domestic fight...

  • Veronica Fine

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  • Anonymous

    if jeezy said fuck u. at that point u should pulled out yo phone and looked on wiki lol

    • Anonymous

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  • room2roam

    why would you search someone's home when you came there for a panic alarm? illegal? i know they didnt come there with a search warrant. does resisting arrest give them the right to search your home? cops are out of control

    • Anonymous

      i dont know the law too well but it seems like if theres a panic alarm they gotta check shit out and make sure theres no dead bodies in the bathtub and shit nah mean?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who beefs with Officer Ricky will eventually feel the wrath of the law man.

    • imho

      look at this DICKRIDER.. 'oh shucks well 50 stopped calling him that you should too' lmao u fuckin clownnn.. do u do evertying in your life based on what rappers do?

    • Anonymous

      Fuck 50 Imma call that fat correctional officer, Officer Ricky until the day he dies, and then probably keep callin him that after hes dead

    • Anonymous

      The beef is over Curtis calls him Ross now so all you Stans dont have to continue using nicknames for rappers that 50 gave you.

  • Anonymous

    This is baby shit. Biebervelli the don out there catchin real man charges.

  • Aba

    Let a black man live.this mofo law pays ways for racists to malltreat niggas

  • Leezy

    only taken L's since 2007

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