Timbaland Says God Played A Role In Apology To Jay Z

Timbaland humbled by time spent out of the spotlight, says there are "no stars in this generation."

Virginia producer Timbaland touched on a variety of topics in his recent interview with New York Magazine, including today’s music, being humbled during his time spent out of the spotlight, and apologizing to Jay Z.

According to Timbaland, his apology to Jay Z at the Brooklyn rapper’s concert at Barclays Center last year was brought about after the producer says God did some work on him. In addition to apologizing to Jay Z in person at Barclays, Timbaland also penned the apology record, “Sorry,” which he previously revealed includes a guest appearance from singer Keri Hilson.

“I’m very religious so I’m gonna put it in this terms: God done work on me,” said Tim. “That’s the best way I can put it. God did a lot of work on me, and when I looked in the mirror I saw a different person. I did some changing, and the first person I apologized to was Jay.”

Although Timbaland has produced records for Jay Z, Nelly Furtado, Aaliyah, and countless other artists, the beatsmith did at one point find himself out of the spotlight when it concerned his music. He spoke briefly to New York Magazine about that time in his life and also commented on what he feels is the lack of stars when it concerns today’s generation of artists.

“Every year changes, every generation, “said Timbaland. “I feel like I was getting whacked. The music of today, it’s not like the music I’m making. And, um. It just…It was humbling.

“They have no stars in this generation,” he added. “They have these D.J.’s, techno-whatever, that’s not music. That just goes to show you that drugs is that popular. don’t want to feel like I’m dissing people. Because guess what, they found a way to make a living for theyself. So who am I to dis the next man who know how to make a living for theyself?”

In addition to his recent work on albums from both Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, Timbaland has also been hard at work preparing for the release of his next solo album, Textbook Timbo. The album will reportedly include guest appearances from Jay and Timberlake as well as Drake and Pharrell Williams. The producer recently previewed a handful of tracks from the album while traveling in Europe in October.

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  • Anonymous

    i thought is was money Timbo?

  • fuccya

    I wonder how can some think - im not gonna dis coz they found a way of making a living off it. I mean you people judge drugdealers and shit coz drugs "kill your community", and yet how "can you dis", coz somebody made a living for themselves. Well "guess what" - dumbed down, pop and mainstream, sellout music kills the hiphop art same way drugs kill the community. When its time to judge they gon say "how can i dis" coz somebody makes money that way. Cant get this logic.

  • Anonymous

    sounding like a disgruntled old man... Because he aint producing for the artist, its because theyre not stars? Doesn't make sense. Timbo is a good producer...but there are a lot of up and coming producers that are really good. Timbo's beats just don't stand out as much anymore. I respect Timbaland but he always throwing shade towards the new school. Get over it..sour puss. ...remember how he was saying Drake/Chrs Brown making tracks with Aaliyah wouldnt work? His reason was basically because he wasn't producing it.

  • Religion meh

    May as well say the easter bunny told you how to live your life

  • VividSci

    Still believing in fairy tales huh Timbo?

  • A Trillionaire

    KFC most definitely played a role in Timbaland's new appearance.

  • iBwizzle

    Last Friday I saw Timberland on the Jay-Z Magna Carter tour for the second half. Tim is sick with the keys... I was impressed!

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