Lox Recalls Biggie's Murder Happening During Its First Los Angeles Trip

Jadakiss says social media has the ability to destroy legacies. Sheek Louch comments on Biggie's death being the Lox's lowest moment.

For Yonkers-based trio the Lox, its music career took a blow early on just as the group was visiting the West Coast for the first time. When asked about any low moments in the group’s career during an interview on Sway’s Universe, Sheek Louch revealed that one of their low moments occurred when they were visiting Los Angeles for the first time and The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down after the rapper left a party held by Vibe magazine.

“If it was, it probably was when Big died,” Sheek said. “For me that was the most. We didn’t know where Hip Hop was going at the time… Puff was talking about quitting and we just got to that label.”

“That was our first time over in Cali when that happened to Big,” Jadakiss added. “That was our very first time touching the West. So, we was like shell-shocked over that shit…We was at the party. We was there and all that shit. That shit was crazy.”

With close to two decades in the rap game, the conversation between the Lox and Sway’s Universe host Sway Calloway switched to longevity in the music industry. Jadakiss went on to point out that since the group started its music career in the mid-'90s not many of the artists they came up with are still in the industry.

“If you look at the itinerary when we first came in the game,” Jada said. “It’s about two names on it. So, you know, that’s a blessing."

Sheek Louch later gave credit to Jada for being able to outdo newer artists on a song by simply avoiding conforming to the sound dominant on today’s radio.

“He get on these songs with these people, with these new guys. He do him and he bodied them,” he said. “See everybody else trying to sound like what’s going on on the radio. We stick to what we do. And that’s why you love us for that. They forget about that shit.”

Styles P joined in on the conversation with his commentary on relevancy in music. According to the Lox emcee, when the newer and younger artists began to trickle in, it was at that time when the group began working on the group’s “legend status.”

“It’s like the league, man,” Styles said. “You come in. When you come in—Fortunately, we came in, we came in super-hot. We came in super dope. Then there’s always somebody younger and new coming after you. So, after that point it’s like you work on your legend status and be great. And being one of the greats like that’s what you work on. If not, you fucked up and you out the game.”

Lastly, the topic of social media was brought up as Jadakiss spoke on the ability of outlets like Twitter to either effectively promote projects or aid in ruining an artist’s legacy.

“That social media got that Trinity EP at #1,” he said. “Hip Hop, #3 overall on iTunes. So, social media it’s like a double-edged sword. Sway just said if you putting up—If you doing foul things and some of the content ain’t right, the pictures ain’t right, that will destroy your legacy. Cause now they able to capture—everything that’s getting done now you’re gonna be able to look at it forever. We was fortunate to not have some of that. Some of our stuff got swept under the rug…Now with marketing social media is definitely a plus.”

The Lox’s interview on Sway’s Universe comes weeks after the group released their The Trinity EP. Consisting of four-tracks, the EP was released via iTunes and serves as a precursor to the group’s upcoming studio album, We Are The Streets 2.

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  • Anonymous

    "but they actually have 3 official group albums released now" The current one is an EP, and the one from years back was more a compilation of D Block artists. It's been along time since We The Streets hit the streets.

  • Carrie Knight

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  • Valintine@mafia


  • The Drills

    these niggaz is BROKE flat out Stylez look like he smoked all his album sale money up i dont think he ever went platium by the way Jadakiss lil ninga turtle ol ass need to just retire wit dat ol ass flow he still using.. And who da fuck is Sheek Louch?? seriously.. same thing goes 4 DIPSET. 3 BROKE ASS NIGGAZ WHO STARTED FROM DA 90S LOOKING LIKE BUM ASS NIGGAZ TODAY I FUCKS WIT REAL CREWS LIKE MMG, YMCMB, ROC NATIONAL, BAD BOY, COKE BOY, G UNITY, TDE....

    • 4Real

      ArE u kiddin?i never ever heard or read anything like this about The Lox! they ArE in the Game Since 20 years.and they ArE like Living legends. Everybody in the Business SalUte Them ! The biggest whack ass comment.get your mind right and Do some Research about REAL Hip Hop!

  • Keep it real

    Being able to still get interviews doesn't count as being in the game winning. The Lox are just another oldie rap group able to still tour. There ain't no shame in still getting your old loyal fan base to come out an see you perform. However, Lil Wayne, Nas, Jay Z, Eminem are the only rappers who went platinum at least 15 years ago who can still go at least gold.

  • IROC

    LAPD is the worst police department And Las Vegas got to be a close 2nd both Tupac and Biggie were gun down in front of thousands of people on a crowed streets and not one witness? crime still unsolve nearly 20yrs later

  • Anonymous

    Two decades in the rap game, and they only have 1 official group album lol

    • anonymous

      I know what you're getting at and I agree but they actually have 3 official group albums released now. *shrugs*

  • Frosty

    Whose fucking with L.O.X.?, fucking nobody.

  • Anonymous

    NEEEgros please! You're NOT legendary.

    • yowza

      the lox debuted a track on the main source's album "breaking atoms", called "set it off" . pretty sure they're as legendary as it gets.

    • killa

      you guys are all wack.. are the lox not in the top 5 rap groups all time? if yes= legendary/ nuff said

    • 90kid

      co-sign. they are not legendary! Lox never made any classic and in 15 years they made 2 group albums which were okay! LOX are great for a hot 16 bars but not solo albums!

    • Anonymous

      Right, because a group that has done songs with Biggie, have two platinum albums, have put out solid solo albums, have paid their dues, drop material consistently, and are highly respected in hip hop, even by some of your favorite rappers, are not legendary. Try again.

  • Anonymous

    Real hip hop is back! Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop videos and more on there

    • grHater

      Can't be that good...you're still typing the same poorly worded, grammatically incorrect sentence as advertisement for your site.

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