Fredo Santana Describes His & Chief Keef's Recording Process

Fredo Santana takes a page from Jay Z and Lil Wayne's books.

Fredo Santana has recently begun to gain notoriety for his music. But in a recent interview with Village Voice, Fredo revealed that, for a while, he wasn't serious about a career in Hip Hop.

"I wasn't a rapper at first," said Santana, who is Chief Keef's older cousin and co-CEO of CHief Keef's Glory Boyz Entertainment label. "I was just a street nigga that was just rapping on the block, not going into the studio. That's what Keef would do. Then I saw that I got a little fanbase and I wanted to prove to myself and everybody else [that I was a rapper]. That's why I put so much music out. I groomed myself into a rapper. I want to be the best to rap. The best entertainer, entrepreneur. That's what I want to be."

Fredo spoke about his and Chief Keef's recording process, which no longer involves writing. "I don't write. I ain't wrote since like March. I put the headphones on and feel the beat come through my body. I did the 'Jealous' song in like five minutes. Promise. Ask the engineer. I'm trying to force [my friends] not to write. Keef don't write no more either. He ain't wrote since like, Finally Rich. Jay, Wayne, Gucci, the best don't write. That's how I stopped. I was in the studio with Gucci [Mane] and [Young] Scooter and I was like, 'Damn these boys going fast as hell.' I was like, 'I'm not writing no more.'"

A video of the Glory Boyz Entertainment crew's recording process was profiled in the first episode of "The Life of Chief Keef and GBE" (spotted at Vlad TV):

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  • JP937

    ......imma tell all these. Fetal Alcohol babies something. Fredo the only nigga in they lil group I can respect. Now that thats out the way, every single last one of them niggas is ASSSSSSSSSSSSS x 300. The last thing these niggas need to do is go off the dome n record some shit. These niggas stumbled into stardom by mistake. I fell out of my chair reading this article talkin bout me n sosa dont right. LMFAO! He might as well say we dont think too well either.

  • 6661irrelevant

    Fredo got NEXT! FUCK ALL THESE CRITICS!Like they doing something with their life anyway. Muthafuckas stuck in the 80's Rakim? Fuck that washed up old fart! That's why he still relevant today. Oh my bad. He's not. Irrelevant like all of your comments. Rakim got shelved by Dr. Are & Aftermath. Maybe he should've learned to freestyle & stay with the times. Instead of being stuck in his "Glory" days. You gotta "Glo Up" one day. Bang, Bang!! #300

    • John Smith

      Yoooo!...where the fuck is the respect at?...if it wasn't for Rappers like Rakim...there wouldn't be none of these New Comers you see now..I understand what You are more living in the past why disrespect somebody who pave the way..He never disrespected no none of these cats..and the fuck you talking about Rakim should've learned to freestyle like These Cats...Rakim grew up in a era where You should know how to was somewhat mandatory .its how hip hop came about in the first place...."of the head" saying it as if this is new...and not to mention.Rappers like...Fredo Chief Waka gucci Future ..their Lyrics are "Dumbed" most of their songs they have a slow paced flow pattern with very small vocabulary...they rarely mix it problem with that but if there was a freestyle contest it is a no brainer ..Rakim would take that doubt Rakim isn't as relevant as He was once before...but everybody has Their make it seem like these dudes you like won't fade out one day..Rakim was just another Rapper who had His turn now it's the new Guys yeah Big up to Fredo hope the for Him...but people like You..tsk ..

    • Anonymous

      ...Yo somebody smack son right quick #SMACKSMACK

  • Mary Melton

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  • Detroit niggroe

    LOL right nigga...n we can tell that shit aint thought out too.All yall shit sounds like it was written in 5 minutes. Thats why you niggas is a gimmick n wont have no longevity in this game."Wayne, Gucci, the best don't write". Thats all you gotta hear out this nigga to know he a lame

  • HateGloryboys

    Content matter & lyrics suck & are cleche anyway. He should write because all the best one's have wrote.

  • Ledge

    Too bad Rakim's the best to ever lay hands on a microphone, and he most definitely wrote. Ra doesnt get the credit he deserves, he's the true "God MC" and withoiut him all rappers would still be screaming, one dimensional ignoramusxs like Meek Mill.

  • Anonymous

    Fredo Santana Describes Chief Keef's Record Process.... does it involve putting marbles in his mouth and recording straight into his laptop with a radio shack mic?

  • kinal493

    Keef hasn't written since Finally Rich ? He should probably get back to writing then

  • street

    fredos a real nigga you can tell whos real and whos fake

  • nope

    "That's how I stopped. I was in the studio with Gucci [Mane] and [Young] Scooter and I was like, 'Damn these boys going fast as hell.' I was like, 'I'm not writing no more" so many reasons why your rap career will fail all in one statement

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