Ryan Seacrest To Create White Female Rapper Show

Ryan Seacrest is reportedly developing a show about White female rappers for VH1.

Media and entertainment personality Ryan Seacrest is developing a new reality show about White female rappers.

AllHipHop reports that the show will "presumably chronicle the struggle of several artists as they rise through the rough-and-tumble rigors of the music game."

The show is tentatively titled "Girls of the Game" and will be aired on VH1.

In 2007, VH1 aired "ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show," which was hosted by MC Serch of 3rd Bass. The show featured several female rappers, including Persia, Misfit Dior, and G-Child. Persia lasted until week six of the show, which lasted eight episodes.

Earlier this year, another White female rapper, V-Nasty, revealed she was working with Seacrest.

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  • Will

    ryan seacerst is racist how about just a female rapper show im not gonna speak on the fact that he has no background in hip hop aka black music so to snub black folks is crazy and to all you idiots that will say hip hop is for everybody wah wah wah hip hop is bigger than race blah blah blah stfu seacrest is the one excluding everyone only white girls need apply at least when search did the the white rapper show he had already put nas on and he is after all fully immersed in the culture I want to know the thought process behind seacrest's decision making a bunch of tv execs feeling all self important and then it happens some one says you know what we need a white girl rapper oh i know lets have white girl rap contest they know hip hop wasnt gone feel this shit so to combat that there gonna get some soul less rent a rapper to endorse this bullshit, shit maybe even 4 or 5 rent a rappers look people im not against white girls rapping im against seacrest an obvious racist some one who has made millions by being a culture poacher doing rap anything period v nasty already got a dinosaur bone kicked out of her ass for dropping the n bomb and thats who seacrest gets idiots who ever supports this show will support the aryan nation take over of hip hop

  • dara

    FEMALE WHITE RAPPER- PUT ME ON www.yotube.com/thedaragilliland

  • Al Sharpton

    Come on Ryan Seacrest you had to announce this show this week? I'm to busy telling everyone how Nelson Mandela and all black people are ten times better then white, Hispanic and Asian people and if you disagree then your a racist. Alright, will get to it next week. I'll gather everyone up and will be outside your house protesting, Jesse and I will give a couple speeches, and will call it a day.

  • its a white mans world

    haha you black people mad that white people take all your creations and make it their own. We run this hiphop shit in a few years hiphop will be dominated by whites. Whites rule the world get used to it and accept it. Blacks dont buy hiphop they dont own the big record labels everything is white owned you bitch niggas.

  • Anonymous

    I told y'all...think it was a recent Iggy thread, that they were gonna start looking for the female Macklemore. And if the lady Eminem shows up, they'll take it.

  • Anonymous

    What are Ryan Seacrest's credentials when it comes to hip hop or anything else? This a blatant raping of the culture, it's not even disguised as anything less, at least the White rapper show had MC Serch at least he helped put on Nas, MF Doom and Non Phixion(ill bill). Ryan Seacrest connects to Fantasia and Clay Aiken.

  • triPAUD

    I don't think it should be limited to white women. I gotta admit, I don't say this lightly, but thats prejudiced. Black or coloured women don't really have any advantage over white women--unlike black men who have a slight advantage over white male rappers.

  • King Kush

    Once a rich man gets behind an endeavor such as this, there's no stopping it. You can cry & bitch about it all you want, but once it happens, that's it. This is the power of the almighty dollar at work here, folks. If it's zany enough, it will happen. If it's seeming lucrative for the people involved in the project, it will happen. Sure, you can petition it, and with enough signatures & production may cease, but wealthy people have been pitching ridiculous ideas for reality shows for years. Like a lot of reality shows, there's a 50/50 chance that this particular idea will either bomb (which it certainly will)or succeed(because people will watch anything). I highly doubt this will last when you have shows about childrens' beauty pageants, motorcycles, whaling, etc. It'll be tough to compete. Let's sit back and watch this shit fest fold and collapse as soon as it starts.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, its the most obvious phase in this shit.

  • facts

    Charlie Chuck Baltimore

  • V-Nasty is God

    This shit will be rare. Fuck you haters.

  • Young Guwop

    WTH??? Anybody get a fuckin show these days. smh Who wanna hear White girls rap? Not me.

  • white women are the right women

    Right on! I'll definitely be tuning in. About time White females are getting some shine. Nothing hotter than fit snow bunnies that can rhyme.

    • Anonymous

      this dirty nigga BruthaDee is still crying about white people LMAO go back to africa you fucking cotton picker we dont want your kind in your country

    • Anonymous

      WhiteSkins are mutant albinos, part-Neaderthals just shaved apes who lack the skin pigment melanin. The Sun hates them and burns them untill they peel like snakes or pigs. Yeah people "fuck em" but its only because once we fuck em the babies come out with color and are considered non-white which helps us wipe them off the planet so that non-whites can finnaly have peace on the planet.

    • geospaz

      why because they are better looking than blacks?

  • A Trillionaire

    Ryan Seacrest is only making this show so he can cut his dick off and be a contestant.

  • Anonymous

    the miley cyrus of rap, dope

  • An Inadequate Fuck of a Man

    White bitches lack the perspective to make poignant hip hop. They are sheltered and don't have compelling experiences to relay to the listener. No one can gain insight from a stupid white bitch who has never struggled a day in her life. Women are only good for ASS, it is a cold hard truth that bitches of all colors must come to terms with.

    • Persia

      So Im gonna take this chance to promo myself *big smile* I agree...most white females havent lived through anything most hip hop fans want to hear about. I on the other hand have....and thats why I get overlooked, I've been told Im "too black" to be a white female rapper....whatever. I'm tryna make the show, if I dont I guarantee it will tank. On that note....PersiaGotNext.com @PersiaNYC on twitter PersiaNYC on Youtube and search Persia The Truth on datpiff. I never disappoint. Signed, The only white bitch that matters in Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous


  • mac DIESEL


  • Anonymous

    hosted by frank ocean and macklemore the gay rap pioneers.

  • Anonymous

    in 2016 we will get a gay rappers show, just watch.

  • Anonymous

    Dear God, you know what they'll make anything into a fucking reality show these days wont they?!

  • Anonymous

    Doubt this will work. Nobody cares about white female rappers lmao.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how long this will last. I give it one season.

  • Anonymous

    dope, this is what hiphop needs!

    • Anonymous

      shamrock is signed to lil wyte whos signed to dj paul whos signed to 3 6 mafia entertainment whom is signed to 3 other niggas.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know man, Shamrock won the White Rapper Show and when was the last time you've heard of him?

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