Day26 Reportedly Reunites

Day26 is set to return with a 30-city tour including all of its original members.

Day26, a group formed by Diddy on MTV's "Making The Band," has announced that it is reuniting. 

The band, which came together in 2007, is planning a 30-city reunion tour set to start Spring 2014, according to

The reunion is slated to feature all of Day26's members. 

The band disbanded more than once, most recently in 2012. 

Diddy is not set to be a part of the reunion, but reports that Day26 has his blessing. 

In 2012, Day26 attempted a reunion without all of its members. Day's Brian Angel spoke about the time off in an interview with Vibe that year.

"We basically hit the ground running," Brian said. "You know, to recording the first album, to touring, to doing various shows and we had no down time. So we pretty much took this time off to lay back, enjoy our families and really get the direction we’re supposed to go in with this album and things like that. Other than that, we’ve just been working." 

Danity Kane, another "Making The Band" group, recently reunited without all of its original members. 

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  • OUCH!

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