Freddie Gibbs Feels Pimp C Was Right To Call Out Jeezy

Freddie Gibbs says that Pimp C "wasn't barking for nothing" when he called out Jeezy in 2007.

Freddie Gibbs says that he is not looking for handouts from Jeezy, to whom he was signed. 

“I never ask any of these niggas for a damn thing, my nigga,” Freddie Gibbs says during an interview with "Don’t get that twisted. I’m not one of these niggas asking these niggas for no favors or anything. I never took nothing from nobody. I never took a dollar from Jeezy. I just told you, I was in the streets. I never took nothing from nobody. I never asked a nigga for a handout. Nobody. That ain’t my style. That ain’t my get down. It’s just like these niggas are weirdos.” 

Freddie Gibbs then referred to a Pimp C interview from 2007, when the late rapper dissed the then-Young Jeezy on radio station Hot 107.9. Young Jeezy had built himself up as a rapper by, among other things, referring to himself as the Snowman. 

"Everybody just talking about how many chains they got on and how much dope they sold,” Pimp C said during the Hot 107.9 interview. "But the truth of the matter is this: I don't believe you. 'Cause I know you dudes and I know you didn't sell no dope.”

"I feel like Pimp C,” Freddie Gibbs says during the interview. "The way Pimp C felt about these niggas, that’s how I feel about him. He wasn’t barking for nothing. That shit is real. He got ridiculed for saying how he felt and it’s sad that he had to die after that. Motherfuckers always want to tell you now how you feel when it’s negative towards somebody that everybody love. ‘Man, I love him. He can’t be like…’ Man, fuck that. I don’t love that motherfucker like you. Love don’t live here no more.”

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  • myers

  • Anonymous

    Just make some damn music and shut the f**k up..nothing worse than a dude sitting on his a** dissing dudes out there making music and doing something.... I wouldnt p*ss on Jeezy or Gibbs if they were on fire...just sayin!! follow a t no oles 506

  • AnOnYmOuS

    "We don't get no social commentary, we don't get no knowledge" LOL, I didn't get none of that shit by listening to UGK either, fuck was Pimp C talkin bout, bitch ass nigga. Thank God he ain't here anymore.

    • D-roc

      You's a Beatch... UGK for life nigga. Pimp C and Bun B gave us nothing but knowledge maybe you need to listen to they whole catalog bitch. UGK 4 Life trill niggas stand up.

  • Veronica Fine

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  • Anonymous

    "Whole city behind him but they all forgot to go out and buy his album for $10 LOLOLOL" Um, Meek sold 350K copies and his singles sold to, plus he sells out shows anytime he touches the town. You seem hateful and bitter possibly because of your own failures and shortcomings compared to Meeks success.

    • Anonymous

      The population of his city is over 1.5 million. He sold 350k in the USA so again how is his whole city behind him?

  • Fuck P.A., Houston & Texas Overall

    I read all that Pimp C said. Well, maybe we're better off without him anyway.

  • anonymous

    Some artists that own labels will befriend and sign an artist they consider competition only to delay their success, case and point Ludacris DTP roster and now Jeezy with Gibbs. But Gibbs still need to keep it moving. What is he expecting to come out of this by making butthurt statements that ride the coattails of a dead man? Now he's starting to sound pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      you're a moron if you really think Jeezy signed Freddie Gibbs to try and hold him back. Jeezy wasnt really in a position to be able to help him, he should have been more patient.

    • Anonymous

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  • freddie gibbs is a faggot

    freddie gibbs cant release an album to save his life but will surely keep jeezys cock in his mouth. its the only way he can stay relevant fkn faggot.

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean cant release an album to save his life? Pretty sure ESGN came out in the summer or something and hes got one coming out next month with Madlib

  • 614grind

    If Gibbs ain't careful, he'll never be taken seriously.

    • Anonymous

      c-sign ,y dude, initially after the split he refused to speak on it, which was the right thing to do...But now?...keep it classy Gibs...

  • PImpy

    Havent got his been into his recent shit but jeezys first 2 albums were fuckin quality n the recession had sum crazy tracks.His mixtape run was dope too

  • Chi-Ill

    Why this nikka keep Jeezy name in his mouth!? Let it go bruh, do you!

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Using correct grammar and punctuality when you read his response he's actually saying that all he ever did was take things from 'niggas'. Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait to hear what gucci does to jeezy when the bumped heads up in the holdin cells with no entourage or security

    • Anonymous

      gucci not in prison hes in the looney bin for nigga who fried their brains sippin too much lean. probably cant even wipe his own ass

  • Whatever

    This guy sounds like a bitter bytch.

  • Stanucci

    Well i always said that Young Jeezy is a fraud! Just mark my words, i speak the truth! The realest rapper is still, was and will always be Gucci Mane!

    • Keep it Real

      Stop sayin Gucci the real G. Gucci aint no mf G that dude aint no mf big time dope dealer That dude was sleeping in the car before he met wackas mom WHERE THEY DO THAT AT.!!!! The only thing Gucci did was selling rocks in the hood.!! People always think Gucci is this big time drug dealer If he was he aint acting a mf FOOL al the time.!!! Next year gucci irs shit goes online i bet he owes the irs millions,cause that sucka spend al his money.!!!!!

  • elaw

    blowing up has nothing to do about where ya from. If thats da case FAT JOE is da best rapper ever because hes from da bronx....i mean thats where hip hop started right...

  • Money First

    I have to agree with @JP937 Gibbs is dope but he needs to get out of his feelings...There are better ways to get into a news cycle for publicity....Midwest niggas keep grinding and dude you grew up too close to my city (Chi-Town) to be whining like this....Get back to that Gangsta Gibbs!!!

  • leather facess

    god dam it now im on the floor. hey sicker bird mask leathe face peeking around, seen creeper trying to do the bitchen at 666 demon mask chase em to the 666 jason waters out the mother

  • Mary Peachey

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  • street

    BIG BAD GUCCi exposed that nigga jeezy

  • Here's A Tissue

    Give me a break. This dude is using a quote from what Pimp C said to validate why he dis-like the next man. Bro your in the new Mecca of Atlanta GA making music and can't POP. That's your fault. Your in business for yourself and BY YOURSELF. Your using the machine someone else built to get ahead. Do yourself and make some radio friendly hits and watch the wheels start rolling. Who cares if the man sold dope or not. I'm sure you got lyrics either say how much you smoke or you sold told. Do we need to pull your street cred. Make the music and the money and don't sale your soul while doing so. If you got an issue with my statement. Here's a tissue. BoooooWHOOOOO

  • Anonymous

    Everybody used to think Jeezy was the realest nigga on the planet but Meech went to jail and now we see who he really is.

    • Anonymous

      "nah homie that was just you. everyone knows most of the realest cats are dead or in jail." Nah homie that wasnt me everyone knows most of the realest cats avoid death and jail and raise strong sons and daughters to carry on their legacy, all that death and jail bullshit is just romantacized bullshit to keep ignorant negroes with a nihilistic mindset so they end up like C Murder or Mazaradi Foxx instead of Cory Booker and BoB Johnson.

    • Anonymous

      "Everybody used to think Jeezy was the realest nigga on the planet" nah homie that was just you. everyone knows most of the realest cats are dead or in jail.

  • JP937

    I fuck w/Gibbs but damn get out ur feeling bout another grown man not putting u on like u wanted. Every interview is like U whining bout Jeezy aint this and Jeezy aint that. You a midwest nigga so get it how u live and grind.

  • Anonymous

    Was Jeezy supportive of you doing your own thing? Fuck no. Anything he tells you, its going to be fake. I am going to give you the real. He gonna give you the sugarcoated version. Thats the difference between me and him. He gonna give you the sugarcoated shit, I am going to give you the real. At first, when that whole split happened, I was being political about it. I was thinking, Man, I dont want to fuck up my relationship. But fuck that shit, my nigga. Im feeding the whole city. That nigga dont do shit for me. I am going to point a nigga out when he bogus and he was bogus for not owing up to his business relationship and doing what he was supposed to do business-wise. Like I said, I never needed the nigga to do nothing for me, but do what you said what you were gonna do. You dont hold true to your word, I dont respect you. So I dont respect no nigga that dont hold true to his word. All that shit you rapping; I dont respect none of that shit.

  • LisaDFrame

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  • Anonymous

    Does Soren Baker ever write an article himself? Because every article on here "written" by him is an excerpt from XXL or another site OR its just typing out what someone said on a radio station interview. Soren Baker aka Soren LeBouf

    • Anonymous

      Just about all of the content on this site is stolen from other sites. It's not just that dude. lol Once every 3 or 4 months they'll have an original interview or editorial or something but 99% of what's on this site is from other sites.

  • P C

    I would have more respect for Gibbs if he was just putting out music and showing Jeezy that he slept on him. Dude like a jilted broad, every interview he crying about how Jeezy fake! Get over it playa! I'm not a fan of YG but dude steady putting out music under CTE, so is Doughboyz Cashout, so maybe Freddie work ethic ain't all that. At this point, Jeezy got a spot at Atlantic records, just signed CTE to Roc Nation, and putting out records! Gibbs need to look in the mirror and ask himself, "why he so focused on the next man, need to get your own!"

  • 6its6me6

    artist like WALE and MEEK MILL have become prevalent because they make HIT records, FREDDIE GIBBS is very untalented mc who makes low budget videos. He needs to stop blaming JEEZY because he cant get on the radio ESgN really....who is signed to that?

    • Anonymous

      "Meek has an entire city behind" Whole city behind him but they all forgot to go out and buy his album for $10 LOLOLOL

    • nerf ball

      sometimes in an former artist/label boss relationship, the boss isn't the only one at fault. all these interviews gibbs is doing could be better spent on making a mix tape or appearing on a song. instead he's wasting time clowning jeezy. hmmm now what says something about his work ethic or lack thereof?

    • Anonymous

      Not a fair comparison. Meek has an entire city behind him he's an East Coast artist while Gibbs is from the Midwest were its a lot more difficult to get on. Wale has Ross and Hov in his corner but I will agree that he has the ability to make mainstream songs way better than Gibbs. Jeezy just aint built to run a label, by most peoples account he is a selfish dude that aint trying to share the food on his plate.

    • Anonymous

      freddie gibbs is untalented but meek mill is prevalent?? whatever that means? clowns i tell ya

    • koth561

      Shoot yourself you troll Gibbs has several music videos that have over a million views plus several songs from ESGN have been played on MTV Jams. Gibbs is gettin that independent money and if you think that he can't spit then why does he record with MADLIB and Wale/Meek Mill don't?

  • sarrow

    giva fuck bout no gibbs

  • Anonymous

    No he not he Foreal

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a joke. Gibbs said he was going to diss Rick Ross when Ross and Jeezy were beefing, then he left CTE, after that he started hopping on Rick Ross' dick. Look I get that he doesn't like Jeezy, but don't be a fake, if you were planning on dissing a dude and then start dick riding him in the same beef, you're not real.

    • Anonymous

      I dont care what type of man he is. All I know is he never slapped cuffs on no niggas. Never wore a uniform and badge. Never search niggas bootys for drugs he raps about selling. Never lied about having a legit job coming up.

    • Swiftly

      "That says nothing about Ross as a person or whatnot. By the way, how many niggas signed to Jeezy have made it to the mainstream???" You sound incredibly stupid, being real with the people in your circle says EVERYTHING about you as a person, it's the most important thing in everyday life. If you do right by your family, friends and associates then it says a lot about your character, if you are always beefing with your family friends and associates then it also says a lot about your character. Jeezy only signed Gibbs because Gibbs dissed Rossand at that time Ross was making music with Bleu Davinchi from BMF who was dissing Jeezy but once the beef with Ross cooled off Jeezy didn't have anymore use for Gibbs. If BMF don't fuck with Jeezy and he's being sued by all his old business partners and every time he is in the news over some family bullshit then what type of man do you think he is?

    • YonkersBornAndRaised

      Dumbass he made a diss about Rick Ross before he signed to Jeezy and once he left CTE he only stated that Ross keeps it real with his artists in the sense that those signed to MMG like Wale and Meek Mill have become prevalent rappers under him. That says nothing about Ross as a person or whatnot. By the way, how many niggas signed to Jeezy have made it to the mainstream??? And don't say YG cuz he hasn't even dropped an album yet.

  • Young Guwop

    Hot 107.9 is in Atl and not NY. I remember hearing the interview on the radio. This website editors suck. But Pimp spoke his mind and many rappers didn't like it.

    • Young Guwop

      Typical anonymous pussy keyboard warrior correcting people like a lil bitch. Ole wanna be English professor ass nigga. Help ya self by stayin the fuck off my post pussy. Also Hip Hop Dx kill ya self.

    • HipHopDx

      How about you tell both of your whorish mothers to come suck our editors' dicks?

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you need an editor homie. Let me help you out: This website editor sucks / These website editors suck

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