Jaron Young's Mother Made Him Surrender For The Murder Of Wiz Khalifa's Uncle Imani Porter

Jaron Young will be tried as an adult on charges of homicide, robbery and conspiracy regarding the murder of Imani Porter.

Ronnica Sanders made her son Jaron Young surrender to police for the murder of Wiz Khalifa’s Uncle Imani Porter (pictured at right), according to triblive.com.

“It was the right thing to do,” Ronnica Sanders said, the story says. “I didn't raise my kid to be in the street. I didn't. I raised him to be a respectable young man in the community.”

After he turned himself in, police arrested Jaron Young yesterday (January 9) on homicide, robbery, conspiracy and weapons charges in the death of Porter. Porter was reportedly shot and killed in his car while at the Waterfront shopping center in Pittsburgh Wednesday (January 8), according to WTAE, an ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sanders said police came to her residence yesterday looking for her son, per triblive.com. Homicide detectives said they believe Porter intended to sell heroin to Young and another unidentified suspect when he was shot in a Steak 'n Shake parking lot, abcnews.com reports.

Sanders said she does not think he went to Steak ‘n Shake to buy heroin. “You have to have money to buy heroin,” she said, per triblive.com. "He didn't have no money."

Porter's death is Allegheny County's first homicide of 2014, triblive.com says. 

Wiz Khalifa tweeted about his uncle’s passing with the following tweets:

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