Royce Da 5'9 Addresses "Battle Show Rumors"

Shady Records emcee Royce Da 5'9 addresses these rumors on Twitter.

Jack Thriller made headlines today (January 16) when he announced that he has been hired as the host for a Battle Rap reality TV show headed by Eminem. Royce Da 5'9, Eminem's longtime friend, collaborator and a Shady Records signee, addressed "battle show rumors" with a Twitter update soon after the announcement was published.

"Don't believe any battle show rumors until you hear it from us," Royce said via Twitter. The Tweet also included the links to verified accounts handled by Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I, the other members of Slaughterhouse

It is unclear whether Royce's Twitter post was directly aimed to counter Thriller's announcement. Thriller has since deleted his Instagram post, which is the one that announced the news originally. 

Royce Da 5'9's Twitter post can be found below.  

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  • Anonymous

    jack thriller was talkin bout em not u, nerd.

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  • Anonymous

    genius idea..if its true!


    Yawn.... no one cares about this

    • Anonymous

      well you obviously care enough to read the headline of the article, click and read it then scroll down to the comment section and comment

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  • Anonymous

    This confirms it... Royce need a lesson in denial 101

  • Revvy

    I was always curious about the HipHopDX, Interscope, and KOTD relationship, and assumed they had a large influence on this website, and now it at makes sense If you notice in the audio section on the 1st page, if their is an interscope artist(Kendrick, 50, Eminem etc), there single will stay at the top for a week, even if it isn't a highly rated song, while all the other songs come and go. Sometimes these songs are posted twice in the list If you notice, this site always has KOTD news, while other sites barely cover it. There are hardly any comments with these topics, which shows the true lack of interest from these readers, but its still constantly pushed down our throat And with Eminem stating Dizaster was his favorite battler, Crooked I showing up to one of Dizasters battles, and Dizaster just said he just got off the phone with Royce(assuming its about this upcoming show) To summarize, Interscope owns HipHopdx and KOTD, and this site pushes its agenda(as you can easily see in any Slaughterhouse article, where they keep repeating how it received 4.5 out of 5 to give the illusion that it was a success, when the consensus was it was a disappointment)

    • Anonymous

      yeah man they just pick whats hot no conspiracy... when i got on here in 08-09 they hardly talked about anyone but lil wayne.... lol

    • Anonymous

      the most popular songs stay at the top of the list morons. interscope artists just happen to get the most listens and comments but they do the same for new music from Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, etc...

    • cinavenom

      No Revvy is right. I noticed that exact same thing.

    • jack johnson

      This battle show was linked with the UW Battle League not KOTD. They also cover other battle leagues, unlike other sites which don't cover battle rap at all because they mostly cover mainstream crap. This site covers the mainstream but it also has underground stuff too

    • Anonymous

      To summarize, you're a moron.

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    lol Jack's fucking about smh

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