Eminem To Launch Battle Rap Reality TV Show, Says Jack Thriller Before Removing Statement

UPDATE: Jack Thriller deletes the post from his Instagram account.

Eminem is set to launch a Battle Rap reality TV show, according to Jack Thriller. 

According to Thriller, who is set to host UW Battle League's upcoming "High Stakes" event, Eminem asked him to host the new TV series. Thriller made the announcement on his Instagram page. The caption for Thriller's photograph featuring Eminem can be found below. 

Shoutout to my big brother SLIM SHADY for hitting me up last night and making me the new host of his battle rap reality show JACKTHRILLER.COM WORDS CANT EXPLAIN THE JOY IN MY HEART @uwbattleleague@unclevinrock #doglife #thrillergang #superstarshit

There is no official word yet regarding Eminem's involvement with the TV show. Eminem was known for battling rappers before he was signed by Aftermath/Interscope. There is also no official word regarding the Battle Rap stars or leagues set to be involved in the show. Thriller's Instagram post can be found below. 

(January 16)

UPDATE: Jack Thriller has deleted the post from his Instagram account. A screen shot of his post can be found below. 

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  • Alexis

    How do you sign up for Eminem new reality battle rap show? I want to enter my two brothers. All they do is this. They are looking for a chance to make their passion come true.

  • xxx


  • Margaret R. Sallee

    up to I saw the paycheck 4 $7824 , I didnt believe that...my... brothers friend woz like they say realey receiving money part time on their apple labtop. . there moms best frend had bean doing this 4 less than 6 months and at present paid the loans on their place and bourt a great new Lexus LS400 . go to website... www.FB39.Com Bronson is organic hip hop, there's nothing manufactured about him and there's no skinny jeans in sight.

  • Revvy

    I was always curious about the HipHopDX, Interscope, and KOTD relationship, and assumed they had a large influence on this website, and now it at makes sense If you notice in the audio section on the 1st page, if their is an interscope artist(Kendrick, 50, Eminem etc), there single will stay at the top for a week, even if it isn't a highly rated song, while all the other songs come and go. Sometimes these songs are posted twice in the list If you notice, this site always has KOTD news, while other sites barely cover it. There are hardly any comments with these topics, which shows the true lack of interest from these readers, but its still constantly pushed down our throat And with Eminem stating Dizaster was his favorite battler, Crooked I showing up to one of Dizasters battles, and Dizaster just said he just got off the phone with Royce(assuming its about this upcoming show) To summarize, Interscope owns HipHopdx and KOTD, and this site pushes its agenda(as you can easily see in any Slaughterhouse article, where they keep repeating how it received 4.5 out of 5 to give the illusion that it was a success, when the consensus was it was a disappointment)

    • Anonymous

      "If you notice in the audio section on the 1st page, if their is an interscope artist(Kendrick, 50, Eminem etc), there single will stay at the top for a week, even if it isn't a highly rated song, while all the other songs come and go." Those are the most popular songs moron! They do it for all kinds of artists like Drake and Jay-Z too. Whatever gets the most plays and comments, not necessarily high ratings!

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot lol

  • Anonymous

    well jack is a comedian.....???

  • O Povo Pobre E Quem Vive Mal

    And y'all REALLY took this nigga seriously...

  • Anonymous

    Corny shit, we already got Smack/URL and Freestyle battles on 106, do we really need some gay white dudes impersonating Emienm and pulling their butt out during rap battles?

    • Anonymous

      hating ass nigggers jumping to conclusions. i didnt read anything about whites or gay dudes in this. goes to show where this guys mind is. he cant stop thinking about gay white dudes!

  • Carrie Knight

    til I saw the receipt 4 $6347 , I have faith that my sister was actualy bringing home money part time on there computar. . there sisters neighbour started doing this 4 less than 1 year and a short time ago paid for the mortgage on there place and bourt Aston Martin DB5 . see this... www.Tec80.Com in the last round, showing Calicoe the big picture, still got me fucked up. This shit is gon be must see t.v.

  • whoa

    did anybody else read itsmekesh's post? on Instagram? "yes, I'm going to lick your face when I see you!" please tell me that's a female because if it's a male then that is very, VERY suspect

  • Anonymous

    aww shit thriller wasnt supposed to let the cat outta the bag yet hope he didnt sabotage himself with that tweet

  • Anonymous

    i thought of this last year and wrote it on this site it was my idea to have a battle rap tv show ,,, check the achieves i wanted them to be in a boxing ring battling with football stadium audiences nigga stole my idea

  • imho

    its funny bc out of all the racist black people who say white people don't belong this n that ( lord fagmar yes im talking to you as well) its taking a 'white boy' to bring back the real essence of hiphop so while all you black people go bump chief keef and what ever faggot raps like them well be over here with Eminem enjoying real hiphop. #whitepeoplerunningtherapgame #whitepeoplebringingbackhiphop

    • Anonymous

      Really? Macklemore did a lot of damage to hip-hop? Not Migos, Chief Keef, Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, French Montana, etc., but Macklemore? If anything, that white boy did more to help the culture than damage it.

    • OTP

      nope white ppl barely balancing out. wacklemore has done so much damage to hip hop that eminem is barely bringing it back to where it was

    • Anonymous

      We will come up with something new, no problem.

    • imho

      yeah everyone TALKS about the essence and TALKS about what they could do for the sport. but as far as I seen it theres 2 people DOING something 1. Kendrick lamar with his control verse 2. Eminem with this.

    • Anonymous

      i was the one to first to bring up essence I AM CHANGING THE GAME STEP THE BARS UP

  • Anonymous

    A bunch of white boys doing fart jokes and trying to be B Rabbit on some Grind Time shit then they picked a fuckin comedian to be the host instead of a normal person or actual battle rapper? Im cool, I can watch old vids of Lions Den, Scheme Street and URL, Im sick of these culture vultures.

  • Detroit Slim

    Whose that suspect lookin nigga wit that weird eye lol? I hope Shady does this show. Show these weak ass rap niggas how to write some bars instead of that gay ass swag shit these niggas is on now.

  • Anonymous

    This is big for Jack Thriller congrats well deserved

  • Sam

    Mickey Factz should have been offered this job first.

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