Statik Selektah "What Goes Around..." Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #3: Statik Selektah's "What Goes Around" album is now available for stream.

Statik Selektah has plans for 2014 and he has announced that a new album is on its way. 

The producer and deejay made this announcement on MTV, where he promised that the project, titled What Goes Around..., is set to be available in the second quarter of the year. No official release date has been finalized. 

Statik Selektah dropped his Extended Play album this year, a Duck Down Records/Showoff Records release. Extended Play features many artists rapping over Selektah's production, including Black Thought, Joey Bada$$, Raekwon, Ab-Soul, Action Bronson and Evidence

Beyond dropping Extended Play, Statik Selektah also released The Proposal, a collaborative album that was crafted with Ransom. The project was released by Showoff Records and Brick Records, featuring appearances from Styles P and Termanology, among others. 

Statik Selektah's What Goes Around... announcement can be viewed below. 

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(December 19, 2013)

UPDATE: Duck Down Music announced via Twitter that Statik Selektah's What Goes Around... album is scheduled for an August 19 release.

The tweet is as follows:

(March 3, 2014)

UPDATE #2: The tracklist and cover art for Statik Selektah's What Goes Around... album are as follows:

1. What Goes Around (feat. Lil Fame & Ea$y Money)
2. Carry On (feat. Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs)
3. The Thrill Is Back (feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli)
4. The Imperial (feat. Action Bronson, Royce Da 5’9 & Black Thought)
5. All The Way (Pimp Hop) (feat. Snoop Dogg, Wais P, Ransom & CharlieRED)
6. Back For You (feat. Dilated Peoples)
7. Alarm Clock (feat. Ab Soul, Jon Connor & Logic)
8. My Time (feat. Black Dave, CJ Fly, Nyck Caution & Josh Xantus)
9. Fugazi Introducing Sincere
10. Long Time (feat. Action Bronson)
11. Drunk & High (feat. Noreaga, Termanology & REKS)
12. The Chopper (feat. Jon Connor & Ransom)
13. Down Like This (feat. Sheek Louch, Pharoahe Monch & Crooked I)
14. Slum Villain (feat. Joey Bada$$)
15. Heltah Selektah (Feat. Sean Price & Rock)
16. Overdose (feat. B-Real & JFK)
17. Something To Cry For (feat. Boldy James)
18. Rise Above (feat. Astro & Dessy Hinds)
19. Get Away (feat. Joe Scudda & Colin Munroe)
20. God Knows (feat. Bun B, Jared Evan & POS of De La Soul)

(July 11, 2014)

UPDATE #3 The stream of Statik Selektah's What Goes Around album is now available.

It is as follows:

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  • D.G

    This album is dope. Packed with nice emcees and the beats got that Jazz feel to it, crazy horn samples. Support Real Hip-Hop!!

  • Anonymous

    Every time it's the same problem with these producer albums. Verses are good/great, but the beats are always cheap-sounding. No reason to argue with the truth.

  • Anonymous

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  • 1000W

    looks dope...heard the track with black thought...his verse was crazy...

  • ukballplayer

    Just Saw that the stream was up only to find out WACK ASS spotify isn't streaming it in the UK #EpicFailOfTheWeek

  • Anonymous

    Compare statik beats to madlib or black milk.. Guy makes boring ass beats. Should just dJ and scratch on tracks cus SS beats are just average.

  • Anonymous

    haven't listened to one verse and I know this is complete fire!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn this album got me hyped for Jon Connor to drop an official album. He keeps improving. The emcees on this all dropped incredible verses and the production was smooth. Definitely earned a purchase from me. Crazy so many people speaking negative on the CD

  • Anonymous

    Whoa rich white boy got Noreaga AND Termanology? Together?!?!?! If only #MIKEBROWN were alive to hear this.

  • Anonymous

    Dogshit in, dogshit out, Statik is garbage and nearly all these producer albums suck #FERGUSON

  • Anonymous

    Man how can so many people hate on this lol I know most are just hating to hate and trolll but this at least on paper looks like it should be a good solid album, I only heard the alarm clock song so far cause I'm a Logic fan but that song was dope chill with some refreshing lyrics for once. One really huge positive to this album is there Is no Rick rozay, French Montana, young thug, rich homie quan faggots

  • Boston Hip Hop fan

    Hiphopdx has the most retarded readers and that is why the comment section sucks so much

  • adam

    Say what you want but SS is essentially the underground version of DJ Khaled because he puts out the same album once a every 1 to 2 yrs with mostly the SAME guys on it. Not to say some of it ain't tight but it's starting to grow old.

    • Anonymous

      Tight like what? Statik is garbage, the other guy worse than Ebola

    • Anonymous

      Adam kinda has a point, but like Haha said, Statik produces all the songs, scratches and mixes, some things that Khaled hardly ever does. And Statik's usual line ups have far more talent than Khaled's.

    • Haha

      What a douche adam go jump off a bridge. Statik selektah is an actual DJ with mixing and scratching skills and he puts out dope albums and mixtapes. What does dj khaled do besides eat and yell? Never seen that fat annoying poser even touch a turn table, he dont make the beats, what does he do that makes him a dj?

    • from every hip hop head

      nigga compared him to khaled lmao you are clueless please leave

  • jnjhjkhkj

    he already released what will be the 2 best songs on the album, Carry On and The Imperial. Both were 5/5 tho. Disappointed in the tracklist. Only looking forward to the Dilated Peoples track and the Crooked I/Sheek Louch/Monch track. Actually, the Ab-Soul, Jon Connor and Logic one should be dope too

  • Loquiall

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  • Anonymous

    No. Quality. Control. Duck Down needs to up their game though sadly, they've always been kind of hit and miss. Right spirit but in terms of actualizing shit...

  • Anonymous

    Another dogshit DJ album, these things are always garbage and Statik has never been anything but.

  • Anonymous

    Another piece of trash. Good verses, horrible beats. Hip Hop needs good beats to be really good.

  • Anonymous

    Motherfuck this fat slob of a culture vulture!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Imperial was nice. Down Like This and Alarm Clock look dope too.

  • Anonymus

    Black Thought verse on Birds eye view >

  • Anonymous

    statik street team hahahah where termanology niggas at

  • Anonymous

    five glorified mixtapes, every one of them straight no-talent dogshit Statik has no business making music except that he went to rick kid boarding school... ... yet tries to talk ghetto- dumbass.

  • Fuck everything

    Statik stays busy as hell he's dropped like 5 of his own albums everyone was a banger and always doin production for other people as well. Him and alchemist the hardest working guys in this rap game. I'm Gonne have to re-buy his catalogue to show support since I lost my ipod. Im goin back to the cd's in the whip listening to music lets u get into a album more I think when u don't have the choice of 20 thousand songs on an ipod u give the cd multiple spins n really get into it.Best way to really get into an album

    • Anonymous

      Hard working seems to mean beat made in 5 minutes. Alc and Statik both have this problem, their beats have usually a good sample which is ruined with empty-sounding drums. Of course, they both have succeeded randomly providing good beats.

  • Elsie Ward

    up to I looked at the paycheck which was of $8732, I have faith neighbour woz really receiving money part time at their computer.. there best friend has been doing this for only about twenty two months and as of now took care of the debts on their house and got a new Maserati. Read Full Report... what rapper wouldn't want to make a song guaranteed to be heard by millions of fans in the most profitable demographic, pre-teens and females?

  • Adrianne Poole

    til I looked at the receipt that said $8351, I have faith that my brother could realy bringing in money parttime at there computar.. there aunts neighbour haz done this for less than 23 months and resently took care of the depts on there villa and got a new Land Rover Range Rover. read the article... y favorite non hip-hop aoty would be Mayday - Believers or Linkin Park - Recharged. I am suprised Mayday wasnt at least a runner up.

  • Anonymous

    This album will suck. He shouldn't be making any beats.

    • Stfu

      Whats with all the hate? Statik is dope u just sound like a jealous loser ass hater. Wheres all the good hip hop at then since u know everything right

    • Nworb Eilrahc

      No, this is top notch verses with weak beats made by a mad over-rated "producer". Yo Lil' Ignorant, that's what's up.

    • Charlie Brown

      STFU, go back to listening to Bang 2 or sum shit!, this is top notch hip hop laced with hardcore spittas!....lil bitch

  • Anonymous

    need some freddie gibbs!

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