Lord Jamar Offers Advice To Chief Keef

Lord Jamar speaks on violence in Chicago, says "we need more voices to counteract the Chief Keefs of the world."

With Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s lengthy list of arrests this year, fellow artist Lord Jamar was asked to give his thoughts on the teen emcee and his troubles with the law during a recent interview with Vlad TV. After being questioned about Keef, Jamar revealed that he wasn’t terribly familiar with the rapper outside of his record “Don’t Like” and his various arrests.

Despite his lack of familiarity with Keef, the Brand Nubian emcee did offer a few words of advice for the Windy City rapper.

“I just seen his name is in the headlines a lot,” said Jamar. “You know what I mean? Like I’m always seeing some sort of Chief Keef—like on WorldStar and on your joint. I’m always seeing ‘Chief Keef got arrested for this’ or ‘Chief Keef, Chief Keef.’ It’s always ‘Chief Keef, child support. Chief Keef.’ It’s always like some negative shit that I’m seeing with the brother. I know he had the one song that I know about. ‘That’s that shit I don’t like.’ Yeah, I was fuckin with that…But I don’t really know enough about him as an artist and all that to really speak on him. I would just say ‘You young and all that. You have an opportunity to make some money for yourself and try to better your family and all that. Why fuck it up by just wildin’ out?’”

Lord Jamar also shared his thoughts on the ongoing violence in Chicago and brought attention to the fact that bouts of violence have been present in other cities as well. He went on to question why the people in Chicago who “counteract the Chief Keefs of the world” are rarely mentioned.

“All that shit that’s going on in Chicago like that’s crazy. But it’s going on not just in Chicago,” said the rapper. “You got mad shit going on in Newark, right here. You know what I mean? Like mad murders and shit like that. So, it’s like there has to be that contrast. You see what I’m saying? Like, if he represents that and all the wild shit that’s going on Chicago, well, I know damn well it’s youth out there that’s trying to counteract what’s going on in Chicago. We’re not hearing people like that…You got plenty of grassroots people out in Chicago. Chicago is a place that a lot of revolutionaries came from. You dig what I’m saying? But these people are not being heard right now. You know what I mean? And so, we need more voices to counteract the Chief Keefs of the world. Because they just crying out for help.”

Over the past few months, Lord Jamar has garnered attention over comments he made about Macklemore, Yelawolf, and white rappers in general. In a past interview with Vlad TV, he referred to white rappers as “guests in the house of Hip Hop” and criticized Macklemore for his push for equal rights.

Chief Keef also made headlines a number of times this year primarily due to a handful of legal issues. In October of this year, he began a 20-day jail sentence, which reportedly stemmed from his use of marijuana. In addition to his most recent sentence, Keef was arrested a number of other times this year for missing a child support hearing, trespassing, and other charges.

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  • LOL

    Lord Who? Anyone even know this nigga? LOL he is too fucking old to rap

  • beats

    Chief is pup, he have to think as a real musician and what the world see him like, trouble never takes no one any where. growing up is the only rule



  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    chief keef needs a beating, he is a cancer in hip hop.

  • Verbal Tim

    I offer Lord Jamar a cock in his mouth

  • Anonymous

    My advice to Lord Jamar is to shut the fuck up.

  • Lo

    Nobody cares about either of these two..for real

  • Brand Nubian

    If I was white I would love Cheif Keef & Gucci Mane and I would hate Lord Jamar and Immortal Technique. Sure they have the Cheif Keefs of Chicago but they also have the Rockie Fresh's and the Chance The Rappers (only thing with Chance is you gonna get the white producers & white guests to appease the hipster listeners). Yeah there needs to be balance but if you are Jimmy Iovine you are going to sign the 50Cents and Cheif Keefs instead of the Commons and Lupe Fiascos. Lord Jamar is a respected elder within the culture and he is free to speak his heart because he isn't signed to a label and makes a decent living outside the music industry, his words are welcome even if they make a certain segment of society blush and turn red like the mascots on the sideline at a RG3 game.

    • Anonymous

      naw you're a racist

    • Anonymous

      A white-skinned person calling me "racist" is an honor since I am non-white and have never profited or gained off the global construct known as racism/white-supremacy. When speaking on Chances production and features and his critically acclaimed project that's buzzing one may only do the simple research to see who is on the project, if my observation is deemed racist then thank you for the compliment. Yes I threw out names like Rockie Fresh and Chance because they are non formulaic rappers within the same age range who provide an alternative to the drill and Glory Boy sound that is popular in Chicago at the moment. Sad that white-skinned people think my simple observation and opinion is "dropping knowledge" but that's why so many of you are fascinated more with our cultural artforms than you are your own....you are clueless.

    • Anonymous

      thats BrutaDee is bitter old racist MMG groupie!

    • Hater_Deluxe

      you're racist. I suppose you prolly dont know much about chance's production...oh and tell me about all of chance's features please. how many white features has he done? he's gotta "appease the hip-hop listeners." laughing my fucking ass off. and the mention of rockie fresh is hilarious! nobody in chicago even knows dude, he bought a contract. dig deeper and head to the underground. get an education before you try and drop knowledge. next thing out your mouth finna be illuminati or some shit. ahahah spend more time at shows and less time on the internet...

  • ETK

    these two gaudy ass monkeys might as well be related

  • normal person

    why does dx keep using that picture of Lord Jamar? I thought you only did that for his anti-gay interview EXCERPTS? There are plenty of non crazy looking pictures from his near 25 years of hiphop.

  • A Trillionaire

    My advice to Chief Keef, don't listen to any advice Lord Jamar gives you. You'll be out of the industry and irrelevant in a year. You're already well on your way all by your self.

  • Real recognize real

    i respect this nigga atleast he supports real niggas like sosa and gucci while call out all these white boy rappers that dont belong in hiphop and faggots.

  • Mavis Smith

    This guy is cool because he hates fags. Besides that he is a fossil.

  • OUCH!

    First time he said something with some substance and spoke the real truth..

  • Mane

    Jamar is irrelevant. Chief Keef is Gucci's son and has spent plenty of time in jail yet his actions prove he's real.

  • Mavis Smith

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