Pusha T Hoping To Make "Sophisticated Music" With Scott Storch

Scott Storch says he's had to rebuild a lot of relationships and knock on a lot of doors to let people know that he's serious about music again.

Months after the release of his solo debut, My Name Is My Name, Virginia Beach rapper Pusha T is currently working on his next solo effort, King Push. Among the artists the Clipse emcee is working with on his upcoming project is producer Scott Storch, a musician who has gradually made his return to music over the last couple of months.

According to Pusha, who says he worked with Storch once before on Clipse Presents: Re-Up Gang, it’s the New York beatsmiths knack for making sophisticated music that drew him in.

“This the second time I done got with Storch. First time was a few years ago,” Pusha said. “We did a joint with the Clipse called ‘Fast Life.’ And I just think—I came over here honestly simply because I feel like music is coming back [into] musicality. And people who are really skilled with it. You know what I’m saying? On the keyboards. And sounds, it’s like sophisticated. And I mean, who else is better at sophisticated music than Scott Storch?”

During his interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, Scott Storch also commented on his ability to add sophistication to his records through the use of instruments and melodies. The producer also spoke on his return to music, which he says consisted of knocking on a lot of doors, and touched on his work with Pusha T.

“This era for me in recording has been a lot of rebuilding a lot of relationships and knocking on a lot of doors,” Storch said. “And trying to let people know that I’m really serious about this music again. And with regards to Pusha they reached out to me and it felt good because people are starting to take me serious. And after taking a long hiatus and dealing with a lot of stuff I dealt with. So, I think he was intrigued by probably the record that I did with Vado. And the fact that it’s more organic and more real Hip Hop. When he came in he was like ‘No trap. No trap. No trap. No trap. No trap. Trapped out.’ For me, being able to make these more musical records and a little bit more sophisticated in the instruments and the actual melodies and all that stuff. It’s great. That’s what I do.”

In regards to his work with Pusha T, who says his goal is to “strive for perfection” with King Push, Storch says the Clipse emcee is able to take advantage of the fact that he’s releasing a solo project.

“He’s always looking to do something special,” he said. “And the fact that it’s like—He’s doing his solo thing it’s like he can really hone in on that.”

In a past interview, the 40-year-old producer spoke on the lack of real Hip Hop while addressing Vado’s “Look Me In My Eyes,” which he produced.

“It’s definitely a good look,” Storch said. “I’m happy about it. And it’s something I can be proud of in terms of the fact that it’s real Hip Hop and that’s something that I think Hip Hop is lacking these days.”

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  • jorge

    We all know wasup. Looking forward to this http://smarturl.it/FERGhoodpope

  • jerryc

    I've heard no evidence that Pusha-T can rap about anything other than cocaine, cars, and clothes. I doubt a 'sophisticated' album is on the way. And when did Corey Feldman start making beats?" please man. Theres a reason Hell Hath No fury is a classic. Sure he talks about drugs in his songs, but so did Biggie.. When he says.. "no serum can cure, all the pain ive endured, from crack to rap to back to sellin it raw. For every record i potentially sell in the store, its like mecca to the dealer thats sellin it raw. So many deceive ya, I'm on touch with the keys, move over Alica. I force feed ya the metric scale, raps like childs play my show and tell. " Don't tell me that aint deep, clever, and cool shit

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      I didn't say he wasn't witty. But even those bars right there are referencing the drug game. I don't care if you're the biggest drug dealer in the world, there has to be SOMETHING else you can talk about SOMETIMES. Biggie referenced drugs, but Big also told stories, had songs about girls, had fun songs, party songs, serious songs, etc. He wasn't limited to just cocaine fables. I have nothing against niggas rappin' about drugs and crime, but when that's ALL you can rap about, It bores me. The nigga just has no versatility or range whatsoever. How many slick lines and metaphors can about drugs can you listen to before that shit just gets tiring. It's weak.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he can learn how to talk first before he does anything sophisticated. "I done got"

    • smh

      Oh yes, it's only white-speak that is sophisticated. Ebonices/AAVE with it's own set of grammatical rules cannot be sophisticated.

  • uptownfirst

    Get your journalistic fact checking correct when writing an article Scott Storch is from Philly he is one of the original producers for the Roots. I should write this fuckin article. The writer gets an L.

  • Ken Junior (EA Streetwear)

    Nice. Good to see creative minds come together to create something epic. #Salute Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @endlessambition_streetwear @kingstutter Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488 Blog: eastreetwear.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    Isnt Storch from Philly

  • Anonymous

    push needs to keep releasing material, stay in people face,

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I've heard no evidence that Pusha-T can rap about anything other than cocaine, cars, and clothes. I doubt a 'sophisticated' album is on the way. And when did Corey Feldman start making beats?

  • stg

    by the way that vado beat aint that good

  • Jaheim

    He's hoping to rap about crystal meth instead of cocaine. Now that's sophisticated.

  • Lourdes Rush

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  • Anonymous

    the pusher man and the junkie. match made in heaven

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