Black Rob Addresses Diddy, G-Dep, Sean Price & NY Rap In AMA

Former Bad Boy Entertainment emcee Black Rob also says "hunger" allowed him to make "Life Story."

Black Rob, who released his new single "Have A Nice Day" off an upcoming project recently, addressed several fan questions through Reddit's Ask Me Anything (AMA). During the interview, the rapper spoke regarding several topics, including Diddy, G-Dep, Deltron and Dan the Automator

"There is a sample on the new Deltron [album] from a record I made with Dan back in the day," Black Rob said when asked if he had songs with Dan that have yet to be released. "Dan has a ton of my old work." 

One of his most celebrated works, Life Story, was also addressed when a fan asked what inspired the album. 

"Hunger," Rob said. "No matter how hard I pushed, Puff didn't like it. So I learned to push harder." 

His work with Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, is a part of Bad Boy Entertainment history, joining a roster that also features G-Dep and Craig Mack, among others. Rob addressed his relationship with these artists throughout the AMA. 

"I haven't spoken to Craig [Mack] in a while," Rob said.  

Rob was also asked how he responded to G-Dep's incarceration. 

"I haven't spoken to him in a minute," Rob said. "We know where we stand at. Still toe to toe. When I heard the news, I was baffled. One morning I see him, the next he's gone." 

In 2011, Black Rob spoke about Diddy and Bad Boy

"Once I caught my bid - or whatever the case may be, [Bad Boy Records] was like 'Fuck you. We're gonna use Black Rob as a springboard for this [Notorious B.I.G. project Duets]' - which flopped by the way," Rob said. "But it wasn't Biggie's fault. It was just a point where they said 'Fuck The Black Rob Report...Bad Boy left me for dead." 

Black Rob Says "Boom Bap Has Disappeared"  

During the AMA session, Black Rob was also asked about a part of Hip Hop that he feels is gone. When asked about how the landscape of the culture has changed, Black Rob said: "The boom bap has disappeared." 

Rob also noted that his upcoming album is slated to be "a New York album." 

Throughout the AMA, Rob was also asked about various New York artists. 

"How do you feel about New York artists like Action Bronson, the A$AP Mob, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Ka, and Smoke DZA?" One fan asked. "Do you think that they're doing a good job of maintaining a high bar for NY rap?" 

Black Rob said only one rapper gets his vote of approval.

"Sean Price is the only one I'm feeling," Rob said. "Sean Price is the only one impressing me lately." 

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  • TC

    I think its well documented how shay Puff is, however these cats have to realize that once they sign that contract their label boss is not their best friend...they are their boss. They are just another employee in a crowed business industry. Like any other company, if an employee does something stupid and gets locked away and cant produce for that company (what you were hired to do), you get dropped! Period. Stop crying, grow up, move on and thank the Puff for signing you in the first place. Take responsibility for yourself.

  • PATHH88

    Black Rob need to drop nothing but hardcore NY beats and bars, that last album on Duck Down was a let down IMO, still had high points on it but on the whole i was definitely disappointed- but that is cos of the high regard i hold him in as a rapper. I mean listen to Ventilation, the joint that dropped before the Duck Down album, PURE FIRE to the Nth degree, get back on that ish Rob and you will kill it...i will cop it regardless to show support

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'zup to the homies worldwide!

    No doubt, Rob, you tell 'em. New York artists like Action Bronson, the A$AP Mob, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Ka, Smoke DZA and many more are all a bunch of FAGGOTS running around in the rap game.

    • Joe

      Clearly you don't know shit about those artists. I wouldn't say Rob was tryna diss anybody. I'm sure he hasn't listened to Action Bronson, Smoke DZA or Ka. All talented hardcore rappers. If anything, Ka is even more of a hardcore artist than Rob. You must've automatically thought they was some Drake/Tyga kinda rappers.

  • Anonymous

    He actually has an upcoming album? 2500 first week sales is like whoa!

  • Plies is a nurse

    Everone will eventually get fucked over if they go near P Diddy but Black robbing that hotel room was such a dumb idea what he get 7 or 8 years? In New York The LOX have always held the city down weather solo albums mixtapes freestyles or the D-Block stuff they never left or fell off

  • Mary Melton

    until I looked at the bank draft four $6740 , I did not believe that my neighbour was like they say realey making money part time on there computar. . there sisters roommate started doing this for only 6 months and at present cleard the morgage on their home and got a gorgeous Lotus Elan . official website... this mothafucka is the biggest liar in hip hop today. fuck Dr. Dre, go lick dick & pussy like Pac said.

  • Anonymous

    Where was I oh yes, Shawn Carter is nice but Sean Price is best.

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